Sticks. Stones. Bones. Words. Psychological. Emotional. Verbal Abuse and Nagging..

 Sticks. Stones. Bones. Words. Psychological. Emotional.  Verbal Abuse and Nagging.

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Much of what you'll read below is not my own work. It's info from dictionary, press excerpts and stuff from good old Google (13,900,000 results). 



From, The Urban Dictionary.

A. Nagging:
To bug, annoy, irritate. Make a big deal out of doing something small. Excessively asking someone to do something.

Mostly done by women. 

Toxic women who use verbal abuse to control and beat down their man.

B. Naggravating.
The action of aggravating through nagging.



C. Verbal Abuse.
To abuse without physical contact, but simply by using words and insults.

Verbal abuse most commonly includes abusive behaviour such as name calling, put downs and discounting feelings.



Some press info.

Can't remember where I found this but:

06 Jan 2010. 

"In France, before the year is over, lashing out(verbally) at your partner could become a criminal offence.

"A bill being put forward by Nicolas Sarkozy's government would make "psychological violence" between married or cohabiting couples a matter for state intervention.  The legislation would apparently cover everything from nagging, to false accusations of infidelity, to sustained campaigns of verbal abuse, to a failure to supply the correct answer to the question: "Does my bum look big in this?"


Is abusive behaviour a crime?
There is no single crime of ‘domestic abuse’, however there are a number of different types of abuse which take place which can be an offence.

These  include:




Some general info about nagging, from the net.

"Emotional, psychological and mental abuse
are often closely linked terms that can be used interchangeably".


"They involve tactics such as intimidation, constant criticism and verbal bullying. Emotional abuse in relationships is often a means of controlling the victim by having a strong mental hold over them".

Emotional abuse in relationships can include:

"Constant put downs which make their victim feel stupid, worthless and useless".

"Making them feel that they are a bad/incapable person/parent".

"Ignoring or using silence against the victim".

"Making false allegations about them or endlessly making accusations"


"Many female survivors of emotional abuse in relationships state that the impact of the (verbal) abuse is worse than any physical violence they experienced". However it was much more difficult to prove, to obtain protection, or even to get others to take them seriously".


Then came:
The newspaper 'The Independent'. Tuesday 29 December 2015

'New Psychological Abuse Law'

(Article in italics.) Me in red
"A new law targeting people who psychologically and emotionally abuse their partners, spouses, or family members has come into force under the Serious Crime Bill.
The legislation will see psychological abusers facing up to five years in jail or a hefty fine, or both, if found guilty.

What is “controlling, coercive” behaviour?

The Home Office’s Statutory Guidance Framework on “controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship” includes:


Repeatedly putting them down, such as telling them they are worthless.


The offence only applies if the victim suffers such treatment “repeatedly or continuously”, on an ongoing basis.




The behaviour must also be calculated. Such that the “perpetrator knows or ‘ought to know’ that it will have a serious effect on the victim”.


Victim and abuser have to be “personally connected when the incidents took place”, meaning they would have had to be in, or are in, an intimate relationship.


So matey if you've got a nagger of a girlfriend you can threaten to take her to court. Might not shut her up though!


Courts will look for evidence of a behavioural pattern rather than isolated incidents.


It is explicitly stated that the victim must have “been caused serious alarm or distress” enough to disrupt their day-to-day activities.



The behaviour must also be calculated. According to the Home Office, it must be such that the “perpetrator knows or ‘ought to know’ that it will have a serious effect on the victim”.


The offence only applies if the victim suffers such treatment “repeatedly or continuously”, on an ongoing basis".

Sounds like nagging to me.



So.......... before this law:

1. A woman could take a man to court for giving her a smack around the ear, after months or years psychological, emotional and verbal abuse .......nagging.


2. But , but, but, but, he could do absolutely nothing about the verbal abuse ...nagging inflicted on him during that same period of time.



Here's something not related to nagging but based on something I remember from a book I read a few years ago from a book written  by .................a woman.......about......... women.


Given the choice between:

1.  A rich, older man.


2.  A comparatively poor, twenty somethin’.



She’ll choose numero uno............every time.




Because it’s a choice between a Piggy Bank .......or ATM.




Because, for 95% of women their main demands in life are mostly .............material.








From one male to another, have a great day, more info next week

Phil (The Mind Man)


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. I'm not a woman hater. I just believe that us chaps need to get to know how women operate.

They expect us to understand them.  OOOPS!!! 

Read some more of my posts and you'll get a better hold on how to think better and live better.


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