Time you got to know what me and my team here are about. Go for it!

Time you got to know what me and my team here are about. Go for it!


Albert.                Claude.                   Phil.

(Actual images further down the post. Didn't wanna' frighten you too soon).



Hi and a super welcome from us all,


First off though, a question.


Ever, read, heard or been told somethin' and thought 'WTF' that's so bleedin' true, wish I'd thought of it?



Around five years ago,  I read a quote, from person A below, that  kicked my  mental ass and made me think, "WTF". 



Then a few weeks later, I read a second, equally bleedin' true quote, from person C, that totally agreed with the first one.



(Double, triple, quadruple.... "WTF ").




Both quotes were from two, highly - respected, thinkers, who as far as I know, never met each other.


That really freaked me out.



Their, insight, perception and intellect had, independently, identified the, most, exciting,  me- empowering,  person - empowering, knowledge I had ever come cross.



(And, believe me I have, read, listened to and watched some, hugely helpful, quality, revolutionary, mind blowin' stuff in my life. (And a load of mind cripplin' stuff too).



Any, way, how.......



Thanks to what I read by A. and C. I finally got my mental  act together  and soon became a total believer in the:






of those words.



Words that I knew, could, would, should, have a   breakthrough effect on the life of every human- being type person on this planet.



That is .....as long as they got more than ten, fully functioning, brain cells.



It dawned on me that these two guys had,  independently, identified a, fundamental, all encompassing, mind altering, me-altering, life- altering, truth.



So...... I, checked out, researched, made  notes from, loads of other thinkers and proved that A and C were spot on.



This  stopped me from continuing to be a -thinking moron- and really began to think seriously about, the two quotes, this thinking stuff and my own thought - life.



So I made A and C  members of my team.

Member A and his quote.



"The proliferation of 'lives' of all kinds and 'things' of all kinds presents one unbroken chain of evidence to support the fact that man is the maker of his own destiny and his thoughts and his acts are the tools with which he does the making". Albert Einstein.  


Member C and his quote.


"Thought is the original source of   all wealth, all material gain, all discoveries and inventions and of all achievement".  Claude M. Bristol. 



See the, uncanny connection between and the wisdom of  the quotes?


If not, read 'em til' ya do.


Finally, member P and his quotes.


"What you think and what you do, determines what becomes of you". Phil


"Creator of your life are you, through what you think and what you do" Phil.

(So I definitely agree with, Albert and  Claude, (who I never of course met in person), and...... myself ").


Great team of thinkers here then........... eh?

Another thing I 'got', don't know why I didn't got it before, is this:

People don't actually have to be alive for us to learn, breakthrough, inspirational,  knowledge  from them do they?


I reckon that y' must a' heard of, other dead, and dead great, thinkers, yep?

(Pythagoras, Aristotle, Archimedes, Desmond Tutu, Benjamin Disraeli, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Rohn and Walt Disney. (To name just a few).

And now - some other thinking stuff - for ya' to think about. 

It'll help.



As well....

To finish.....


Hope you're 'starting to 'get it' now.

Wishing you a content -rich mind,


Thought Master and Mentor


Creator of www.thoughtistry.com

   (With help from Albert and Claude of course).


P. S. If you don't 'got it' yet.....don't' worry, loads more posts to help. All you got to do is think, "I'll come back and read more of 'em over the next week/month or two, or three or so".

Then...... do it.

You'll soon realise....... that, Albert, Claude n' me are right.




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