Like my hero Albert Einstein, I’m an Independent Thinker. So here’s what I ‘independently think’#2..

Like my hero Albert Einstein, I'm an Independent Thinker. So here's what I 'independently think'#2..


Her and her Mr. Right....... Right? 

(Til' he tells her, "No more ice cream")


Hello again, glad you made it,

So ......continuing from last week.


Never being satisfied is why:


Women always need.......another pair of shoes when they already have 50 pairs and can, without a second thought, throw  'old' but unused  pairs away.



Although they, really needed, them when they were initially seen and bought.



Same applies to, tops, skirts, earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments, kitchen appliances, furniture, rugs, curtains.....  da, da, da, da,  x, x , x, x, x, x,   and



You being considered, surplus to requirements (in the mind of 'Miss. Me. Me. Me. Number 1, in the previous post), means that you'll have to go through the same game several times more.



Until you meet the girl/woman who decides, (even if only for, a month, six months, a year or two), that you're the one for her.



Men chase.


Women choose.



If you're a, well- mannered, eager to please, put yourself second, free spender, kinda' guy.



They'll know that they're on a winner. At least for the first few dates.



If you indicate in any way, on the first date, that you're not:


A big spender.


And you:


Don't make her 'the most important thing' (sorry person) while you're with her.



You prob'ly won't get a second date.



Definitely not a third.



If you turn up late for any date you'll lose points.



If you cancel a date you may never get another.



If you do, then  you'll have to try ten times harder in the future to overcome your, devastatingly disrespectful, behaviour and must try to fix her hurt feelings with lots of goodies and grovelling.




If she's ever late you better smile and say, "Not a problem, great to see you".



You'll lose points though, every time you -in her mind-screw up.



Then you'll have to keep on earning a place on her, individual, uniquely created, unreasonable, unreasoned, league table.



Even then, she'll continue to believe that, like all men,  you're 'a few chips short of a Happy Meal'.


From the very first interactions in the boy/ girl, man/ woman ...............relationship????? :

  • Boys/men have to, earn/deserve/ bend over backwards to please and so keep the interest and attention of the girl/woman.


  • Boy/man is a disadvantage.


  • Boy/man is expected  to  respect all women, even though in reality, they are, mentally manipulating, devious, self-centred, expect- to- be -pampered, boy/man....... users.


  • Who are  trained to be so by..... women...(their mothers).



Some men get physically abusive  with their female partners and that's really not acceptable.



Usually though, it's in response to a female, over-emotional, unreasonable, unreasoned, verbal attack.


A. Usually over an extended period of time.


B. Over one minor(to you and any other bloke) thing or another.


It's called nagging and is:



Not physically damaging, nope'.. but still, undermining, psychologically damaging, 'mind mincing', abuse.

It's actually verbal  abuse and is a criminal offence. The facts about this.... next week


(Of course if you can't handle it she'll decide that you're a wimp.  So you don't deserve her anyway).



Once a marriage takes place -the man is an even more, "Yes dear", manipulate-able situation.



When wifie decides that she wants to have a child, or even if the decision is mutual, things really go downhill for dad- to- be.



He will be emotionally blackmailed for the rest of his life to provide, whatever wifie/mum decides is right, best, needed, essential, for herself and her child (ren).



"A Baby Buggy costing £ $ € 200, isn't good enough for our (my) baby. I want this one that costs £ $ €400".



If dad-to-be, tries or possibly succeeds, in opposing her wishes, it will be held against him for the rest of the marriage.



All women are from birth, trained, groomed, indoctrinated, by their mother to operate this way. 

(Think I already mentioned this, never mind, it's well worth remembering).


It all 'comes natural' to females, gives them the advantage and they love it, use it and abuse it.



And they'll never admit  it to us, 'uninformed, male, mental manipulation, wimps'.





This keeps those boy/men who haven't figured this all out, ..... guessing, .......on their toes,.......... totally confused, a disadvantage and therefore totally manipulate-able.



So boy-o/man-o I sincerely hope that my writings has helped you to know what...  girls-o/women-o know-o.



Just keep it between yourself and other blokes 



Girls/women will categorically deny it if confronted.



Saw a clip in a TV series yesterday that provided more ammunition for my independent thinking mind. 




Man, in the Army, comes home from work.

"Hi gorgeous how's your day been? Sorry, I've got some news. We'll have to delay the wedding for a year. I've been posted to Afghanistan and will be going in two weeks.

(No he didn't bloody well make it up to get out of the wedding bit. He has to do what he's told to do in the army.)


Woman. "We'll have a big engagement part before you go and you can buy me a really expensive ring. 

(So that if while he's away, she gets lonely, finds someone better and breaks it off she'll have the ring to sell and some happy memories of a very expensive party).


And........ why.......... why....... why........... why ???????


When divorce happens, for whatever reason?





Why is wifie,  who only worked for one year since the wedding, two, five, ten  or twenty earlier  years, and hasn't contributed  financially to the mortgage payments, be entitled to half of the value of the equity in the house????



Improved 'Equal Rights' for Women is still required in the employment arena but in the, 'boy/girl, man/woman interpersonal' arena, women have it made.



It's  us guys who need to stand up and claim equal rights in the 'male and female' interpersonal arena.


I'll continue with my, sensible, reasoned, reasonable, honest, based on experience, independent thinker, views in the next ......and more ......future posts.


Assuming you're a bloke, hope you found this enlightening. BFN.  

Phil (The Mind Master)

Thought Master and Mentor

here at: 

P.S. This, and all my other posts, are written from the experience and understanding of how thoughts are foundations of what happens in everyone's life.


Albert Einstein knew/knows that, "Thoughts and acts are the tools with which we all create our life".


You can only think and do effectively when you have/know  the right info to think with.


Hope this post has helped with that.

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