Thought Elevation and your ‘Elastic’ Mind. Mine too. Part 1.

Thought Elevation  and your 'Elastic' Mind. Mine too. Part 1.


Hi, hope you're doing well,

Here's something I really want you to know:


You, and only you, can re-program your mind to achieve more of anything in life.


Ya’ probly don’t believe it or agree with me yet.


Neither should you .... so read on.


The areas of life which give everyone the most pain and heartache are, wealth, health and relationships.



'Thought Elevation' is an untapped resource that can empower you to overcome these. 


With this information, you can work towards your goals and actchooly cause them to/make them, become real.


The gooroos call it manifestation.



I call it, thinking and making things, happen.



Thought Elevation is the reason, 'numero uno', why success comes to some people and not others.



Thought Elevation is a process and path to where you can reshape your thoughts, your actions...... and ........your life.



The process ain’t completely effortless but it ain’t torture either.


So..... as long as you have more intellect than a garden spade:


What you read below will be stunningly  surprising


Gain always involves some pain.



Authentic neuroscience research from Stanford University reveals a "Brain Elevation" technique that is easily applied  and  effectively, effective, in the pursuit of life evolution.


This knowledge has been used over de cades and centuries by 'succeeders' in every field of human endeavour.


So as I see it there's  no reason on earth why you shouldn't be able to  make use of the process to make a better life for yourself.


This new 'neuroscience study' from Stanford University.
 identified why success is achieved by just  some people.


It revealed a "Brain Elevation Technique",




Used by people who knew about it to unlock their full potential and build their dreams.


Apparently Albert Einstein used  a version of it.



The Stanford University research has, revealed and proved  beyond doubt, that your mind is as malleable as, play dough, putty, clay and other modifiable/changeable - type stuff.


Like Play Dough, etc, though if ya’ don’t get a grip of your mind and mould it into what you want it to be, it don’t  and won't ever change.


And you can do the re shaping yourself.


In fact, in reality, in truth, you are the only one who can:


1. Reshape your mind/thinking.

2. Control your actions.

3. Effortlessly (almost) do things to towards creating  your desires.

4. Take the hard work out of success.


This is why.

The 'Stanford Study' analysed the brain functions of monks during meditation. 


It revealed that their particular style of meditation altered their thoughts, to think of and experience,  more joy.


Meditation is basically a form of mental/mind relaxation and control.


It's ......mind calming


It's .........beneficial.


It's .........the only way to re-form and reform your mind.


Meditation, is medication and properly used, puts your/our minds into the 'Theta State' of mental awareness.


This is the, condition, state, place your mind is in when it can be influenced and reformed by us.


Meditation practitioners normally spend decades learning how to enter this, Theta State.



But ya don’t have to become an meditation expert to use your mind to grow your life.


Your mind is your thought factory.


The thoughts it produces, good and bad, are the foundation of  your actions.


Those thoughts, (are?) can be, should be,  in  your control.


In which case your actions, (are?) can be, should be, in your control.


The latest Stanford study, showed that we all have  the ability to work like this.


*"You can reshape your mind and therefore your thoughts and then your actions so then, your life" Me


And you could even start in an hour or so.


(Well prob'ly in a week if you reading this post before the next one is up n' running).


If you're here after 17th October 2017 then you can carry straight on 'cause * above will then apply. 


So it's BFN from me, for now, 

Phil(The Mind Man)

And Mind Master and Mentor  here at :

(With insights from several influential Thought Masters).


P. S. Same one as last week and many of my more recent posts should you want to read them.

(Because .....I think that you've had enough to stuff into your thought factory  already in this post).









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