Thought elevation and your, plastic, elastic, mind. Mine too. Part 3

Thought elevation and your plastic, elastic, mind. Mine too. Part, 3. (See Parts 1 and 2 if you haven't already).


Heloo to yooo,

This post is (unintentionally) loooooooong because when I researched for it I found stuff that was an absolutely, mind bogglingly, mind boggling, stunning, thought - smart peek into what  I love to uncover and pass on.

I've written much longer posts.

It'll take ya' about twenty minutes to read so plan on havin' a, coffee, beer, coke, about half way through but don't leave totally.

There are mental processes and steps that have been known and used by successful, writers, artists,  inventors, business people etc since Adam was a lad.


You prob'ly know  people who are fulfilled, emotionally, financially, and personally in their life.


If you've tried to change yourself or your life, before, I bet you've been disappointed by the results.


Most programs don't rewire your mind to automatically produce  certain kinds of thoughts and pursue them......through  action........ in order to achieve personal and life growth.


It's TRUE Totally Reliable Understandable Evidence that:


Better than 90% of people who try to reprogram their thinking make one crucially important 'thinking error' that hijacks their success and puts a locked door  between them and their desires.


Desires ?


Desirin’ ain’t, never  has  been, never will be will be enough.


Desirin' is just, wishful wanting.


It don't kick - start change.


I want to share with you the science behind why some people, not effortlessly of course, succeed, while others struggle their whole lives and never overcome their problems.


I can and will explain,  a method  to re-program  your mind in a way that you can be one of the people who makes progress at this livin' n' growin' in life business.



We all have, invisible, mental chains  and locked doors, trapping us where we are, and keeping us from reaching our objectives.


You actually own the tools needed to demolish those chains and unlock those doors.



I promise that, over time, I'll explain exactly how it all works.


(It's actchooly straight forward once ya' know it).


I want you to never forget that, the information in this series, and  all other of my posts,  is a unique collection of knowledge which, when known AND applied, can transform any person and their life.


I am sincerely believe that if you continue to read my ramblings???? you will never forget how they enabled you to grab life by the b---s.


The information will empower you to go after success and create the life you, are/can, become capable of creating.      


You will be equipped to live your life on purpose and with a purpose.


It  wasn't always this way for me though.

(Break time, if ya' need one).

There were times in my life that I felt that the world was against me.



I stumbled on a neuro scientific study entitled :
"The Elastic Brain."


The study focused on recording the brainwave patterns of  Tibetan Monks during their meditation sessions.


Get this: "The way you think and act is programmed deep inside your mind".


That programming is created during childhood. If not  overwritten it decides, for the whole of your life, whether you'll 'live' success or 'live' failure.


A. If you had a positive childhood, your brain gets programmed to create success.


B. If you had a difficult childhood, your brain gets programmed to create failure.


For most of us childhood is a mixture  of both types of influence.


 A is better, innit?


Think, "Yes Phil".




Your mind is like clay - so it can be moulded and shaped to create success or failure.


That re-moulding can be  carried out  by your good self.


Me too! done that, I have. 


*A Stanford University Study, when monitoring  the brain(mind) activity of meditating monks, discovered that the monks were able to physically change their brain (mind).


They reprogrammed their left  pre-frontal cortex- where the brain 'feels' happiness.


OK I sorta' get that BUT:

The mind differs from the brain in subtle and significant  ways.


"Your brain is part of the visible, tangible world of the body. Your mind is part of the, invisible, transcendent, world of, thought, feeling, attitude, belief and imagination. The brain is the physical organ most associated with mind and consciousness, but the mind is not confined to the brain". According to a Google search.


I loved readin' this 'cause:


I know  that........ the brain........ like a, kidney,  lung or heart,  is a physical  thing that can be seen, held, studied, but only changed, physically or chemically. (Hash, drugs)?



On the other hand your/my/everyone's mind is a, plastic, non - physical, invisible, part of us, that can influence  and grow  'ourselves'  through, how and what we think.


Thoughts provide everything you need to rewire your mind to automatically, reach out and mentally and physically create what you deserve.


After reading * above I started thinking like this:

1. "The monks used meditation to make themselves always think happy".


2. "This must be a, learned mental discipline".


3. "So it must be possible to mentally discipline myself in other ways". (I have, honest).


4. "Could I/anyone, change (Their brain? NO. Their mind? YES) to become  more, optimistic, courageous etc"? (I have, double honest).


6. "How  can, I/anyone stop,  thought - created failure, and develop thought - created  success"? (Yes, I have, honest).


I made it my mission to find out.


The, process, way, route, road, way - ahead, that you need to learn and use to do that is based on this (my)simple formula.


T + D = H


This has transformed me and my life.


Every word, sentence, post, in  - is all about,  T + D = H.


This will be explained next week.


For now though, in colour  theory, which is,  logical, predictable  and verifiable........Red + Blue = Purple.


And  T + D = H is also, logical, predictable and verifiable


YOU can, continue to find out more on how - to, by reading Post 4 in this,  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, series.


But only by............. being here next week.


Gonna’ be?


Hope so and of course I won't know if you're not,

Phil (The Mind Man)

And Thought Master and Mentor here at :


P. S. Same as last week. Not cos' I'm lazy. I just sincerely believe that it's important. So I'm deadly serious about you readin' it more than once. 


Part 4 beckons.


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