Two questions for ya’ that’ll help stop you living life, pissed off.

Two questions for ya’ that should help stop you living life, pissed off.

(Figure out the answers and you’ll know better what to do with your short existence).



Hi and well ........hi,

You think a thought you do the thought you create an effect in your life.


Most people have no clue what they really want to do with their lives. They finish school. They get a job. They start and then just carry on........ earning a living.



I changed my career four times during my working life. It wasn’t until I retired that I clearly defined what to do with my life.


I then had time to discover my honest answers to these question.


“What do I want to do with my life?” “What am I passionate about?” “What am I not crap at?”



It’s something that almost every 'thinking' adult thinks about several times along their life journey.



We all exist on this earth for an uncertain time period.



During that time we operate by…thinking and doing things.



Some of the things we think and do are important. Some of them are unimportant.


The important things are the one’s that give our lives meaning and happiness.



The unimportant ones basically just waste our precious, limited, yep, limited, time.



Trying to work out the the, cosmic, universal, spiritual , woo woo, reasons for your existence/ life while sitting on your couch watching TV in your free time contemplating you navel- in the adverts- of course- is a waste of your living and thinking.



Getting off your mental ass and thinking about what’s important to you is tantalisingly better.



You could think. "What is my life purpose?”







A better think is:
“What can I do with my time that is actually important?”



(Thinking about and defining what is important to you will add more purpose and significance to your life).



Just like it has for me.




Below are two questions that will make infinitely better use of your two most powerful assets……… your time and your thinking.


They’re what self- growth is about.





#1." What's your favourite puke filled sandwich? 


Why do you ask me Phil?


Because the unpalatable truth about life, everyone’s life.






You WILL have to eat/consume/handle crap some of the time.






Wanting to create a better- than- ordinary life involves



Sacrifice and includes some sort of cost.



No life, for any person is, hunky dory, pleasant or satisfying every single day.



So  will have to chomp on and swallow some kind of, struggle or sacrifice.




Be uber determined to stick with something you care about”.


Develop the balls to handle the rough patches and get over the inevitable rotten days.


Regularly handle unpleasant experiences/tastes.


Stay up all night writing, worrying, working


Put off getting married….. for years.


Chew on it when people put you down over and over again.


Smile while you’re learning to become awesome.


In essence:

What we all gotta’ eat/swallow/face many times in life, is some kinda' PUKE sandwich. can't wash them down with a beer or smother them with ketchup.



#2. What is true about you right now that  would have made your 'kid' self run for the hills?


It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I rediscovered how much I loved writing. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I realised how much I wanted to, mentor and encourage people through my writing



I’m super determined to make my message a big 'kick in the mental butt' for you and others.



The funny thing though, is that, if my younger self had asked me, “Why don’t you write about what you know?” And I replied, “Because I’m not good at it,” or “Because nobody would read what I write,” or “Because I can’t make a difference doing that”.



Not only would I have been completely wrong, but that young kid version of myself would probably have believed what I though and gone out to play with my mates.


This 40 plus year old kid now knows better.



Two more questions for you to answer and grow through, next week.


"Creator of your life are you,

Through what you think and what you do". Me


(Loads more 'help you' info in any of my other posts too).

Hasta la vista, adios, hasta pronto, come back next week,


Phil, (Thought Master and Mentor).

Here at,


P.S. I shoulda' done this post yesterday, Friday. 


Oh...... I remember now I was researching for one of my books and forgot what day it was until Friday had changed to  Saturday at 3 a.m. and I was too knackered to write this post then.


Sorry. It's a hard life if you don't weaken occasionally.


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