The Law of Diminishing Returns. Ignore it at your peril and weep #2.

The Law of Diminishing Returns. Ignore it at your peril and weep #2.


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Of course ya don't, 'cause you haven't read the first post yet. So go do that then come back here.



Once you know the LoDR you can slowly...... yep..... but surely........yep...... become the  creator of a life you'll be proud of.


(I promised several posts ago to write a series of posts on Mind -set. This is the second one and I'd love to be to able to give you the link to the first one but I can't find the piggin' thing, sorry.


If I do find it I'll put the link here. So from now on  I'll be sure to  keep a record of where they all are. I'm calling this one MS 2).


Mind- set is: a particular way of thinking, a person's attitude or set of opinions about, themselves, something, anything or even everything.



People with a fixed mind-set, think that their basic abilities or talent, are  fixed.  They also think that talent alone, without effort, creates success. They’re wrong.




People with a growth mind-set believe, that their abilities can be developed through, motivation, dedication and hard work. All great people think like this.


"If you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right". Henry Ford


Hi, second  post starts here,

The answer to, guess what happens? (In the previous post) 


Is this:


They see stuff advertised everywhere online.



They dive into another new some-thing that, catches their, eye, their imagination, their emotions, their insecurities.



They experience early rapid improvements in this next new thing they start, then hit that inevitable, unavoidable, plateau - disillusion, again.





They don't know that, everyone sees quick results in the early stage of anything new they 'have a go' at.



Think about this 'til you understand it.



You make rapid improvements in the beginning (we all do). Then over time those improvements diminish and you don't experience the same pace of  improvement. You get pissed off, bored etc. So you go find something new just to experience that rapid improvement again.


In the first 100 hours, the early stages, we all deceive ourselves into believing we can succeed at anything easily, without much effort.



It's a mind/mental/hooked on early progress, addiction.



Every time we get that dopamine fix, from rapid improvements in the beginning, we wrongly believe that the feeling is proof positive that we are capable of getting  quick results and should therefore be able to do it, ALL  OF  THE TIME.



Now that ya' know better, stop beating yourself up.



When we don't consistently experience those quick improvements, after the initial beginning stage, we are convinced that what we've been sucked into is a load of male cow excrement.



(That's not always the case though).



If you hadn't found this post and taken the time  to read it you would, wrongly, continue to believe that rapid improvements will  be consistent, no matter how many hours you put into anything.



You now know that this simply isn't the case.  



Never has been, never will be.



The only learning/competence flow in any objective/endeavour that pays off is .........this one:


A. Start something new >>> Rapid improvement in first 100 hours >>> hit a plateau where improvement diminishes.  Keep goin'.



B. Next 100 hours. Keep practicing, only this time you focus on just what's most relevant.



C. Experience  >>> rapid improvement due to relevancy >>> plateau >>> relevancy >>> plateau >>> relevancy.



D. Now you'll be at a much higher level of  competence than if you'd jacked it in after the first 100 hours then moved on to something new.


You'll only, get super good at anything by, keeping on keeping on.




When you, really, really, really, want to do what you start, and are convinced  that your objective is gonna' be worth the effort.


Guess what??????


You'll battle through knowing that, this is the only way that, you, (me, anyone, anywhere, anytime) will ever become good or better and even better than better, at anything.



All achievers do, A. to D. get to be above average and reap the rewards.



Just bleedin' well know, that only by applying the info in this post can you become a, more competent, capable, creative contributor to your life.  Possible even to the world at large.



At any plateau, keep beaverin'' away, cut out what's not working and focus on what's relevant.



Talent and ability alone have less than is generally believed,  to do with, becoming, good, above average or  a master at anything.



The key, is practice, even- and especially- when it seems like growth has stopped and you aren't moving forward.


(Just one example, Michael Jordan was told that he would never be very good a basketball. So he practiced 'til he was super good).



Chasing the dopamine fix that most losers are addicted to will  never achieve, meaningful, long term, self-empowering, life - evolving, progress.



Unfortunately those peeps who

These poor souls ......spend/waste their life getting nowhere of any real significance, in anything.



They will, always, struggle with life, always making, rapid, 'get them nowhere' improvements, because they are always starting something new.



 You now have more of 'what you need know mind stuff ' to develop the mind - set of one of life's overcomers.



The LoDR is an, essential, fundamental, part of a Mind-set that leads to any worthwhile level of personal growth and life development.


In essence it's this:  If ya' wanna get good, better or even the best at something ya' gotta' keep on keepin' on till you get  above average, even better, or even become an expert at any ...........'thing'.



Ever changed you mind? Course you have. Did you ever decide (think)  to have two eggs for breakfast instead of one? 






You've prob'ly 'changed your  mind', (a thought  really), thousands of  times in your life on loads of different things. 



That's where, your, my, everybody's, power to control their life is centred. 



Your ability to change what you think before you do ..............anything.



That's, Self - Empowerment.



It's  the, most  effective, choose your own destiny in life'  ability, you'll ever have. 



Still gonna keep on thinking that getting super good at anything is easy and happens overnight?


Time to change that thought.


So .. in closing, I hope that something I've written has been of help to ya'.

Make what you will with all this,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor here at:

P.S. If you're looking for a way to short cut those, hypey, 'mind- bamboozaling processes and un-fast- track your way to making progress in life, then read a few more, or even more than a few more, of my amazing posts.


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