Your thinking won’t DO you any good til’ you freakin’ well get better at it.

Your thinking won't DO  you any good til' you freakin' well get better at it.

That's Linus from the 'Peanuts' cartoon.


Hi, help is at hand, 

Read all of this, excruciatingly authentic, post. Have a coffee? half way through.



Because, dear reader, searcher for  knowledge, this post will help you.


 I'm pretty certain that you do things like this  (see below) every week. Yep????  If not then I humbly apologise right now.

Mon to Fri? Go to work 8'ish 'til 6'ish. Then, eat, watch Telly, go to the pub, spend time with the kids and the wife in the evenings until bed time?   

Sat n' Sun?  Watch more telly, go shopping, take the kids  somewhere? Wash the car, mow the greas, or even grass?



So forty hours at work, five lunch breaks, an hour each way every day travellin' to and from work.

An hour in the evening eating a meal. Four hours watching TV. Perhaps one or two evenings a week at the pub.

I could add a list of around twenty things that such, not- so- good- at- this -thinkin'- stuff folk, fill their time with  every week.


O.K. then, each week that’s about,  40 hours at work, 10 hours travellin', 8 hours eating,  28 hours watching TV, more if they spend the weekend as a couch potato.



So  then, 40 + 10 + 8 + 28 = 86 hours a week doin' stuff.

But it sure as eggs is eggs it ain't stuff that actually, gets folk, anywhere, better, or higher, or more satisfied in life, is it?


Not in any worthwhile way.... anyway.





Week after week, month after month, year after year, for , twenty? thirty? forty? .......fifty?  years.

But that's only, really great, if they want themselves and their  life, to stay exactly as it is til' they die.  

If you live like this, even only partly, and that's  ok with ya' then carry on as you are.

Truth is, it won't effect me in any way.

But when you’re, ten, twenty,  thirty years nearer your last breath don’t whinge about how much better you could/should have been and what you could/should have done.

Hack it. Suck it up. Ya can’t go back. That's it.



Or is it?  

Nooooooooo not on yer' nellie. There is an answer to this, time wasting, life wasting, stupid, crap, thinking and doing.

There are many examples of people who made the last, ten, fifteen or twenty years of their life better than the first twenty, thirty, forty, years.


(Colonel Saunders- the KFC guy- spent three years of is life, from the age of 65, driving around  the U S of A touting his unique fried chicken seasoning recipe).


Coffee time.


I, myself, me, yours truly, cruised along, made little improvement in  my life for  10 years. Then, at the ripe ol'  age of  25 I knew that if I didn’t, do better, then the life I had then  is the one I was probly' still gonna' have until I snuffed it. So I began learning how  to, think better and I've never regretted it.


A better life, can, will, does,  only starts, with new, better, different thinking.



Whenever you THINK of and BELIEVE in something that you can DO to make any kind of genuine improvement to yourself and your life..........just .........  well.............JUST  DO IT.


Thinking is a skill that can be improved and you are the only person who can do that for you.

Anythink (intentional misspelling) so long as it will help you break the chains of your current, normal, ordinary, getting ya' no further forward, coppin' out,  thinking and doing, processes.

 What you've read and hopefully made sense of here about, .....thinking better........ so that you  do better .....and  have a better, in your life has shown you that the  key stuff you really need to be getting better at is,  better thinking. Phil?



Because it has worked for me, because:

I know that your thoughts, those that  you act on, create, your life.



Think crap, do crap....create....... a crap life.


Think better, do better...create........a better life.


Think even better, do even even better life.



Through/by knowing how to think better and you can then:


"Change your life one thought at a time".


I can help you, with that y' know. Just read more of my twenty four carat posts.



Just one, new, better, sensible, different, thought you read could be the start of a new you and a new life.



Look,  you may not have much confidence in me or my words yet.


But, but, but.......


What about two very influential thought leaders  that you can, and should, have total confidence in?


Two guys who, work 'with me' here at thoughtistry  wrote some words that compelled me to think about my own thinking.


Still doing that, glad I started, won't ever stop, 'cause  changing my thinking about thinking changed my thinking and my life.



Here's all those fifty four words.


"The proliferation of 'lives' of all kinds and 'things' of all kinds provides one unbroken chain of evidence of the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny; and his thoughts and his acts are the tools with which he does the making".- Albert Einstein


“Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and all achievement.”- Claude M. Bristol.



Got it?  You'll live crappier, not happier, 'til you do.

Thinkin' of ya', for ya' and to help ya',


Thought Master and Mentor.


Creator of

P.S. Me and my staff can help you. But only if you read the, proven, thought impacting, content I have cleverly crafted into every one of my posts.

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