Is your mind set or………. still setting? Post 1 of 4.

Is you mind set  or ......still setting? Post 1 of 4.

You  can fill  your mind with what you choose,

This  content makes you  win or lose.


What you  think is the key to what you  do,

And with what you do your life you can screw.


Some things you  do are really great,

It all depends on your mental state.


If you  always think with the same old mind,

Then you'll always be in a mental bind.


Your mind will change if you really want it to,

'Cause your mind ain't  set, like superglue.



Hello and welcome,

I'm gonna have to be really lazy with postin' over the next four weeks.


The Mrs. and me are movin' back to the UK.


We fly back to England on 16th September....  with nowhere to live and........ no car.


From 16th September we'll be staying in hotels and renting a car until I can  buy one. 


It's the most  uncertain situation I've had to think about for years. Well fifteen years to be exact 'cause we moved to Spain  in October 2002. That was less uncertain than our current situation.


But guess what????


(And I wouldn't have written this a few years go).


I'm totally confident that things will work out well with our return to UK.


Which fits in totally with this series of posts on MIND SET.


Things are pretty hectic here and I've had to decide to use this one very long post as..... four posts. you/ we go:




Mindset, Mind Set or Mind-Set, depends on where you look, is the, habitual, ongoing, way that we each think about life and ourselves.


Some people are mind- set in ways that keep them down, others habitually think in ways that  keep them optimistic, hopeful, lookin'on the bright side of life,  etc.


You can have your mind set on one way of thinking or another. Thoughts are the building blocks of life that fill any mind.


These  habitual thoughts run our life. What we think is the foundation of what we do, what we do creates the effects, (what we have, what we experience), in our life.


Hope you've GOT THAT!!!!!


This process, over time, develops/creates....... your life.



So/but....guess bleedin' what?


If you don't  like your life you can change it.




By, changing your habitual/set/stoopid, crap based, thoughts.


1.You think.   

2.You do. 

3.You create/have. (Things in your life  that are called EFFECTS). 


Failure or success in life is  based on the content of your mind set.


MIND SET   explains:

Why brains and talent by themselves  don’t bring success.


•How these capabilities can actually sabotage success.


•Why  brains and talent alone can actually, destroy, self-esteem and accomplishment.


•How understanding and applying an excruciatingly simple concept about your mind can raise anyone's expectation and achievement.





What all great entrepreneurs,  business leaders, successful athletes, realistic  parents,  effective  teachers and  ethical self-help experts know to be a universal, worldly.......    truth.



Introducing .......Carol Dweck, Stanford University psychologist.

(I don't userly set much store in this, airy fairy, smoke n' mirrors,  expert -speak, stuff  but this lady is different).


She's the person who 'discovered' the concept of  mind set. By collecting and analyzing  decades of research on achievement and success she identified  a /the process  that when understood and used can make a huge difference to a life.

"Look Pinocchio you lyin' git Carole says that they can and she's right".


More from Carole and me next week.



Phil (The Mind Man)



Mentor and Thought Master

here at:

P.S. Any of my other, really well researched and insightful posts, will also help you get a better grip on how your thoughts can either  make you sink or swim in the ocean of life.

What's in them has enabled me to become better at this life and livin' stuff.




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