The Law of Diminishing Returns. Ignore it at your peril and weep #1

The Law of Diminishing Returns. Ignore it at your peril and weep #1.


?    ?    ?    ?


Of course ya don't,  because you don't know it yet, 'cause you haven't read this post yet.


Hi, here we go, pay attention,

Once you know the LoDR you can slowly...... yep..... but surely........yep...... become the  creator of a life you'll be proud of.


(I promised several posts ago to write a series of on Mind -set. This is the second one and I'd love to be to able to give you the link to the first one but I can't find the piggin' thing, sorry. If I do find it I'll put the link here. So from now on  I'll be sure to  keep a record of where they all are. I'm calling this one MS 2).


Mind- set is: a particular way of thinking, a person's attitude or set of opinions about, themselves, something, anything or even everything.



People with a fixed mind-set, think that their basic abilities or talent, are  fixed.  They also think that talent alone, without effort, creates success. They’re wrong.


People with a growth mind-set believe, that their abilities can be developed through, motivation, dedication and hard work. All great people think like this.


"If you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right". Henry Ford



So.....the 'Law of Diminishing Returns', goes like this:



Start thing A, disillusion, stop. Start thing B, disillusion, stop. Start thing C, disillusion, stop.  Repeat for thing D to thing Z.



Start, stop. Start, stop. Start, stop. Start, stop. practice + disillusion + stop. Practice, disillusion, more practice, more disillusion, don't get you any prizes in life. 


That's the short explanation. Be warned the rest of this, very looong, post goes into detail. So if you've got the attention span of an amoeba stop reading.



Lotsa' great info though. .



It'll take you about ten minutes to read all of this post.


I think that it's probably be one of the  best ten minute read's you'll ever read.



You could think, "I'll stop readin' now".



If not............... let's get to it?



Is your life improving in any way?



Got any plans to do anything about that?



Why do you ask me that Phil?



Glad you asked!



It's 'cause.......


Studies have consistently proved that everyone who tries anything new sees rapid improvement when they in the beginning. The first 100 hours you work at any new something, you make big leaps in improvement.





During the next 100 hours'll still improve, but at a slower rate.




Oh, oh, a plateau.

(A state of little or no change following a period of activity).


Disillusion time.






Another 100 hours?


Still further  improvement, just slower improvement than the previous 200 hours of practice.




That'll be another plateau.



And on it goes, always hitting plateaus along your journey; always improving less and less each time you work your butt off.



Kind of a let down, isn't it ?



Yep, sure, definitely.........and, for the uninformed and ignorant, this can be disheartening.



But but what I want  you to understand, is........ this:



If you start something and keep at it  you will continue to improve, even though it doesn't seem like it.


It's just that with  each successive 100 hours your rate of improvement will slow down .........but you'll still be progressing with what yer tryin' to achieve.

Read this ⇑ ⇑ ⇑ 'til it makes sense.



The Law of Diminishing Returns.

 Refers to:
"A point at which the level of benefits gained is less than the amount of time and energy invested".



As you progress, the more energy and effort you'll need to invest to improve further, but not as quickly.


Ain't this a bummer?



But here's the trick my future life- improving genius.



When you reach that plateau, when nothing you do seems to move you forward, as much, or as fast, as it did before, this is a sign that you need to be much more specific in what you're doing.



It is  absolutely paramount that, you focus on what's relevant.



Okay, this prob'ly don't mean very much to you yet.



I get that.




It didn't mean much to me either in the beginning of my journey into how to get better at 'taking life by the b****s



Took me years to 'get' the LoDR message



Then I finally 'cottoned on' to how this  LoDR  thing information had always negatively affected my struggle to  overcome in life



Por ejemplo (that's 'for example' in Spanish)



What do those peeps, who don't know the (LoDR) do?



#1. They start something. (Did that loads of times).


#2. They see rapid improvements early on. (Same again).


#3. Then they hit that inevitable plateau and things don't happen quickly enough. (And this).


#4. They think that the, strategy and the tactics they're using, whatever they're trying to get great at, ain't gonna hack it, won't ever work.


#5. They, wrongly, assume that it can't possibly be them that's the problem, as they've already proved they can get quick results. 


#6. So they ditch thing A ......and off they go looking for a new something else.




Guess what happens? Find out in the next post.


Make what you will with all this,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor here at:

P.S. If you're looking for a way to short cut those, hypey, 'mind- bamboozaling processes and un-fast- track your way to making progress in life, then read a few more, or even more than a few more, of my amazing posts.




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