You only become, freakin’ awesome, when you, stop being a ‘challenge wimp’. Me.

"You  only become, freakin' awesome, when you, stop bein' a 'challenge wimp". Me.


“Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one's awareness of one's ignorance.” Anthony de Mello.

(Highly acclaimed, international, best selling author of,  "One Minute Wisdom").



Dear reader, you're awesome,

Nope, not tryin' to get you into bed, especially if you're a dude, and I'm certainly not going, full on, 'self helpy, bullshit bashy', on you either.



I'm pretty, confident that  you're a person who's prob'ly stuck with living a life based on..... fear.



But, that ain't who you, really, really, should be.......... really. 



So, over the next few months, starting today, I'll be writing about, mind set, more often.  



That doesn't mean I'll be throwing just any, wishy-washy, smoke and mirrors, expert speak, mind- mushing, I  can make you invincible, nonsense, your way.



Au contraire; instead, I'll be trying my best to get you into developing a 'not giving a shit' mind set.



I want you to become:  


  • Awesome.


  • Selfish.


  • Shameless.


  • Unfuckwithable.


  • The kind of person you can be.......... but are currently too bleedin' afraid to try.



  • The kind of person who welcomes, criticism, challenge, tripping up, totally screwing up on occasion, because you realise that without these sorta' things, you're not actually doing anything worth  applying your thinking and energy to.



Look at it this way:


You have a  mind, I have  a mind, everybody got a mind..



You have thoughts, I have thoughts, everyfreakinbody has thoughts.



My thoughts come from, my mind, same as every  person on this planet.



You, me, everfreakinbody, has to do, eatin' sleepin', workin', gettin' drunk, breathin', shoppin', takin' the kids to the park etc.



You, me, everyfreakinbody has a life to live.



But simply, thinking about doing stuff outside this, safe, normal, ordinary, boring, average, necessary, daily demands in life,  gives most  people the heebie- jeebies. (A condition of extreme nervousness caused by fear, worry, strain, etc.; the jitters; the willies).  






Actually carrying out, doooin', acting on the thoughts is like trying to hurdle over a twenty foot high wall with hippo on yer back.





Stick with me, keep reading and you'll get an  idea of why "who you are today" is nowhere near as important as, "who you can become"



And that all starts with your, mind set.



A. Now join me on the 'same' page.............  I am saying that, you, me, everystinkingbody, does have to think positive to become  successful.



B. I am, as well, too, at the same time also saying, that to be successful, you, have to also be, unfuckwithable.



There IS a HUGE difference between A and B.



Seems to me that 99% of  the usual, self- help, think positive, daily affirmations, bullshit, doesn't actually help anyone.



I should/do know 'cause, I tried that, airy fairy, smoke and mirrors, expert-speak/write/video, gunge, crap, cow-poo, stuff in my teenage years. 



Haven't 'done' any of that kind of stuff for decades thank god.


Read and think this a few times ⇓:                     

Where would my life be now if  I  had done  the

things I thought of doing, wanted to do, should

have done but, didn't do them, because I  was to

bleedin' scared?


Think about it for more than just a few seconds.                                   



This is the kind of fearful mind set that  I intend to beat out of your f******g head on a regular basis over the next few months.



Not every post  though.



I know that  overcoming, a fear - driven existence,  is, far, far, far, more important than any other "how to" skill you will ever learn in the business of, livin'.



There's a lot,  a f-ck , (sorry) truck load, of self- help books, videos, audio stuff, web crap, blogs, courses  etc out there purporting to 'teach'? people how to face their fears.



BUT ........know what?  Seems to me that very few people,  actually are, 'overcoming  their fears' using this stuff



Why is that?



Well, because just, thinking positive, never has, don't today and never will, override ingrained negative, fearful, thinking long enough to have a lasting effect on people and how they live.



If you've been, living in fear for, 10, 20, 30, years I doubt very much,  that a, 300 page, so called, self- help, book, two hour 'subliminal' audio tape, three set video, six DVD pack,  is gonna cancel out all, if any, of that fear.



But you know what does cancel it out??????



Deciding to,  not give a rats backside in any and all circumstances.



As Anthony De Mello puts it...

"Before enlightenment I used to be depressed,
after enlightenment, I continue to be depressed."


Here's my version.........


"Before I was successful I used to be fearful,
after success, I continue to be fearful"


Surely a successful person has less fear, yeh??



Actually................ NO.



In fact, as a realist - and from personal experience, I know that - achievers in life  usually  have to, face MORE fears, simply because they put themselves in MORE stressful and MORE demanding,  situations on a daily basis.



What's my point here?



Those sort of people don't run from fear.



  • Feel it. 
  • Embrace it,
  • Grab it by the cojones  
  • Live with it.


  • Thrive ......... despite it.


How so???????



They 'mind set' themselves to, 'not give a stuff' about it and 'carry on regardless'.



That's why it is soooo important to develop a mind set  that is,  un$*"=withablewith.



I'll be writing more about this in future posts.


Just flagging that up in case you're interested,


Thought Master and Mentor


Creator of  


Peeee. Essss.

(Have to confess)

The one thing I'm most fearful about at present is, that the books I'm writing won't be, good enough, effective enough or memorable enough for my readers to, buy, consume, run with and 'live better by' knowing and using what's inside them.




Each time I, re-read, and re-write, parts of them I become, less fearful, more convinced and more confident, that I am creating, compelling, proven,  advice,  that'll  work for folk.







It's how, over time, I've developed my own  unf***ablewith mind set. 



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