Is your mind set or……………still setting? Week 3.

Is your mind set (dead) or.....still setting (growing)? Week 3.

What you  think is the key to what you  do,
And with what you do your life you can screw.
Some things you do are really great,
It all depends on your mental state.
If you  always think with the same old mind,
Then you'll always be in a mental bind.
Your mind will change, if you really want it to,
'Cause your mind ain't  set, like superglue.


Welcome to week three, of four,

I'm  have had to  be really lazy in my post research and writing efforts over the last three weeks and the next one.


The Mrs. and me are movin' back to the UK.


We fly back to England on 16th September....  with nowhere to live and........ no car.


From 15th September (that's next Friday aaaaaagh) we'll be staying in hotels and renting a car, until I can  buy one. 



It's the most  uncertain situation I've had to think about for years. Well, fifteen years to be exact 'cause we moved to Spain  in October 2002. That was less uncertain than our current situation.


But guess what????



(And I wouldn't have written this a few years go).



I'm totally confident that things will work out well.



Which fits in totally with this series of posts on MIND SET.

(All on target so far, thank you mind)


So things are still pretty hectic here and I'm glad I decided to  use this one very long post as four posts.

Hellooooooo to, you to post 3 content, 
It was believed, about a hundred years ago, that there was a strong physical basis for determining the differences, between apparently making the differences  .....................unavoidable and unalterable.




Physical differences included studying, bumps on the skull (phrenology), the size and shape of the skull (craniology).


In more recent  times experts have studied the effects of ……….. jeans or is it …..genes one individual differences.


More recently still, like this year, research pointed to the differences in people’s, backgrounds, experiences, training, or ways of learning, as the, 'difference culprits'.


A champion of one view in the past, around 1908, was Alfred Binet, creator of  the IQ test.


The IQ test was not meant to summarize children’s unchangeable intelligence.


This  test was designed to identify children who were not gettin’ anything of use from their years in French schools.


Binet believed that new educational programs could be designed that would help under achieving children to 'come  up to scratch'.


He did discover individual differences in children’s performance and way of operating and he believed that education and practice could bring about changes in individuals and their performance.  


This independent quote summarizes the work he carried out with hundreds of children.  “A few modern philosopher’s assert that an individual's intelligence/ability is a fixed quantity, a quantity which cannot be increased. We must protest and react against this brutal pessimism.... With practice, training, and above all, method, we can all manage to increase our attention, our memory, our judgement and literally to become more intelligent/able  than we were before”.

(Words above in red mine. Why?  Because intelligence is not the only measure of personal ability and performance. Fer example,  Sir Alan Sugar, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Abraham Lincoln and hundreds more successful peeps were no great shakes at the  acydemic stuff. Go google 'school failures who succeeded in life'.




Most of today's experts agree that it’s not, either/or. It’s not, nature or nurture or genes or environment.


From conception on, there’s a constant give and take between the two.


Gilbert Gottlieb, an eminent neuroscientist put it like this. "Not only do genes and environment cooperate as we develop, but genes require input from the environment to work properly".


Today, scientists, sociologists, human behaviourists and new -thinkers are understanding that people have more capacity for life-long learning and mind development than was ever thought possible.



Yep, yep, yep, of us has a unique genetic and physical endowment.



People may start with different temperaments and different aptitudes, but it is clear that, experience, training,  personal physical and mental effort take them beyond and above that .


Robert Sternberg, the present-day guru of intelligence/ability writes that the major factor in whether people achieve expertise “is not some fixed prior ability, but purposeful engagement.”


In other words you, your life, your achievement potential, ain't set in reinforced concrete and so they can be.................. changed.





I have sifted through years of, crap, expert - speak, fluff and hype and have identified the stuff that really matters. 


What this means for me, you, any/everybody:


Is this:


It’s one thing to have pundits spouting their opinions about, scientific, psychological, sociological issues. It’s another thing to understand and use how these views apply to you, me the bloke, or bloke-ss, next door, etc.


For twenty years, my research has shown me that the view you adopt for and about  yourself, what and how you think about you, and what you think about you profoundly affects the way you create and live  your life.


And that view, what you believe to be true of you is totally founded in........ your thoughts.


Yep, your thoughts, no-one else’s, the ones you choose to think, the one’s only you can act on.


Your thoughts are.......the original...... the only......your only.. your unique....... your individual source of ……………. all your successes and/or failures in life.


Why so Phil?????


Becaws your thoughts, plus your actions, (what and everything you do) builds, brick by brick, thought by thought, act by act, into what you create and achieve in your life.


Look you can’t even have, a cup of tea, or a coffee or a pint of beer without first thinking “I fancy a ............". Then actchooly doin’ what’s needed to be done


This, simple, very personal, hugely powerful and self empowering process, does/ will, determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you commit to and accomplish, the things you wanna be n' do.


Try this, think right now, “I’ll go down the pub for a pint with the lads”.






Ya' don’t get off your fat (well p’raps not) butt, down to the pub, buy the pint you want then lift yer' right or left hand to your mouth a few times ….. you’ll still be thinkin’ and not drinkin, six months, a year, a bleedin' decade from now. 


GOT IT????


I hope so, 'cause now you'll know how to get what you want outta' your life. 

If you don't think it you can't do it you lose. if you think it and don't do it you lose.




Week four -next week-will help you even more.

All the best to you and yours,

Phil (The Mind Man)


Thought Master and Mentor here at

P.S. What I write about, I think about, do and have done since I, many years ago, got  hooked on the question," How do I, work, operate, perform, grow, evolve, get better at life"? 

(Albert Einstein provided the insight that helped make it all 'make sense' for me).

High five  from me, Albert.

I know, really well, about me......  and how I work.


And 'cause we all work in the  same ways I reckon what I know is totally relevant to every other person on this planet who can think.

That includes you. 

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