Thought elevation and your elastic mind. Mine too! Post 2.

Thought elevation and your elastic mind. Mine too! Post 2.


"See Phil's  P. S.  below too".



So  then let's carry on from last week.


If y' haven't read that post, then go do that now.



Simply put meditation is, focusing  on clearing your mind of all and any thought activity in order to calm it and you.


Problem is yer mind don't like not thinking about anything and it resists any attempt to make it do so.


(Well mine does anyway).


I already knew this.


A, totally sensible, honest, tell -it -like -it -is, bull---t of -any - kind - hater, good friend of mine, called Declan O Flaherty, who I highly respect, sent me an email recently explaining how to gain new understanding and control of my mind and by doing so gain control of my actions and my life.


YEP!!!!  It involves meditation but not in the usual way.


(Declan says that he uses it, swears by it, n' that's good enough for me).


Declan's advice recommends a, reliable, results based, approach to meditation. His message goes like this: 


Hi Phil,

Every morning for years I sat in a comfortable position, in an empty room with no distractions, in complete silence meditating by, focusing on a single topic for 30 minutes. 


However, over the last few weeks I have changed it to just sitting there, letting my mind think about anything that pops in.


Now try this:


Just sit there and let your mind wander.


Like meditation you sit in silence, but unlike  'normal' meditation you don't try to limit or control  your thoughts.


Instead allow yourself to explore them further. (Something which you'll rarely ever get the chance to do in your busy day).


Like  meditation, it's important that you don't put any judgement on those thoughts; you just allow yourself to explore them without any  personal biases.


Just sit there, in silence, for 30 minutes and let whatever happens in your mind, to............ just happen.


Some thoughts will enter, then pass, others will stay around for a bit longer, giving you enough time to explore them from a place of calmness.


Usually just one or two thoughts will become the main focus during the 30 minutes.


Those thoughts are the ones that you should explore.


(Normally, we have no idea what to focus on in our busy days. Everything is rushed, and most often what we think about are thoughts  is information put into our heads by stuff we consume and think at any given moment).


We are, in effect, always reacting to, information, to other people's ideas.


This is 'Mind Monitoring' and it  lets your mind breathe.


So for 30 minutes today, just sit there and let your mind breathe.


You don't need to close your eyes, but make sure you have nothing distracting in front of you as that could potentially skew your thoughts.


Personally, I just look at the wall in front of me.


It's important you stick with it for 30 minutes, and more important that you don't have any 'end goal' in mind.


Time in meditation, as in reality, is non existent; it's a man-made construct which restricts your natural flow.


So don't go into it thinking you want to 'get a result' out of it, that would defeat the purpose.


The point is to NOT do anything but sit in silence and let your OWN thoughts come and go as they please.


As the minutes pass, the clearer your mind will become.


Listen, I don't do, self help, positive clap-happy nonsense, but I have been doing the above, and for good reason.

It works.

Try it.

- Declan






Now, my ten pence worth.


When you can achieve the this, Theta Mind State, you have gained  the Personal Power to .......rewire your thinking.


And........ because your thinking determines what you do and what you do, creates your will inevitably discover what you need to focus on to........create a life that you make to your personal expectations.


Whatever floats your boat.


With that sorted you can finally learn to, almost effortlessly, create the life content you, desire, want, need, choose.

Part 3 next week.

Til' then hasta la vista,

Phil (The Mind Man)


Thought Master and Mentor, here at



"Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity"-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


I, me, myself, personally, don't believe in, get rich, better or more handsome, in a week, or even quicker, programs.


I do believe in, hard work, adding value and serving others.


My blog is intended to enable me to share my unique message with a wider audience and to make a difference, to individuals and in the world, while following my passion, growing my life and my          .


In all my content I use illustrative but carefully researched information but I cannot and do not make, results guarantees, or claim to offer, professional or legal advice.


That's why it's important to me that you read, some or even all, the stuff in my blog.


I do not and cannot guarantee, that you will to get outstanding results or become the next world leader.


Becaws I know that:


Most, not all, of the regular, quick fix, mumbo jumbo, stuff is, at best, mostly opaque, (that means not transparent).


I feel, deeply, strongly and truly that transparency is important.


My overwhelming attitude is: to continue to devote myself and what I write, to a high standard of integrity charge.


Got it????


Hope so 'cause I couldn't make it any clearer.


Yep, I'll even take a Polygraph Test if asked.


This message is also in my About Page.


Just in case you haven't read that.


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