Sticks. Stones. Bones. Words. Time. Psychological. Emotional and Verbal Abuse and Nagging #2

Sticks. Stones. Bones. Words. Time. Psychological. Emotional and Verbal Abuse and Nagging #2.

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Hi from me, not her,


Article 1.

'Henpecked Men Twice as Likely to Die Young'.

By Simon Keegan

(Me in red)

Newspaper, The Daily Mirror, 9 MAY 2014

'Bickering among couples can be a real health hazard and stressed out men are literally being nagged to death, according to new research".


"Men subjected to nagging, constant demands and worries from their partners are twice as likely to die young than blokes who are less henpecked, Danish scientists claim".


"But women are more immune from high maintenance partners as there is little effect on their death rates".


Prob'ly because they take no bleedin' notice  of what is said to them.


"Dr Rikke Lund, Section of Social Medicine, Department of Public Health, at University of Copenhagen, said: "It is interesting that we have identified that males who are exposed to worries and demands by their partners have higher mortality and are the ones we should focus on.


Article 2.

'Women Who Emotionally Abuse Men'

By Mark . (Edited, by me). 

"Man in restaurant with his girlfriend.  Man tries to speak, he is cut off by her. She takes the piss when he tells a story that might make him look good, and finishes his jokes for him. Waiter brings the menus, she makes fun of his selection. She complains about his not spending money on her. He will of course end up paying for the meals and drinks. By the end of the night she is givin'  him a right old ear full,  she's in a full on rant  yelling about things  totally unrelated to anything that has happened in the last three hours". 

"It’s called emotional abuse. It’s well-documented when men inflict it on female victims. Less well known is when women do it to men. While the emotional abuse of women is discussed on Oprah, in bestsellers, and everywhere in pop culture and in academia, there are virtually no resources for men who have been emotionally abused".

"Google searches turn up very few resources. Books on the subject are mostly broadsides that have not been properly researched and substitute academic rigor for attacks on feminism."

"I’m betting everyone reading these words—knows a man who has been victimized by emotional/verbal  abuse. All you have to do is ask around. I did just that recently when I was researching the epidemic of men and suicide, and what I found was disturbing".


"One man, a friend from childhood, told me a story that seemed like a kind of slow emotional torture. He and his wife married ten years ago. After a couple years, something changed.  First, sarcastic jibes then, outright abuse. She complained that he didn’t make enough money. He felt like nothing he did was enough. She began to withhold affection. Her mood was so unpredictable that he felt like anything he said or did would be attacked.  More than once his wife called him in an incoherent rage about something he didn’t understand. Strangest of all, she began to lie about certain things yet seemed convinced she was telling the truth".

"Weeks after a weekend in Las Vegas—which he had paid for—she complained that she was “tired of paying for our vacations.”

"After the divorce, she insisted on having their daughter on the days when he wanted to take her to play basketball, her favourite sport."

"The effect on him was devastating. He was depressed and felt confused, and even mentioned suicide. He felt anxious whenever she was around. He’s still dealing with it years after the divorce".

Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD  (a Clinical Psychologist) is the author of a forthcoming ebook 'Say Goodbye to Crazy: How to Rid Yourself of that Crazy Ex and Restore Sanity to Your Life. She also runs a website,  

Take a look at this vid and love it and her. 


"She’s one of the few people in the mental health field talking about the emotional abuse of men. In one post on her blog, she itemized the ten behaviours characteristic of emotionally abusive women:


Unreasonable expectations.

Verbal attacks.

Gaslighting (lying and then claiming he is crazy).

Unpredictable responses.

Constant chaos.

Emotional blackmail.


Withholding affection and sex.



The result?

"You’re being traumatized by her behaviour. Because you can’t predict her responses, you become hyper vigilant to any change in her mood or potential outburst, which leaves you in a perpetual state of anxiety and possibly fear". 

 "A punch to the face leaves obvious proof, evidence to use with the police to put the assailant behind bars. Emotional abuse, which men can tolerate and excuse away as normal, can go on for years, leaving a person weak, desperate, and profoundly suicidal". 


"Anecdotal evidence indicates that the emotional abuse of men is more widespread than the media reports. Women can- like men—be pathological narcissists who torture their husbands and boyfriends".

End of article 2.


You know as well as I do that .......from 'The Beginning' (Adam and Eve) women have used words -"Don't that apple look yummy Adam"?- to control, manipulate and undermine men.


They know that they're doing it. They know why they're doing it 


They'll deny it though.


They pra'ps? sorta? can't help themselves.... but that don't mean that us chaps should continue to sweep it under the carpet.


It happens, it's real and...... according to the law mentioned in my last post men (and women) can now legally do something about this ear bashing epidemic. 


In closing I say this: I was married to a, verbally abusive, manipulating, emotionally unstable, ice - woman for many years.


Divorce meant that I had to give up my close relationship with my wonderful son when he was fourteen.


She was his Mum so she got custardy, or is it custody? and he had to go live with his mother and her mother -peas in a pod- come to mind here.


Absolute bloody shame. 


My boy and I are very close.


He left 'home' the day he was eighteen. 


I have been, very happily married, to a, sensible, caring , emotionally mature, well balanced,  lady for the last twenty years.


So I know that they do exist. They're a bit like hens teeth though!


This is probably, possibly, may be, my last post about this nagging stuff but I do have other issues about the world that I will be thinking about and writing my opinions on.... which I'm entitled to do.

Take care out there,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor 



P.S. I do research and think  carefully about what I write that's why this blog is called


Each one of my posts is written to encourage and enable  all people to, think better, do better and have better in life.


Go read some more. They'll help to fix yer' life.





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