Thought elevation and your plastic, elastic, mind. Mine too. Part 5.

Thought elevation and your plastic, elastic, mind. Mine too. Part 5 or Post 5.

Heylo, glad you're here,

To start  identifying your key desires and begin thought- creating success at livin' you gotta' practice and use the four steps I wrote about last week.


I didn’t, of course, immediately 'magic' those revolutionary steps into existence.


My breakfast, sorry, breakthrough, started like this.


 ↓ ↓ 


Me, thinking, "Could I train my conscious mind to enter the place where I could reshape it?  


The old me self- talked/thought, "Prob'ly not, doubt it, it ain't possible, definitely a no no,  a non - starter".


The 'Thought Elevation/Evolution System' once I started, to actually think  and do, it changed my life.



Thought Elevators/Evolution, raises and improves the level of, your conscious thoughts  and places your mind into a 'mouldable' state without needing to know, extended, highly - focused, expert meditation. 


Just use the 'Declan Way' that I explained in Post 2.


Our, thinking habits/self talk, toward the three main problem areas of life, money, health and  relationships are habitual thought patterns formed in the first sixteen or so years of learning stuff about living.


We don't know any better then, so we just, accept, think and do them. So they become habits of thinking that are very hard to break.



Our childhood established, mental/mind thought, habits  are more than likely sabotaging us in all life - development areas.



Through the four steps of  'Conscious Thought Elevation /Evolution', you can personally develop, detailed and specific methods to kick all life's challenges  into touch.



Your efforts should result in you creating a life that  evolves into a more satisfying future existence.


Are you fed up self-creating, (yes you do it) the kind of life you just hate?


You can overcome this pattern, and instead self-create the type of  earthly existence  that will make your life better?


Thought Elevation/Evolution will help you break the  'cycle of low level  living, which will continue, if you don't.



Thought Elevation/Evolution, overcomes the barriers that are holding you back, so you learn more quickly and retain more of what you choose to learn about life.


The modern? world is constantly, sickeningly, life demandingly, increasingly, mentally overwhelming. So ooooo overwhelming that, anxiety attacks or feeling too stressed to cope, is a global epidemic.


Learn how to leave all this self -inflicted pain behind.


Through the:

Elevation and Evolution of your thinking and doing. Which helps you deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way,  so you feel calm and focused more regularly


Your life today, where you live, the car you drive, the job you have, the partner you're with, your current financial situation and your state of health, good or bad, was created by your........ past thoughts and actions.  


Don’t bleedin’ well argue........ it was. 


Your future life will be created through the thoughts you have from now on and what you do in response to them.


Exactly like this, you:

Think ,"I'll carry on drinkin' six pints of beer six nights a week".

Do it.

You will  further down the road of your life Have weight, liver, heart and other health problems.


Because,  T     +     D      =      H effects every area of life.


Thought Elevation/Evolution unleashes your particular natural talents and makes it far more likely that you’ll go further in life than your  current thinking makes  possible.


Over the next few days, take, some, as much time, as you can to, think deeply, consciously dream, what your life can be like once you, effectively take 'thought charge' of  you and create a life of,  increasing wealth, successful relationships and positive health.


And.........only you, can make that happen.



No more, hopelessness when you think of a future:

1. Suffering, self - inflicted, crap health,  because you habitually think, "I'll eat junk  food", and "Why bother to exercise"? (Or whatever).


2. Doomed to ruin every relationship you have, because you soon start to think, "The other person doesn't matter to me any more". (Or whatever).


3. Always living on a financial knife edge, because you think that, "Budgeting is for poor people". (Or whatever).





Most of all, I really, encourage you to, want you to, beg you, to,.... picture........think seriously.......about a future where  taking control of your mind, empowers you to, pursue better objectives in your life.


To, find fulfilment from your life, in whatever time ya' got left.


Thought Elevators  and  Evolution will get you there, BUT only if you do what I've taught you so far.

BTW need to send me a ‘Thank You’ card from that E-Greetings Card site thing.

Stay optimistic, by default, based on my tremendously, insightful, unique and person - changing info,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Also, Thought Master and Mentor, here at

P. S. I also get a little help from my very, thought - focused thinking - capable, friends.












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