Your thoughts shape your life so……. ya’ better, get better, at thinking. Post 2 of 5.

Your thoughts shape your life so....... ya' better, get better, at thinking. Post 2 of 5.


"Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and of all achievement". Claude M. Bristol.

"If you don’t learn how-to think better then your life won't get better". Me.


Proven help, below.



Ten more thoughts to file in your mind, (Thought Factory).

It's hello, this week, from me and Claude,

Not heard of Claude M. Bristol?


Great thinker, wise man and highly respected author.


Go google him when y' finish reading this post.


Look …….or not……your choice, you can only think about what you know about.


What you choose to ‘know’ is stored in your Thought Factory …………your mind.


Fill your TF with crap, (your decision of course), you can only think about crap stuff.


Then the things you do will be crap.




You’ll end up creating and  living ..........a crap life.


I wanna’ help you with this though .


Everything in your life begins with/as a thought. So it's, think better, do better or............... suffer.


Here then are the, second ten, of the, fifty 'most effective' info, rules, 'gotta knows' about, (your) thinking, your doing and (your) life.


(Nooooooo, y' don't have to learn and use all fifty in the series. Just make sure you bleedin’ well read them all).



Then, choose, learn, write down and use the ones that, have the most impact, make the most sense, to YOU.



Everything in your life starts a with a thought. So it's, think better, do better, live better or...............dip out in life.


Did you know that:

"You can change, yourself and your life, one thought at a time." Me.


You will if you keep reading.


Took me a while to figure it out but it works.




Ready, steady, go nuke your................ stinkin' thinkin'.


#11. I can only think effectively about the future when I get there ………….when it’s the present.


#12.I will, practice, practice, practice, to, always be, thinking in the present....... until it becomes a firm habit.


#13 I will only ever be as good as my thoughts about me.


#14.My thoughts are my responsibility.


#15. My thoughts are the only source of my personal power.


#16. I will never be concerned about, or be controlled by what others may be thinking about/of me.


#17. The only way I will cause, change/improvement in myself and my life, is to, change/improve my thoughts/thinking and, take action on, the new, better, more sensible, more effective, thoughts/thinking.
(It only takes one 'better thought' to start major change).


#18. How and what  I think  and DO every day determines my future.


#19. What I learn about.... and think with determines my area(s) of expertise.


#20. I can only think about what I know about.
Hi again,

If you don’t learn and live by any of these ten/fifty ‘thinking facts’ then your thinking will always be freakin' useless.



How do I know this? Because nobody ever bothered to teach /show you how to think proper.


I can do that for you.

Love ya,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor.

Here at:


P.S. Loads of 'better thinker' stuff available through any/all of my other posts. Go read, go think better, go have better, go live better.

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