Is you mind set or ……….still setting? Post 4 of 4.

Is you mind set or ..........still setting? Post 4 of 4.


What you  think is the key to what you  do,

And with what you do your life you can screw.
Some things you  do are really great,
It all depends on your mental state.
If you  always think with the same old mind,
Then you'll always be in a mental bind.
Your mind will change if you really want it to,
'Cause your mind ain't set, like superglue.

Hi to, week four of four, good eh?

I’ve had to be really lazy with my posting over the last four weeks. The Mrs. and me are movin' back to the UK.


We fly back to England (tomorrow) 16th September....  with nowhere to live and........ no car.


From 16th September we'll be, staying in hotels and renting a car until I can  buy one.



It's the most  uncertain situation I've had to think about for years. Well fifteen years to be exact 'cause we moved to Spain  in October 2002.


That was less uncertain than our current situation.


But guess what????


(And I wouldn't have written this a few years go).


I was totally confident that things would work out well.


And they have.


Give or take few details, which gave me no grief,  due to my well established, optimistic, consistent, view(Mind Set) about myself and life.


Which totally authenticates this series of infuriatingly helpful posts about MIND SET.


So things have been pretty hectic here (but we get on the one - way flight tomorrow and everything is in place) and I'm glad decided to use this one very long post as four posts.


Hi  again to week four of four,         
How does this (see last week) happen? How can a simple belief/thought have the power to transform your performance and, as a result, your life?



Believing that your qualities are carved in stone—the fixed  mind set, creates a need to prove yourself over and over each time you face a challenge.


If you think that you have only a certain amount of ability, a certain personality, and a certain moral character, well then you gotta' always be over-provin', to yourself and others, that you have a healthy dose of them.


It ain't kool to look or feel deficient in even the most basic characteristics. So they drive an all consuming goal of you always having to prove yourself—in the classroom, in your job and in your relationships.



Every situation calls for a confirmation of your, perceived, intelligence, personality, or character. Every situation  gets evaluated through: "Will I succeed or fail? Will I look smart or dumb? Will I be accepted or rejected? Will I feel like a winner or a loser?


(Uncertainty is the 'dark alley' to failure).


Society values, intelligence, personality and character. So it's normal to want these traits.


When your mind is set on, 'The traits I have  are the  hand I was  dealt and have to live with". 


You will always be trying to convince yourself and others that you have a full house and it's all  under control but you’re secretly scared  sh...less that you only hold a pair of Jacks.


Using the mind set,  "This is the hand I was  dealt",  should  only be the starting point for personal development.


A growth mind set is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can, cultivate, improve and  develop further  through ..........your own  efforts.


And can, and you must, 'cause it's the only way that'll work.


Yep, only you, not your dog, no one else Even your best mate's efforts won't get you shoot.


So suck this up and just (bleedin' well deal with it.



People do  differ in in many ways in their genetically acquired, talents, aptitudes, interests and  temperaments.


But everyone can change and grow through, the right, mental  makeup, attitude,  application and time.


People without  this ↑↑↑↑↑ mind set don't believe that, anyone can become, more, better, an overcomer.


They don't understand that anyone with proper, motivation, knowledge, and determination can, grow, evolve and so become (much)more than they currently are.


They    ... wrongly....believe:


That a person’s potential is fixed and unalterable.


That it’s stoopid to believe that it is actually possible to 'take charge of' what can be accomplished with, passion, hard work, and training.


Look here.....: 


Einstein, Darwin and Tolstoy, for example, were considered as 'ordinary' children.


Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers of all time, was completely uncoordinated as a child.


Michael Jordan was told that he would never be any good at basketball.


Walt Disney's ideas were rejected by dozens of film studios as being 'of no interest'.


So I wanna'  know/hope that you can now see how the belief that inherited capabilities  can definitely be developed, has given you a passion for learning.


Why waste time pretending, day after day, how great you are, when you could actually..... be in the process of getting better and acthooly becoming  great? 



Overcoming 'deficiencies'  instead always tryin' to cover them up.


Go find people and stuff that will  challenge you to grow.


So...... please, go take on, new challenges, new  experiences, new knowledge that will expand your mind.


A, passion, a determination,  for stretching yourself, for not giving up, keepin' on keepin' on and keepin' on keepin' on when things ain't going well, is the hallmark of a GROWTH MIND SET.


This is the only..... mind set that empowers people to 'overcome' during the inevitable, unavoidable and  unknowable challenges of.... living and becoming more.


So go, think about it and do it.


Phil (The Mind Man)

And, Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. Read each of these posts 'til you understand what to do. Everything you'll ever need....... to succeed is there.

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