Final two questions that should stop you being pissed off with your life, part 2.

Final two questions that should stop you being pissed off with your life, part 2.




Hi hope your day hasn't  been too grim,


Figure out the answers and you’ll know better what to do with your short existence.



Part 2 of this post. Part 1, was last week.


“What you think and what you do,

Determine what becomes of you”.


“Creator of your life are you through what you think and what you do”.


3. What makes you forget to, eat, remember  what day it is or go to the loo?

Ever had the experience where you get so wrapped up in something that minutes turn into hours and hours turn into “Holy crap, I really gotta pee right this second?




I have……still do……….. regularly




I used to be like this early on in my personal evolution.




For many years it was a sort of…….. major problem.




I would sit and watch videos, (yeh videos) listen to audio tapes (yeh audio tapes) or bury my nose, head, arms, legs, the whole me, in reading all sorts of books.



I would frequently completely forget to have a shower, talk to my missus, feed the dog, wash the car.



Everything else just sorta didn’t exist once I was ‘in the zone’. 



It wasn’t until I overcame my obsession with, discovering and uncovering, how -to -become- a- better- me stuff, that I realized my passion for finding out, how to improve me, get me better at life wasn’t gonna’ be of any use to anyone but…………… lil ’ol’ me.



So I had a re-think.



My passion became totally about- the desire to pass on my insights to others.




So…..I applied that obsessiveness for uncovering understandable and do-able knowledge for ‘me’ improvement and launched this blog on improving............... other people.




Since then my life has taken on, greater significance, more meaning and is infinitely more satisfying



I view this blog and the unique, information, knowledge and guidance I write  as the vehicle that will allow me to inform and enable others.



I still 'get lost' in what I believe is important but my objective has very little to do with



I just wann’a be of help.




If you have a something that takes over your life but isn’t REALLY important ….like spending all your free? time on:



Face Ache, Twitme, Pintrest, playing war games, on line gambling, watching mind numbing weekly episodes of a series that has ten seasons with ten weekly offerings in each season………… whatever.



Then you’re wasting your thought energy and your time.



I humbly suggest that you will live your life with more meaning and satisfaction if you figure out and transfer your energies and focus on something worthwhile.



Analyse, what keeps you up through the night, take a hard look a the, thoughts, emotional, personal, creative, and practical activities that keep you keeping on.




These are the skills that you would be better off applying to something that you really, really, really know, is your thing, is of more life enhancing for you and for others.


So, questions 3 and 4.


3. How can you embarrass yourself better ?

Before you become good at something and do something important, to you, you’ll really be crap at it.



You won’t understand what you’re doing and often think, “ I don’t have any freakin’ idea what I’m doing at the moment.



You will screw up and embarrass yourself……….. on many occasions.




On the, road, journey, learning curve, to becoming competent or super competent at something that you really want to achieve you will feel like a prize prat or self conscious in some way.




Until you learn to, suck up, handle, ignore and overcome embarrassment you will never succeed at anything that is important to you.




If you choose to avoid anything that could potentially embarrass you, then you will never end up, good achieve competence or even awesomeness, at any f……….ing thing.




Inhibition, fear of being ridiculed, laughed at, challenged over your ‘thing’ is all based on, 







Feeling/thinking, vulnerable, is the death to ever reaching high achievement in life.



Vulnerability causes, inhibition, fear of being, ridiculed, laughed at or challenged.



We can all think of ‘reasons’, for not doing something we really want to do.



Those reasons will, I know, almost certainly be based on what you think others might think about you. 







If your thoughts are , “My parents would hate it,” or “My friends would make fun of me,” or “If I fail, I’ll look like an idiot.”  



Then, in that case:


You’re actually avoiding doing something you truly care about because you’re thinking too much about what others (might) think.




Vulnerability and embarrassment are what scares the ‘just do it’ out of you, me, anyone. 




Living your life avoiding the embarrassment of what others may possibly think is living your life - without living.




My humble advice is...think and do what scares ya’.



Embrace embarrassment.


Be voluntarily vulnerable.



Feeling, stupid, incapable of achieving more, making mistakes, thinking that you’ll never become good enough are unavoidable steps on the road to completing anything that is meaningful to, you, me anyone.



My first two years of writing this blog and later my books contained all the negative, possibilities, obstacles, feelings etc that I’ve mentioned above..



I’ve faced and overcome  each one, lotsa'  times.




I am now totally convinced that my unique view of how to- take life by the coj0nes- is something that, a few hundred, a few thousand, or even more than a few thousand? people would benefit from knowing and using my advice in their life.



O.K. I’ve done my bit with this two- part post.



Hope what you've read ignited a spark in your mind that will carry you forward into a life that doesn’t include  being p……. o..


Yours vulnerably but....... not embarrassedly,


Phil (Mind Master)

Thought Master and Mentor 

Here at:


P.S.  You only get better at what you focus on.



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