New Year, newer me, new book. New You?????

New Year, newer me and new book.  New You?????




Hi, hope, like me, you had a wonderful Christmas, 

So, 29 December 2017 already. We all say or think at this  time of year, "Doesn't time fly"?


Time moves at the same speed all the time of course. It's only our perception of it, the way we think about it, that  makes it seem to go faster or slower.


We are the inconsistent element in time. That's an unfailing truth.


Some people, sadly though, have a different  opinion about that.


Apparently opinions are like noses, everybody has one.


Some people think that, have the opinion that people can't change.


Others more enlightened folk like me think/have the opinion that we can all  change.


They're right but that can only take place using one process.

  1. THINK. (Better)
  2. DO. (Better)
  3. HAVE.  (A, better life)



If you can change your mind - (your thinkin' tool) -which most of us do frequently, you can change your life.



Almost, 2018, at time of writin'  and I intend to make some significant progress in my life next year.


This means that I gotta' continue to work on and make progress on me.


I read, believed and got to work on this, when I read it several years ago.


"Before you work on anything else work on yourself". Jim Rohn. (Google him)


I've been working on myself for quite a time.


I've improved lil ol' me to a point where I'm (almost) disgusted with myself.


Still more to be done of course..........always will be. 



But for the next month or so I want to focus all my workin' on myself efforts to writing a book that I have had in mind for some time.


Parts of the book has been mentally hangin' around in the form of scribbled notes. I've decided to go all out to get it finished over the next month or so.


I will though, try to post each Friday as normal.


So you' will get some meaningful and earth-shattering snippets of 'thinking stuff' insights to keep you all going and growing though. 


At least on those Fridays it'll take ya' just seconds to read really outrageous? mind and thought stuff, like this:

Do you know how old you’ll be when you learn to play the piano?

The same age as if you don’t!


(For, the piano, insert something important to making your life better).


Then think and do things that'll make ya' better at that.


Mushy peas? Yep, but only with fish n’chips.

Mushy food? Gave it up decades ago.  

Mushy mind………. mushy life.  That won't do you mush good in 2018 or any freakin' New Year.


The next few weeks you'll only get the same  sorta' stuff in red. 


So, for 2018 resolve to evolve using those wonderfully helpful, insightful, self - changing, life - changing, truths about personal empowerment. 


If they don't float yer' boat then read any of my earlier excruciatingly, challenging, mind improving, person improving,  posts.


Or think:

"I'll save my resolution to think better for another year, then I can spend 2018 just maliciously pissin' around, like an experiment in Artificial Stupidity".


So, make 2018 not, just another year of sleep walkin' through life.

Phil (The Mind Man)

And continued, Mind Master and Mentor, here at

P.S. Sorry my mind 's gone blank






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