Mini post number 1 of, possibly, 6.

Mini post number 1 of, possibly, 6.

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Hi, happy rest of 2018 to you,

As promised last week, here is the first of my mini posts.


This is becawse I will mainly be, gusting my butt, on a too - long - neglected, project.



Sorry about that but there's loads of other, mind - mending, thought - elevating, stuff in all my other posts to keep you going.




I, hope, expect, know,  that these Mini posts will be of thinkin' value tooooooooo.


So .....this weeks', quality, hard hittin,' mind mendin', always worth thinkin', thought is, this: 


Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, don't think, "It'll never happen".


(If you think that, it probably never will).


Got it??


Hope so, again,..........'cause:

With you in mind, BFN,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Also: Thought Master and Mentor here at

P.S. What P.S?  D'ya really want one? If so, see most of my earlier posts.

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