You thoughts, rule, shape, create, your life. Here’show to get better at …….thinking 3 of 5.

You thoughts, rule, shape, create, your life. Here's how to get better at .......thinking 3 of 5.



"Whether you think, you can or you think, you can't, you'll be right". Henry Ford.

" THINK (cause) plus + DO (cause) = EFFECT". Me


Hi, Henry and lil' ol' me wish you well,


Look …….or not……you can only think about what you know about.


What you choose to ‘know’ is stored in your Thought Factory …………your mind.


Fill your TF with crap, -your decision of course,- then you can only think about crap things.



Then the things you do will be crap.


So you’ll end up creating a crap life.


I really wanna’ help you with this so below are ten more thoughts to think and do that will fill your TF with good thinkin’ stuff.


Everything in your life begins with/as a thought. So it's, ….think better, ‘……….do better or............... suffer.



So……….. below, you’ll find better thinking thoughts 21 to 30 of:

The Fifty Most Effective, Info, Rules, Gotta knows,' about, (your) thoughts, (your) thinking and (your) life.


(Y' don't have to learn and use all fifty in the series. Just make sure you bleedin’ well read them all).


Then, choose, learn, write down and use the ones that, have the most impact, make the most sense, to YOU.


(That's how I change and improved  my thinking and my life).


Here's this weeks' Pearls OPersonal Thinking Wisdom:

#21. I can’t think about what I don’t know anything about.


#22. I can get to know about/learn anything I choose to.


#23. I will only have to learn only a few things to become a, better/improving/expert thinker.


#24. I was born able to think, it’s the most important ability I’ll ever need to improve create the life I want.


#25. I already have all the other skills I need.


#26. None of these skills is difficult to improve.


#27. I must learn/train myself to always be, thinking consciously, if I want to take charge of myself and my life.


#28. I'd better...... learn and practice how to be ‘thought aware’. (See #27)


#29. I have the choice to act, or not act, on any thought.


#30. My status in this world is defined by, what I think about me ...  not by wealth or the material possessions I have.



Message from me,

If you don’t learn and live by any of these 50, ‘thought facts’ then you thinking will always be c--p/ way below what's possible.


"You can change, yourself and your life, one thought at a time." Me.

On your side .....always,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor.

Here at

P.S. Loads of 'better thinker 'stuff available through any/all of my other posts. Go read, go think better, go do better, go live better.

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