Thoughtistry explained in rhyme. As far as I know it ain’t a crime 

Thoughtistry explained in rhyme. As far as I know it ain't a crime. 

Hi and welcome, from ,



and  Me

  To the world of  Thoughtistry

(Every thought will come to nought unless you act upon it). 

Ready. Steady. Go.

Learn this rhyme and........ over time,

Your life will surely turn out fine. Like mine.


Whether you don't or whether you do,

Well, that's entirely up to you.


Some thoughts are good and some are bad,

Make you happy or make you sad.


The thing is, though, if you don’t act,

No thought will ever become  a fact.


Action turns thoughts into things,

That hold you back or give you wings.


Every man- made 'thing' you know,

Came from the mind of some Joe-ess or Joe.


Everything from Ay to Zed,

Began as a thought in someone’s head.


I’ve written head but it should be mind,

'Cause mind and brain are tools..... of different kind.


Your brain is an organ that can be seen,

Invisible mind is more powerful machine .


The special thing that we all call mind,

Is, a 'factory' of a special kind’


It’s job is to 'make'  the thoughts we use,

To create a life of, win……… or lose.


 Thoughts determine  all kinds of lives,

One  that 's crap or one that thrives.


Thoughts become the things  we all put to use,

Like, cars, TV's, and orange juice


 Yep...thoughts turn into things and that's a fact,

But............. only in response to acts.


Thoughts can’t be, smelled or touched  or seen,

Invisible............... they've always been.


Thoughts gave us the man - made 'things'  we see,

'Things' of all kinds for you and me.


Only man can think and do,

And so create 'things' completely new.


Since man began his life on Earth,

His thoughts and acts have given birth.


To everything we can see and touch,

From the humble wheel to the 'fitness' watch.


Some folk had thoughts and made to be,

The acts that decided their destiny.


The life you live and how you live it,

Depends entirely on what thoughts you give it.


Certain men of great renown,

Have made the 'power of thought' be known.


Below I mention only one,

Whose 'take' on thinking is second to none.


Some years ago I read a quote,

From the  ‘thought leader’ who 'floats my boat'.


Words that explain an, essential, truth,

For which I hope you'll need, no further proof.


 (“The proliferation of thingsof all kinds and ‘lives’ of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of is own destiny; and his thoughts and acts are the tools with which he does the making”). Albert Einstein.


I'm pretty sure you've heard of him,

If not, some might think you're, rather dim.


I’ve highlighted the critical words in red,

Those that 'took root' inside my (mind) head.


As I read these words on that awesome day,

They showed me where my power lay.


The same applies to everyone,

Who lives and breathes beneath the sun.


Albert’s words say, ‘men’ can think and do,

But I’m sure that he meant women too.


This rhyme took me several hours to write,

And  filled my mind, through many a night.


I write  all this, in words that rhyme,

So you’ll remember them over time!


Like rhymes we heard, in years gone by ,

That we all recall, in the blink of an eye


Will Shakespeare was a famous bard.

But I found writin this stuff sorta' hard.


 Without men like Albert your/my world would be,

An all confusing mystery.


I hope you'll read and remember Albert's clues,

As those you'll really want  to use.


What I want to do with my little? ditty,

Is to help you make your life, less shitty.


That all depends on you of course,

And how you use my brief discourse.


I’m just a guy who knows his  stuff

And a message, that’s totally devoid of, fluff.


What I need and want to do,

Is, be of help to folk like you.


 All those 'peeps' who need to know,

Some   'facts of life' that’ll help them grow


Albert’s words changed my life every way,

And brought me to where I am today.


The guy who runs this awesome?  blog.

To  help folk see through the 'thinking' fog?


An ordinary guy whose life has grown,

Through words that to me that were once unknown.


My words are prob'ly not, the very best,

But I do believe they’ll stand the test,


Of any kind of doubt you have,

So....please don’t chuck this down the lav.


I was just an ordinary guy,

Who found some words to help me fly,


Into a way of, living better,

And I believe in every letter.


 No, not the one’s what I have wrote,

But those that grabbed me, by the 'mental' throat,


When Albert wrote or said the words, I’m sure,

His wish was to, make us all explore.


A 'world of thinking' master class,

That kicks, life and living, in the ass.


In words of mine, which I hope will do,

Albert’s words all...... come down  



"Creator of your life are you,

Through what you think and what you do".

And this: 

 “What you think and what you do,

Determine what becomes of you”.


Yep just little ol' YOU.    Albert says so in his quote


My two phrases use words that  rhyme,

To help you recall them.........any time.


Insight and wisdom on....... ‘how to become more’,

Before you reach your final shore.


If you think and do  them every day,

You can change your life.......  in any way.


Lives can change one thought at a time,

And that's the way that I changed mine.


Humbly, hopin'  that my words...... and Albert's too, inspire  you to become, a 'better' you,


Phil (The Mind Man)


Thought Master and Mentor.


here at:

P.S. Any of my other posts will also help you 'get' the hugely important message that, every thought you have and act on, has a good or bad  effect on your life.


I'm also still in the process of finishing three books that will empower anyone in their life journey.


They'll be available when they're 'right', 

'Cause anything else would be a load of  sh--te






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