Like my hero Albert Einstein, I’m an Independent Thinker. So here’s what I independently think.

Like my hero Albert Einstein, I'm an Independent Thinker. So here's what I independently think,#1.





Hi, if you're a bloke, read this,


If you're a bloke-ess read and dislike possibly even hate me.



Women use men...... whenever they can.




They allow men to:

1. Work for them.
2. Think for them.
3. Be responsible for them.

Take on their responsibilities.


When it suits them.



That's exploitation.


Are you......?


A, male eighteen to twenty five years old.......young?



Down the pub two or three nights a week with your mates, watch the footie on Saturday? 



You see a car you like, you've got the income to afford the payments.



So you can decide to........ just go buy it.



Living at home ain’t exactly what you waaant but neeeeds must and rents are high so…..thanks Mum and Dad!


Best years of your life they are.


On one of your nights out with the lads you spot a female type person across the room who you like the look of.



During the evening you look her way a few times. On some of those occasions she stares back at you……and smiles.


Her first step on the road to snaring you.




The game  (con) is on.



The evening comes to an end, the pub empties and everyone goes their separate ways.


You see her in the pub twice more...... on a Wednesday evening.



One Wednesday evening, you’re in the usual chair by the bar with your mates and in walks 'the vision '.



She’s dressed in an unusually stunning outfit and looks as if she’s spent a weeks wages on her hairdo.



During the evening you both exchange glances. Before the pub closes you walk in her direction, stand next to her (She smells like she works in a perfume factory) and  ask if you can buy her a drink.



She says OK, you get her the 'Tequila Sunrise' or whatever fancy concoction she wants.


You get yourself another pint of beer.



The game continues and you ask her out on a date.



The following week, on a Wednesday evening  you’re both sitting at the table of a nice Italian restaurant.



Soon it’s time to pay the bill, which you are expected to do.



A couple of months later, after several more visits to the 'little Italian place' you mention that while it's great to have these evenings out they are taking most of you spare cash.



(You haven’t told Miss Wonderful that you’ve stopped going out with your mates so that you can afford the funds to pay for the visits to............ restaurantio Italianio). Good move mate.



So over the next few weeks it’s:

1. Meet and eat in a pub on a Wednesday evening. (You still pay of course).


2. A trip into  town on a Saturday for a fast food extravaganza.



On these days out Her Ladyship spies several items of clothing and jewellery that she just adores. "Do you like them too????? 



All of which you offer to pay for, which she graciously and demurely accepts.



Well you said you liked them too didn't ya?




On one of the Saturday outings she says, "I'm sorry but I haven't been sure for some weeks if things are right between us and I want out".



(She’ll always ‘love’ you though and w0uld like to stay friends).



She knew all along of course that you would be expected to pay for whatever you did together and things she wanted, during that time.


She knew that she was on a financial winner from the word go.




Because, that’s the way it’s been since 'getting together' started, like two gazillion years ago,


Now of course............. it could have been you that decided to kick her into touch.



Little Lady would probably become extremely upset at that, call you a    ???????   and weep profusely.



But within a day or two she’ll be  on the look out for the next, Mr. Possibly Right.


Which no guy can ever be 'cause women are never satisfied.


Even when she convinces herself that her man of the moment  is her Mr. Right  someway down the relationship road she'll think of something that, in her mind, stops him continuing to be Mr. Right.



And she'll decide that he's now Mr. Almost Right which ain't exactly what she deserves.



She'll will know that she's found Mr. Right when the man is....... doing everything he can to meet her every, mood, need, want, every minute of every day.



As long as he keeps on doing everything he can to meet her every, need, mood, want, neurotic episode, every minute of every day.



She'll be almost happy. Some of the time.


Looks like she's found her Mr. Right.


So then that's Part #1, of what I think about the 'Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus' thing.


Part/# 2 next week.

See ya' if you're a bloke,

Phil (The Mind Master)


Thought Master and Mentor

here at: 

P.S. This, and all my other posts, are written from the  experience and understanding of how thought is the official basis of everyone's life.

Albert Einstein knew/knows that, "Thoughts are the tools with which we all make our life".


You can only think effectively when you have the right info.


Hope this post will help make you think and live better. 



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