Is your mind set or……….. still setting? Post 2 of 4.

Is your mind set or .................still setting?  Post 2 of 4.


What you think is the key to what you  do,

And with what you do, your life you can screw.
Some things you  do are really great,
It all depends on your mental state.
If you  always think with the same old mind,
Then you'll always be in a mental bind.
Your mind will change if you really want it to,
'Cause it ain't set, like superglue.


Holaaaa, (helloooo in Spanish),

As I wrote in my post last week. I'm gonna have to be really lazy (what I meant was  super-busier -than -normal)over the next three weeks.


The Mrs. and me are movin' back to the UK.


We fly back to England on 16th September....  with nowhere to live and........ no car.


From 16th September we'll be, staying in hotels, renting a car until I can  buy one.


It's the most  uncertain situation I've had to think about for years. Well fifteen years to be exact 'cause we moved to Spain  in October 2002. That was though less uncertain than our current situation.


But guess what????
(And I wouldn't have written this a few years go).


I'm totally confident that things will work out well. Which fits in totally with this series of posts on:





Mind -Set.





Depends on where you read about it.


So things are pretty hectic here and I've had to decide to use this one very long post as four posts.


Hellooo again, (that's hellooo in English of course

Sooo (from last week), she, Carole Dweck,worked out that:

A. "People with a fixed mind set, believe that their basic abilities, such as intelligence or talents, are fixed and unchangeable. THIS IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE. Most of us spend our  life-time just accepting  our  abilities rather than  developing them. We also believe that talent alone, without any effort, will cause success in life-  WRONG".


Mind Set  is the beliefs  that you have about  yourself  and  your abilities. Me.


"People with a growth mind set believe that intellect and talent are just the  starting point and  can be developed through dedication and hard work".


Such folk develop, they ain't born with,  a mind set that  includes, a 'love of learning, determination and action',  that is essential for great accomplishment. Me


Those people in this world who actually achieve anything 'above average' realize the power of these qualities.  A growth fertiliser mind set, creates, motivation, productivity, self-empowerment, business enterprise and improves  personal and family  relationships.


"People with a growth mindset, view their qualities as, things that can be developed through dedication and effort. If they're brainy or talented that's good but that's just the starting point. They understand that no one has ever accomplished great things, not Albert Einstein, Pablo  Picasso or Lewis Hamilton   without years of passionate practice and learning"


I call it evolving and growing. (What's the point of livin' if  you aint' improving)?


B."People with a fixed mind set believe that, their traits are  fixed are 'givens', that they inherit a certain amount of brains and talent and nothing can change that".

I call this stagnatin'  (Bit like water in a polluted pond).





Different people have, thought differently, acted differently, and fared differently from each other since Adam was a lad and Eve was a (scheming)' lad-ess


Adam thought X ......Eve thought Y.


Yep people do differ, but why and how?


For me the best bleedin' question(s) to think are these:

"Is there something that made them different"?


"Why are people different"?


"How are people different"?


"Why are some people, smarter, more honest, more kind and so on"?


This is how, thinks me,..........  because they bloody well think different.


And everything you -and me- think and do causes/decides what happens in your-my life.




See my rhyme/take on this at the start of this and other posts in this series.


Then come back and learn more  phenomenally, excruciatingly helpful, mind set stuff next week.

B.F.N. Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor

here at, www.
P.S. On occasions in the past I have mentioned that I am writing some books. They're books that I'm convinced will help anyone to 'think better and so live better'. It's taking me much more time and effort than I anticipated to write them........ right. Right? I believe, (my Mind Set) is, that  they will be right in the not to distant future.


My mind set always is that I'm a determined super person. 


My wife thinks that I'm stubborn little scumbag though.


What kind'a mind set is that? I'm thinkin'.  I daren't ask the question.

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