Your thoughts, your actions, your responsibility, your choices, your life, your fault

Your thoughts, your actions, your responsibility, your choices, your life, your fault.


Hope you're well, be here, become better, 

I’ve been thinkin’ about and studying stuff about thinking, for years.


Yeh......... I got the,  



tee shirt.



So I’ve decided that it’s time to start writing what I think about what I think are really thinkworthy  life topics.


This week it’s gonna’ be about:

Personal responsibility,

Personal accountability.

Fair cop, I thought it and did it guv, stuff

Takin’ the rap for what we each think and do.




#1.If you wake up one day next week and think, " Today I’m gonna’ drive through every red traffic light”.



You leave home at 8:30 a.m. At 8:45 a.m. you drive through the second red light and smash into another vehicle.


The driver of that vehicle dies in hospital.


Who was to blame?


I think it was................ you.


#2. Someone you know made a thought decision, (all decisions are) a few  years ago that she was going to stop paying for beauty products and would steal what she needed instead.


If they get caught for stealing and are fined who is to blame?



I think……… them.



You think......................what?



#3. Last month I thought, “I won’t take my car for it’s annual Government Road Worthiness Check".


(That’s an MOT in England and ITV in Spain).



Each of these three thoughts, and acts, was totally the responsibility of the person doing the thinking and acting.



Yep??? You bet ………..YEP!



If you don’t agree then you’re totally (stupid), sorry, wrong.



Every human-type person on this planet has the freedom and choice to think and do what they like.



They are personally responsible for and in control of, their thoughts and their actions.



They/we all have a choice



Wanna’ argue??



Anyway if you decide to drive through the red traffic lights you could end up in gaol on remand awaiting trial for the death of some innocent father with a wife (now a widow) with three children.



If your shoplifting friend is still getting away with stealing the beauty stuff she needs.


When she does get nicked and fined dya’ think she’ll take responsibility?


I don’t.


Well, as for me I managed to last a week before taking my car to be assessed.



The test showed that some part of the steering was badly worn and needed repairing immediately.



The garage guy told me that at any time I might lose control of my car.




Every part of every person’s life is, controlled, effected and created by, the thoughts they think and the actions they take.



Simple as A,B,C.

A. Every thought that is acted on creates an effect in, your, my, anyone’s life.


B. Every act that is carried out in response to a thought will create an effect of some kind.


C. Every action will cause effects to happen in anyone’s life.



If people,..... think crap then crap ........they’ll have........... and deserve, a........... crap life.


Red traffic lights are there for a reason.

We are expected to pay for our purchases because that’s how normal life works.

If I hadn’t had a ‘re-think moment’ about my car then it’s possible that I could now living the effect(s) of a serious car crash or regretting, for the rest of my days, the injuries I had caused to happen to……. someone else


If you/me/anyone, steals from, kills, injures, maims, causes harm of any kind to another human being then you/me/they are a deviant, not normal.



If you/me/anyone  can’t think and act like normal people then you/me/anyone don’t deserve to be treated as a normal person.





Because, you/me they wouldn't be a normal person.



Those cretins who think, “ I’ll go out today and mug some old person”.


Then go do that .




They alone, were/are/always will be, responsible for the effects that they create.



Any, thief, murdered, mugger, blackmailer, fraudster, child molester, wife beater, bank robber, or any other kind of non- normal thinking and doing human being who inflicts any kind of pain to any other person.

1. Ain’t normal.

2.Is a deviant.

3.Deserves to be caught and punished.

4. Don't deserve to be treated as normal.



WHY SO????? (You may be thinking).



They knew what they were thinking. They knew that by doing the thought it would cause an effect



They had the opportunity/choice/responsibility not to follow through/act on the thought.



The responsibility for the thought the actions and any injury or distress caused to the people they mugged, stole from, beat up, stabbed, shot etc was/is/and always will be theirs.



Their thoughts, their actions, their decision and their responsibility.


They know that they are guilty of some kind of non - normal thought and behaviour.


They know what they thought and did



At one time I would have accepted some kinda' defence like, "I wasn't thinking right, I was forced to do X".



What a load of bleedin' heart crap. 



They could have chosen not to carry out the thought.




I know what I’m thinking and doing and that I'm writing this post.


Because I'm awake and bleedin' well aware of what I'm thinking and doing.

(Just like every other, normal, human- person, type person on this  planet).


If you know someone who could do with the, reality, self-responsibility, self-control, check in this post then let them know where to come.


I ain't perfect but I'm a bloody sight better thinker/person than (too) many others in this world.



That's because, I know and understand, how freakin', significant my thoughts and actions are and my personal responsibility for their consequences.


Tryin' to ...............make a difference,

Phil (The Mind Man) 



Thought Master and Mentor

here at 


P.S. You'll know and understand a lot more  about your thinking and doing if you read any of my other well thought out and written posts. 

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