Thinking about thinking. Read and see what you think…….. about what I think.

Thinking about thinking. Read and see what you think about what I think.



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I do believe in. hard work, adding value and serving others.



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I feel, deeply, strongly and truly that transparency is important.


I have and will continue to devote myself and what I write, to a high standard of integrity … charge..

Got it????

Hope so cause I couldn't make it any clearer.


Yep I'll even take a Polygraph Test if asked.


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Hi and welcome whoever and wherever you are,

Thinking about thinking is something I've been thinking seriously about and researching for at least twenty years



I recently Googled, 'Thinking about Thinking', and got 675,000,000 results.



Also Googled, 'What is thinking' and got, 568,000,000 results.



Yep that’s six hundred and seventy five million links plus five hundred and sixty eight million links.


Which is, 1,243,000,000 links.


Which is,  one and a quarter billion links, I think.



Every link connects to a place where you can go to learn about this thinkin’ stuff and hopefully learn to get better at it.



I clicked on ten of the links. By the end of just five of them in each search list I was startin’ to think "Gimme a break  understanding thinking can't be that complykated".



Every site I visited was an, academic, expert-speak, intellectual treatise, on what the particular author or organisation thought (a lot too much I think) about thinking and what it is.



Every bleedin’ site had some kind of different 'take' on and 'explanation' of  thinking.


Each one trying to be, more intellectual, more learned, cleverer, more impressive than the others.


(I also did this about 20 years earlier, far fewer links then I seem to recall).


So I hoped that in 2017 there would be some ‘more insightful,’ clearer, more useful explanation for us ordinary folk).


NOPE! Nope just lorry loads more, of the same 'melt yer mind' stuff


None of it had any freakin' connection with what I understand and do every second of every day.


Which is:














According to one of the 1,243,000,000  links, thinking is:

"A Metacognitive skill which involves active control over the cognitive processes engaged in learning. Activities such as planning how to approach a given learning task, monitoring, comprehension, and  evaluating progress toward the completion of a task are metacognitive in nature.


Metacognition refers to awareness of one's own knowledge—what one does and doesn't know—and one's ability to understand, control, and manipulate one's cognitive processes (Meichenbaum, 1985). ... In contrast, metacognitive strategies are used to ensure that an overarching learning goal is being or has been reached. (Blah.........blah..........blahdie.........blah.........blahdy......times ten thousand).  



Got that?         Yeh sure you have?????


I did find one piece of information that was almost 'on the money' for me about what I understand  about thinking.


This is it.


"In Psychology the term metacognition refers to the act of thinking about thinking, or the cognition of cognition. It is the ability for you to control your own thoughts. ..(Words in bold changed by me).



It’s expert speak but it is understandable. Yep?


My version:

You know when you're thinking. You know what you're thinking. Whenever you want to you can change any thought you have.



That's how it works for me.................. every second of  every hour that I'm awake, every day.


Unless you're a Martian should be the same for you.


I’ve always knew that I could think about my thinking. That I could take control of my thoughts. That I could change my thoughts, any one of them, and that only I alone, could make the decision to act on any thought or not. My responsibility.


Didn't always realize how important this was to my life though.



Example time.

If I/you think, “Tomorrow I’ll go to my local supermarket and steal as much stuff as I can”. (Crap thought).



Then I/you do  that and get done for shoplifting, whose fault would that be?




If we decided that it was, a crap thing to think, let alone do and hadn't  followed through, nothing would have happened.



Look, when you're awake, you always know what you’re thinking and that you are thinking it ....yep?


Me too.


So it’s up to me and you….. and every other non- idiot on this planet to decide whether what we’re thinking is good or bad.


We'll  know what we're  thinking and what the likely effect of us doing the thought will be.



If any thought you think and do will not be in your best interests then don’t bleedin’ well do the thought..



If you have a crap thought, but you think it’s a good one and you follow through on it, then I feel (no I think) that you’re a complete dick -head.


So…. that’s some of my thinking about thinking.



I understand it (thinking) so I can make use of it to, regulate/control/develop my life.



Have done ...................For years.


I've never, gone shoplifting, driven when I was drunk, mugged a pensioner, not paid my TV licence, fiddled my travel expenses etc, etc, etc.


Why? 'Cause I'm in control of me.



I understand what  controls my whole life.




You can only make use of what you understand.



Hope I've helped with that here.





Don't ya just love him?


Hope you've understood all/some of this,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor here at

P.S. Thanks for reading. I know that I get, (or should be carried) away on most posts.

As long as you understand enough from each to make you a better thinking you  then go read some more of them



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