You used in-built abilities to learn to, ride a bike, swim, read n’ write. Pity ya’ stopped there.

You used in-built abilities to learn to, ride a bike, swim, read n' write. Hope you didn't stop there.

(Warning this post is a bit rambly and  messy, I'm having a bad writing day. Just read and pick out the bits that grab ya).

(There's quite a few. So, with my blessing, copy and paste them).

Hi and a warm welcome,

"What you think and what you do,

Determine what becomes of you". Me

(And, me, and, your brother, sister, neighbour, workmates, the people in your town, village, city, county, country. Well, everybleedin' where.) 


Every human - being type person on this planet. 


Don't know about Martians!


Last week I banged on about how to get better at this 'living life business' through, better thinking.



And ....damn me a million times...but I think that there's nothin' wrong with wanting to get better at, the game of life.



But that won't happen for you until you put yourself out there and do what's necessary, even if it scares you.



You don't have to be anything other than be the person you are now and learn to use one gift, ability, power, you were born with PROPERLY..



Improvement, being good at something and then trying to get better at it -the competition with myself  — is what  I thrive on.


My determination to master this, 'living life' business/game started several decades ago but really took off in a big way about five years ago.




That was when some words that I read convinced  me of  a fundamental truth that morphed into my, short but  insanely perceptive, rhyme at the start of this post.



The original words kicked my mental ass into gear to, do a bit of research, start this blog, do loads more research, start writing my books and believin' that, some way or a freakin'other, I will 'get to know, understand, decipher and master IT and then be able to pass IT on to people like yer good self. 



Those words convinced me that there is one single, ability we all possess that when understood and applied can make anyone 'an overcomer' in the game/business of life.



 (Don't need you to believe me, yet. I'll wait).



Maybe, for you, getting better at life means bein' super organised, spending hours lost in fantasy worlds, collecting 'something' or solving technical problems.



Whatever floats your submarine.



Do you spend a lot of time on activities that keep you up all night?  If so look at the cognitive principles (mental, visual, emotional, personal) involved in those activities that totally grab you.



And ask yourself:

"Do they challenge my mind"?


"How do they challenge my mind"?


"Why do they challenge my mind?"



Whys so? Because they can be better put to use in other areas of your life journey.



Here ya' go, below is, a bit of, 'hugely expensively unearthed', insight from me to you:


Even after we finish school? Even after we get a degree? Even after we get a job? Even after we’re making money? Very few of us have any real conviction about what to do with our lives,  or should that be life?  We do only get one don't we? 



Between ages 18 and 35'ish most people think about career change, life  change, me change, at least ten times a year.



Even though I had a good, career and future, it wasn’t until I was 25,  that I thought through and knew exactly what I wanted to do with the time left at my 'one shot' at  life.


I wanted to teach.


But...... I had failed at school and didn't have the necessary qualifications. Ooooops!!!!



I didn't actually make  the change very quickly due to  having to, finish my time in the RAF and, then go to university for four years. 



(Started teaching at age 38. Loved it, retired in 2002).



You gotta' spend quality time to think about it to find your individual  “life purpose” ................for yourself, only you can do it.


For example


“What do you really want to do with your life"?

“What are you passionate about"?

“What are you not crap at"?








Here’s my take on the way most people live ... don't  actually live........their life.


They piss around on this earth for some, uncertain, indeterminate, unspecified, period of time and during this  time they think and do things.



Some of these things they consider as important and gives them things to do that usually make their lives meaningful and make them, happy, satisfied, useful and fulfilled.




Many of the capabilities we're all born with are just used- or misused- to do stuff that ain't really of any value to ourselves, the  people around us or the world at large.



Most of them simply get ignored, stagnate, fester ....................and, die, before we do.



Sad that.


So.......then we're  all born with a wide range of abilities. Don't argue, it's true. Some abilities we develop and use at a high level, in our livin' life journey. Most of 'em get un and under used.



There is fortunately, one, central, all  encompassing,        human, ability, skill, tool, capability, that, above all others, will... can..... take you to, newer, higher levels in life.


It’s something you use all the time.

It’s something you probably take for granted.

It’s something you're born with.

It’s something we do by 'habit'.

It can be a good or a bad habit.


Guess what Sherlock?????


It's called, thinking, thought ........the 'all powerful' ability, to create something in your head then make it real in the world, a way of totally starting a, new, better, more rewarding, possibly even more demanding, future life objective, making new plans, initiate change, improvement of self, other peeps and the world.


Know this, I do:

Everything you did in your past began as a thought.

Everything you do today will begin as a thought.

Everything you do in your future will begin as a thought.


Now you do too.


So there !!!!!


Don't argue, I know that I'm right.


Thoughts rule, everything,

Phil (The Mind Master)

Thought Master and Mentor


P. S. Sorry.....not........But..... until you learn how to use this ability properly you'll end your livin' at a much lower level than you have the opportunity to.  


Everything I write in this blog, and my books, is done to get ya' understanding and using yer thoughts, effectively, creatively and wisely.

Go read a few more of my, endorsed by me, posts.


















Thoughts rule, O.K.? 


MINDSET:  The, stubborn, ingrained, habitual process           to think and operate in only one way.......whatever happens in ya' life.

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A self - help addict for the last forty years. I have spent the last five years seeking for, and finding, the essential, central and most effective tools that empower personal change. My mission is to, inform serve, help and teach others what I know. Why? Because, you can't use what you don't know. So let me tell you what you need to know through this blog. Albert Einstein knows the truth, but............. it ain't Rocket Science.
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