A lesson from, Lewis Carrol, Alice and The Mad Hatter. #2.

A lesson from Lewis Carrol, Alice  and The Mad Hatter. #2.

(And, this week, this bloke).

“Focus your thinking on what’s right about you. Keep your mind on what you want and who you are. Don’t waste time and mental effort on what you are not and what you are crap at”. Me

(Only, you, yourself, can do that for you).

Hiya' enjoy the read,

THIS IS IT: Focus your thinking on improving what you're good at and then do what you’re good at. You will become better at that and create 'more of' you.


Become a, new, different, better , YOU.


Like so..............

A. For just ten minutes three times a day focus your thinkin’ on what’s right with you.


B. Sod the negative stuff, think about, concentrate on, and do what you're already good  at. 


(There’s gotta'  be a few things…………. unless you’re a, child molester, serial killer and Adolf Hitler reincarnated, all rolled into one).


P. S. You will make quicker and more meaningful  progress using,  your strengths rather than, your weaknesses. (Yep I know it should be at the end. There's another one there too). 


Make a mental/thought list of ten things ya’ believe are right, good, better, best,  about you.

Don't be shy.

Write the bleedin’ thoughts down.


Take a, good, honest, appreciative ……..look at what you've written.


Go over it often.


Memorize it.


Then, frequently and regularly, focus your daily thoughts about, you, your, assets, strengths and good qualities.


If you don't you'll.......... soon forget them..........they'll get buried under loads of other  'more important'  things you gotta think about and do.


Do as I tell ya' and you will over time develop, the/your, inner conviction that you are a, worthy, competent, and unique individual.


That’s how we get an honest insight into who we are and what we are capable of  improving about ourselves


Whenever you do think and do something right, be sure to remind yourself of it.


Even, reward yourself for actchooly bleedin’ well, doin’ it. 


No chocolate bars for being a prat .


Ya’ just, always, gotta’ make sure the doin’ is in response to a good thought of course. 


I've done this for many years ‘cause it bleedin’ well works.


This way, you will build up a new ‘thought and action habit, pattern’ of always concentrating on what is right about you.


It ain't, Bonfire Night Rocket, Science.


Remember this from last week? If so y' can ignore it. If y' want.          ↓↓↓


“Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; …..in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity”. -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.



I, me, myself, personally, don't believe in get, rich, better or more handsome, overnight, within a week, month or any other, totally bizarre, greed driven, programs.


Whatever you want and wherever you wanna get to, start with those things you're naturally already good at.


You, will, can, should, eventually,  get, whatever you want and to whereever you want to be.   


I did.


But it wasn't freakin' well...at the speed of light .......overnight, or any other unrealistic expectation


I do believe in…….. hard work, adding value and serving others. My posts are created to help me to share my message with a wider audience and to make a difference in individuals and in the world..... while growing my life and my passion for people power.            


In all my content I use illustrative numbers and information that I carefully research. I do not and never will make, outstandingly unrealistic, results - based, guarantees, or give professional or legal advice.


That's why it's important that you read all, or as many as you can possibly stand, of my, devastatingly entertaining posts.


Unfortunately I can't guarantee to get you, instant life satisfaction or enable you to amass a huge income by the end of the month.


I feel, no, I believe totally, that, transparency is important and I hold myself to a high standard of integrity.


Got it???? 


Does this make you think better of me?


Hope so ‘cause unless we can ever meet in person this is the only way, ‘internet wise’ I can, encourage, enable, energise, endeavour, enhance, enforce, enliven, enlist, enrich, entreat, endear, endow, engage, ensure, entrain, entrance, enthuse, entice, enable ya’  eny way I can to take notice of my prolific, mind-mending, person-positive posts.


 Go to any of my other posts, and again, do not pass go do not collect even a tenner.

Be, same as last week,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Also, with help: Thought Master and Mentor here at www.thoughtistry.com 

P. S. Don't 'give up' now. 

Go read some more of my stuff in my other, people powering posts.

I'm not gonna beg ya though.

Loadsa' choice, Joyce, even if that's still not your name. 

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