Your thoughts, rule and create you life… so you better get better at thinking. 4 of 5.

Your thoughts, rule and create your life... so you better get better at thinking. 4 of 5.


Ten more, excitingly exciting, thoughts to file in your mind. 


Then you can .........bloody well use  'em to think with.......or not, ......your  decision.

You can only think about......... what you know about.


What you know is stored in your Thought Factory- your mind.


Fill your TF with crap and you can only think about and do crap things.


So you’ll end up creating and living a crap life.


I wanna’ help you with this so here are another ten, thoughts to think and do, that will.



"How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win". Gilbert K. Chesterton.

(From now on don't let your losin' run and ruin yer life).

" New possibilities in life are only developed through new thinking". Me

Hi and hello and welcome, this week, from Gilbert and me,


This week #31 to #40 of the fifty 'most effective' info, rules, 'gotta knows' about, (your) thoughts, (your) thinking and(your) life.


Everything in your life begins as a thought. So it's think better, live better or............... suffer


Ready now to go, ditch, nuke, dump, re-think your stinkin' thinkin'? 


A. Your life is controlled by your thoughts........So ya' better get better at .........thinking. 


B. Your thoughts shape your life so....... ya' better, get better at ..........thinking.

Your next ten 'better thinkin' thoughts below:

#31. I now know that, every, every, every, yes every ‘thing’ in the man-made world began as a thought in the mind of a person.(Thanks to Albert Einstein and Phil)


#32. If I think c--p thoughts and act on them my life will be c--p.


#33. When I think better thoughts and act on them my life will be better.


#34. Just one good thought can start to change my life. (Well what d' ya' expect miracles)?


#35. Thinking is, a skill, an ability, that I can, improve, develop and perfected………..just like, in sport, learning a language, how to play guitar, whatever…………!

#36. Nobody can make me think anything I don’t want to think.


#37. The man-made world of 'things' has only developed, evolved and improved through the thoughts that came from the minds of people. (Mobile 'phones didn't exist in 1930)


#38. My world will only continue to, develop, evolve and improve through the thoughts  I use.


#39. As far as I know, there is no course in any school or university in the world that teaches people ‘how to think’. (They only teach people ‘what to think about’).


"The U.S. spends more per student than any other country in the world yet perennially scores among the lowest among developed nations and is not improving while other countries are.

Additionally troubling, despite a half century and literally trillions of dollars and enormous effort to try to close the achievement gap, that gap remains nearly as wide as ever."
Marty Nemko. PH. D

#40. Every 'thing' in my life, begins as....... a thought.


Message from Phil,

Did I mention that, if you don’t learn to think better you'll never, get better, have better or live better.


Because, your thinking will always be pathetic, below par, underdeveloped, unless you take charge of it.

Most people's is.

Until they get better at it.

Last ten next week.

See ya'

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor

Here at

P.S. Loads of 'better thinker' stuff available through any/all of my other posts. Go read, go think better, go have better, go live better.

"You can change, yourself and your life, one thought at a time". Me.

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