Mini post number 2 of, possibly, 6.

Mini post number 2 of, possibly, 6.

This is here just 'cause I liked it. Waddya' think?


Hi, happy what remains of 2018 to you,

This is the second of my mini posts that I'm creating while I focus more on a, long - standing project.


I didn't want to  stop writing my normal weekly posts but, sometimes, something's, gotta' give.


The good news is that there's loads of other posts stuffed with more stuff to stuff you mind with to keep you goin' and growin'.



I, hope, expect, know, as well, that these Miniposts will be of value to anyone who reads them.


So tell everyone you know about them.



So this weeks, hard hittin,' mind meltin', always worth thinking, thought, is: 


What you think and do  becomes your life. Think and do crap stuff and your life will  be crap - (and, as they say, vice versa).

(This means that if you think better and do better stuff yer life will get better).


Got this? Has the penny dropped? 


Better had............'cause:


Or, better still in the image above ditch the words 'wonder if ' and add the words 'think that'.


Because, wonderin' aint, as wonderful, as useful, as focused or as effective as thinkin'.


With you in mind, b f n,

Phil (The Mind Man)

And, b t w, still, Thought Master and Mentor here at

P. S.  Yep y' get  one this week.

It's from ******   to ****** until you 'get' it.




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