How’s your love life? None of my business…. right!

How’s your love life?     None of my business.. right!


Hi, but what about......... your,

Golf game?

Work life?

Bank balance?

Career prospects?

Fitness level?


Body Mass Index?



I don't expect you answered '10 out of 10' for any.


That's life.



I can help you to help yer' good self with those,  glad to, too.



I've, been solvin' my own similar problems for years. Specially using one really strategically significant area of knowledge *More of that below. 



You absolutely have, the absolute power and ability to, absolutely solve, your problem(s). 



You could go, search out, unearth, go Google or 'live ' in your local library finding, information and guidance on how to improve in any area of your life.



(My humble advice though is think, "Sod searching, unearthing , Googling,  librarying"..... and just read  (and take notes from) this post to the end, then read (and take notes from) more of my posts, to get much of the know- how-to you'll ever need to know).



Once you, know (and can think about) what you need to know, it’s then up to you to, do the doing and impose a difference on your life.


Most things about you (and me) and (most people) can be improved.



You could make your life ' better'  in all, well most, well some, well at least one, area(s) couldn't ya?



Now, think and say, "Yes Phil, I can, could, will".



You'll only do it  if know how to.



(I can help with that through my posts).



That'll only be, if you really want to, of course.



If ya’ don’t want to ya’ won’t.



I defo can't help you with that.



*This is the below I mentioned above. OK I'll get to the main point I wanted to get (you ) to?



*How’s your, thought life, your thinking??????????



On average most people........ think and live........ averagely.



Some even think total crap and live that way.


Why? Cause, they were, never helped, never tried to, never learned to, think above average-ly.



 Quadratic Equations never really 'clicked' with me.



I used to think that this made me some kind of imbecile.  I was  really pissed off about that, until I realised that it didn’t really matter ‘cause I’d probably never need to know how to do that stuff anyway. 



I was right.




Bein' crap at, some stuff on the school curriculum hasn't stopped me, or tons of peeps from  'getting on', making progress, getting  better at,  conquering,  life.




E.G. Lord Allan Sugar,  for one.


Richard Branson, for two.


Plus hundreds more, honest.



What I learned, after I left school, is this ..... what I actchooly needed to improve, to improve me and my life was thinking.



So I did, bit by bit, day by day, week by week, month by month, thought by thought.



And ....guess what?



The better I got at thinking the better I got at livin'.



And guess what............ again?


So can you, if you want to.

So can you, if you want to.

So can you, if you want to.

So can you, if you want to.



So then, dear reader, I know that, average, normal, every day, stinkin' thinkin', don't, won't, never has, never will get ya better at life.



How do I know this?


I've gorged myself on shed loads of  stuff about, what we all use, every minute of every day, and got to get better at, to 'live better'.



That's shed loads of stuff about....... thinking.


Better thinking.


Real thinking.


Thinking- real.


Life- change thinking.


Personal improvement thinking.


Sensible thinking.


Conscious thinking.


What is ......thinking?


Can thinking be improved?




AND know this..........


A.Everything you do begins, with/as, a thought.

B. Everything you do creates an effect(s) your life.


(Same for me too).


Don't argue with me, it's .........T.R.U.E.






Sorta' like this:

Three times or more, a day, ya' have to think, "I'll have something to eat".



If you don't think n' do the eatin' every day die.



There ain’t no courses or exams in any school or university in the world on………. 'How to think, right, or better, or wiser, or clearer, or more sensibly, or life-  improvingly or responsibly. 



(Huge, world -wide educational scandal that).



Each of us, human - types, does better (or worse) at/in/during life, than others..... because they...... think better (or worse) than others.



People can have university degree 'thingies' and still achieve f**k all worth mentioning in life. This happens all the time, all over the world.



I've got a degree thingy but that in itself never helped me to achieve anything more than an average career with an average income.


In brief:



What I, absolutely, completely, shockingly, finally, from this day on, want you to do, get ye'r thinkin' gear (your mind) around, this:



Better, improved, higher quality, thinking....... makes you and  your life, better, even better,  and then........... even better still and........ 



Average thinking means that...... you'll stay Mr. or Mrs. Average til' ya die.



Crap thinking will turn your life into a bleedin’ train wreck ….and have ya’ living on the street before ya' die.



Fortunately, you are in charge of your thinking, it's in your control, it's your responsibility, your bag.











Because........... therefore.......... in reality......stunningly freakin' doubt about it:


"Creator of your life are you,

Through what you think and what you do".


Who say's so?    Me .......and ....a gazillion Thought Masters who I have learned from. 



Gonna' shut up now, you got enough to think about and ...........I got  to go learn even  more  insider information about this thinking stuff myself.



Then I can keep on writin' about it and people can keep on learning about it here.


Never stop thinking about your thinking,

Phil (The Mind Man)

Thought Master and Mentor

here at,


Oh..... P.S. I am still writing the books that, concentrate all the, phenomenally, phenomenal, phantastic, stuff I know about thinking, that will ensure that you won't suck at life once you've bought and read them.


I will make them available once they meet my incredibly high standard of penmanship.


Til' then you can read more great, thinking stuff/stuff about thinking, in any of my well written and uniquely helpful posts.



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