Discussion or argument? Or just plain stoopidity? Part 2.

Discussion or argument? Or just plain stoopidity?Part 2.



Hi, it’s afternoon again here,


Wanna’ argue?


Messed up thinking makes for, pain - filled relationships, an unhealthy and financially messed up, ........life.


Why Phil?





All of people’s (which includes men and women) problems in life fall into three categories:




To resolve issues in any of these three areas demands:


Rational discussion.


An exchange of, sensible, rational, thoughts and words.


Sooooooo, many, most, (all, I believe) of the problems we each face could be much more sensibly resolved if we stop, polluting, mixing, cocking- up, rational thinking, with our feelings and emotions.


But, as we all know, things discussed, often? usually? always? disintegrate into an ARGUMENT because we,............. cock up, infect and 'nuke' our thinking with emotions and feelings.


And that cocks up, infects and nuke's our words.


So....therefore in that case........


and contrary to, common, popular,  belief,  "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me",  is a  load  of old cobblers to me.


Probly 'cause I'm not popular or common????



Thinkin' ain’t just thinking and pretty soon it turns into a, verbal, psychological, emotional, battle of thoughts (and words) infected by F's and E's.


Learning to actchooly just 'think proper'  by ditching the F's and E's ain't too difficult.


Reading more of any of my really helpful posts will explain how.


Go do that when you finish reading this one.


So then....guess what? Words are weapons.



They cause pain and suffering without drawin' any blood , breakin' any bones or causin'' any bruises.



Thoughts dooooooo become words.


You have to think.............. before you speak.



You think...... then you speak.


And when your thinkin' is all screwed up by F's and E's  so are your words.


What we speak is, then, usually intended to, cause hurt, destroy and confuse - the competitor.



When thinking is polluted with emotions and feelings then so are your words. They become, (WPD’s).

Weapons of Personal Destruction.



When ‘anything goes’ so does the, composure, reasonability, common- sense, rationality, of those involved.



In normal everyday life, for ordinary people, reasoned, fact- based, sensible, conscious thinking, is soon kicked into touch. Then many discussions ends up in 'the garbage bin of thinking and speaking', called.............. arguments.



Some examples:


Category #1.Health.
Person 1.”Why are you always eating rubbish food when you know it’s making you fat”?

Person 2. “I’ll eat what I like I don’t feel like eating fruit and veg and stuff keep your freakin’ nose out”.


Category #2. Finance.
Person 1. “I don’t see why do we need to spend £100 a month for a new car. There’s nothing wrong with the old one”.

Person 2. “The people next door buy a new car every year ours is four years old. I work, bleedin’ hard all week to earn the money so I’ll decide to get a new car if I want one”.


Category #3. Relationships.
Person 1. “Why can't you put the toilet seat down after you’ve had a pee?

Person 2. “Why can’t you lift it up after you’ve used the loo?


In each situation the two, parties, contestants, competitors, antagonists,  involved can now decide:



A. To discuss each situation using, rational, sensible, calm thinking.


(Remember: Learning to actchooly just 'think proper' by ditching the F's and E's ain't too difficult).


B. Let the thinking  deteriorate  to include feelings and emotions. Then what they say becomes similarly infected.   from each person into the situation.


With option B. either one of them can become the ARGUMENT initiator.


Thoughts and emotions and feelings all mixed together ain’t and never can be, 'proper thinking'.



Proper thinking requires self - discipline.


It’s mental/ mind, discipline, mental /mind control, mental/mind maturity.


Everything (you)everybody says begins as....... a thought, which comes from (you)their mind.


A mind (your mind) which is, either in (your) their control or not.


Just like an athlete disciplines their body, any of us can learn mental/mind discipline.


Athletes, poor sod's, gotta’ do both.


Us lesser mortals only need to do the mind/mental bit. No physical pain involved there……eh?


Look, listen (well read), and learn this:


If ya’ wann’a live right you gott'a learn to think right.


Think about this↑↑↑↑ at least three times every day from now on.


Can’t be bothered?


OK …be my guest and …..continue to, .......struggle, ......suffer ........get hurt in your life and make others around you suffer and get hurt too.


Just a bit of tough love for ya' above don't take it personal,

Phil (The Mind Man)


Thought Master and Mentor

(With help from other 'thought leaders')

here at



P.S. Same as last week. Any of my other superbly researched and written posts will get you started on the road to proper thinking.


I think!


No... no ..no…….I definitely know.

Remember this?↓↓↓↓

Learning to actchooly just 'think proper' by ditching the F's and E's ain't too difficult.

See more of my magnificently helpful posts.


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