A ‘New Year Resolution’ may be the solution for a few people…but… zero gorillas.

 A 'New Year Resolution' may be the solution for a few people.. but.....  zero gorillas.



"Changer of you life are you,
Through what you think and what you do". Me.


Hi, welcome to another, 'post with the most',


Rules ........rule. As a rule!



Guides .............guide. Yep!



Systems.........can be put to work. Then work.



Resolutions.though.......mostly, don't resolve anythin'.





Made any New Year Resolutions in the last, five ten, twenty,




Sure you have.



So why has nothing changed during those years?



Has your life continued to be to be a struggle?






Which just goes to show how freekin’ ridiculous this new year, new you, new life crap, crap,  really is.



If you continue to think it's all going to, really, truly, change after  midnight on 31st December in any year.



You're WRONG.



Not to mention, incorrect, misguided and worst of all deceiving yourself.



N.Y. resolutions are thoughts that nobody ever takes, serious, if any, action on.



Why has nothing changed? Because you have years of ingrained bad thought habits already built into your life system.



If you made a resolution on 31st December 2016. Do ya' really believe that you started to become a brand spankin' new you on 1st January 2017.



It really is an international joke, though, innit??????


Considering that 90+% of the resolutions created on New Years day, will fail miserably, it doesn't stop people believing, hoping, expecting  that, each new year, everything will change for the better.



All NYR stuff is ‘thought motivation’ more than, a sustained commitment, isn't it?



Anyone can motivate themselves to change. But as soon as that motivation dwindles, those years of old habits start to niggle away at that, fickle, fabricated, resolve.




Soooo back we go into the same old routine..... yawn.



For the most part, change only starts:


When life becomes so crap that it makes 'making change' comparatively easy. 


When the, pain, frustration and situation has gotten so overwhelming  that the change becomes easier than- staying where we are.


BUT ---


On any day ya' want to, when you're ready, when  it's time to make change happen, follow these, rules, my highly do-able guide, a system.



1. Focus your thinking on,  forming, and acting on, new thoughts...........not on fighting old ones. Do this for a specific period  - five, ten, fifteen, more  minutes - every day.



2. Keep your 'mental eye' concerned  about and focused, only,  on what  you want or possibly need,  to improve in your life. Give a specific amount of thought and action to today’s objective.  (Don’t spend all your thought effort and energy every day on the ordinary stuff in your life. That will take care of itself).


3. Know what you want to become, then thought -resolve to give your whole mind/mental/thinking effort over to the greater heights that you intend to reach.


4. THINK and DO, as much as you can 'today' about what you want to get better at.  Over time change will certainly happen.


5. Know that your own natural powers and capabilities are sufficient to enable you to, create any change(s) that you want.


Thought combined with action, is the most effective process you can use to get you from ..............where you are to ............where you wanna' be. 



Your actions, are the only way that any thought can be turned into any tangible change  you want to create.


Learn to, fully concentrate and apply the abilities within you. 


Stuff like, determination, patience, optimism.



Your abilities become most effective through, developing and controlling, your thoughts and your actions.



Never doubt your ability to turn any and every worthwhile thought into a real ‘part of’ your personal world.


Develop, grow and improve your, Superior Self.


(We all got one y'know)!


The people who apply these rules/guidelines are those who have, already done, do today and will in the future, do great things in the world.


They 'live' in the hearts and minds of ordinary folk over decades and centuries.



Any names spring to mind??????



Whoever you may have thought of:


Their 'secret' is that the ‘greatness within them (their Superior Self) ’ was, discovered, accepted,  appreciated, understood and applied.



Through them developing, their Personal Power of, thought and action.



Truth is:


Applying, these rules, my advice, my guidance, my system works .......slowly.......... but......... surely.


(I've done it for years, so I know that it works).



You must be really patient and apply/do/practice my advice  each and every day to experience your higher expectations in life.




'Cause, another  truth is .


There never has been, isn't today and never will be any such thing as becoming an, instant, even over-night or even over- a fort-night overcomer  in the world of personal change and evolution.



Two things that do  happen in your life over-night are:

A. You wake up a few more hours older than when you lay down your weary head.

B. Ya' must have kept breathing 'cause you woke up. 


Want some priceless advice? Possibly not .....but........here it is anyway.


The first of January ain't the only 'new start day' we all have every year.


So, right now, sod, forget about, obliterate, from your mind and on yer calendar and two fingers to----  December 31st.


Gorillas of course............ don't have this problem.


Here’s to the best new year ever for you, starting tomorrow,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor,

here at



P.S. If you THINK it and DO it you will eventually HAVE it. Whatever it is for you.

Lot's more, help, guidance, rules, system components,  to Personal Evolution in any of my other posts, promise.

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