Just a thought? No, no, no. This’ll make y’ think again and again and again.

Just a thought? No, no, no. This'll make y' think, again and again and again.





Howdy reader,

I can't, force ya', bribe ya' or  in any other way make you read this post.


I do, though, strongly encourage you to.



That's the only way you'll discover just how freakin' extraordinary, thoughts are. 



Especially your own.



Got a TV? 



What about a car? 



If you’re married you must have a Washing Machine, a Dishwasher and a Tumble Dryer or your wife would be long gone



Flown in, or heard or seen an aeroplane recently?




Taken a bus trip?



Boiled some water in a kettle to make a cup of tea?




Drunk a nice cool beer from a pint glass?




The few 'things' I’ve mentioned above and millions of others didn’t just magically appear in the world.



We actchooly live in two worlds.


1.The Natural World,  of, trees, animals, plants, fish,  insects, etc.


2.The Man - Made World of things of all kinds. (I know, I know, I know, women contributed as well).



Every man-made 'thing' ……….from the wheel to the International Space Station had a beginning.



Something kick-started a process that resulted in every, man-made ‘thing’ becoming part of our world.



Each 'thing' had to be created.



The wheel didn’t, suddenly, mysteriously 'appear' in 50 B.C. or the TV in the 1940’s.



They both became real through a process.



Same for all the millions of ‘things’ that we have at our disposal.




So where did it all come from?



Every, single 'thing' began as a thought in the mind of some person or another. 




Yep even Mr.C. A. V. E. Man had a mental moment that resulted in the creation of the first........ wheel.





Some guy, or woman, in the Bronze Age had a thought about how to make a 'thing' that would make it easier to cut down a tree,for fire wood..




After some action on the thought the first Axe appeared.




(Trumpet blast and thousands of people clapping and cheering).




(O K pr’ps not).



Over the centuries people have had thoughts and by acting on their thought they changed their own life and the lives of millions of others.



Orville and/or Wilbur Wright had a 'light bulb thought moment' which led to the creation of the first aeroplane.




Henry Ford had a thought. Now you, me and millions of millions of other inhabitants of this planet have a motor car.



John Logie Baird. Madame Curie. Thomas Alva Edison and Thousands of others had thoughts and did stuff that gave our world their particular life - changing, world - changing 'thing'.


Know which 'thing' each of these three folk thought up?


John Logie Baird.


Madame, Maria Salomea Slodowska-Curie.


Thomas Alva Edison.


This potted history, dear reader holds a truly, not to be ignored, insight, into just how important, thoughts or even one single thought can be.



Important in and for, the life of the individual having the thought and for the rest of the world.



Thoughts, are the products of, your, my, every person’s. mind.



We all got a mind but most don't develop it much. 



Thoughts alone have been singularly responsible  for  the development of the man-made world we live in.





Everything begins with a thought.


At one level:


Before ya’ do anythin’ .........ya’ gotta think.


Before ya’ speak............... ya’ gotta think.


Before you get outa’ a chair....... ya’ gotta think.


Before you make yerself a cuppa ya’ gotta think.


Up to this level:


“Thought is the original source of, all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and all achievement.” Claude M. Bristol.




You won't have thought  about thinking in this way before.



Neither did I ............until I read those 21,  enlightening, encouraging, thought-provoking,  little - known words.



They have been the key(s) that, reconfigured and rejuvenated my life.



So about five years ago, I thought, "I  gotta' find out all I can about this thought stuff". So I did.


About a year later I thought, "I'd better start a blog about this people changing stuff". Did that too.



Now  www.thoughtistry.com  is four years young.



It's been a great help to me and to many hundreds of readers,  according to my commenters.



Many thanks, I think I love you all. 



Think right, do right live right. Right?

Phil (The Mind Man)




Thought Master and Mentor here at:



P. S.  Claude M. Bristol's words and those of one other world famous , internationally respected, major thinker,  got me thinking about this thinking stuff around five years ago. 


Since then I have, researched, learned, discovered and proved,  that Claude' words are totally correct.


Think about his words............. and mine for at least a few days.







Thousands of  people today will have a thought, act on it and so create thousands of new things for


This process has been going on for thousands of years and will continue to do so until human being type folk inhabit the this lump of rock we call home.


A thought is frequently considered as,  ‘Just a thought.’



I hope you’ll now think differently about that!



But any one could be the source of      that can change the life of any and every half switched on person in the world   




So then………… sometime………… in the next……… day, week, year, decade, you could have a thought which if you follow through on (do) could end up giving the world a new, never before seen, thing that’ll revolutionize the lives of tens of millions of people.


You could one day in the future think:


“I’ll start writing that book”


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