From my mind to yours. Assuming you’ve got one. Still, just jokin’.

From my mind to yours. Assuming  you've got one. Still, just jokin'.

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“As you think, so you are; as you continue to think, so you will stay". Me. (With help from a lotta'  betta' thinkers).

 "You can only improve your life, by thinking better”. Me. (As above)


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Hi, welcome back, read more learn more,

We all limit ourselves, or not, according to our thoughts and actions.



Crap, bad, untrained, uncoordinated, poor, stinkin' thinkin' imposes limitations and traps you/me/everyone in a 'less than we can have/deserve'  life.


Good, controlled, thoughts liberate and improve ourselves and our life.


They are the keys of, how-to, ‘Live a Full Life’.




In ‘real life’ we get what we earn, not what we’d just, ‘like to’ have.


Wishin and hopin’ and prayin’ don’t get ya’ diddly squat.



Results -‘things’ - only happen when they’re connected to your thoughts and actions.



Also, put yer thinkin’ cap around this: All over the world people try to improve their circumstances.



BUT they rarely ever make much or any or effort to:


Improve themselves.


And that (improving YOU) has to come first.


You, me all of us hyuman beein’s control our life through our thoughts and our actions.



Before you work on anything else in life you gotta’ work on yourself.



If ya’ wanna be, rich, healthy, livin’ happily with a significant other……………whatever….. you gotta’ be prepared to make personal effort and sacrifices



(Wanna be a better runner? Then go improve your, physical capability, running skills, fitness and mental attitude).



Even when ya’ trying to achieve something great, aiming at a good end, you’ll always experience thoughts and desires which are not in line with the objective.



If you don’t nuke the crap thoughts ASAP those little b---ds will bring you down.



That’s your ‘thought life’, and you got to get control of it.


The truth is that every man, or maness, is ‘the causer’ of their own circumstances.


If you’re bleedin’ honest, when ‘looking back’, you’ll realize that,  due to your ignorance, - not necessarily your fault.



All your past bad experiences were bad because you were operating as a, not fully- developed, undercooked, not proper thinking, human bein’.



A. Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results.

B. Bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results.


Got it. No? Then read A and B above until you do.


It’s priceless knowledge but ……….no charge.


All pain and suffering in life is always the effect of wrong thought and action in some area of life.


Material possessions and all the other good things are only ever gained as a result of right thinking and doing.



And only a radical improvement  of your thinking and your actions will bring about any level of change in the material or personal conditions of your life.



To become, and stay, happy, healthy and wealthy you have to train and adjust your inner self to handle the outer circumstances you experience.


You only suffer through not takin’ control of, you, your thoughts and your actions.


Knowing how-to do that …….. ain’t, Rocket Science.


Just as well really ’cause if it was, I wouldn’t understand it.


But I doooooooo and so can yooooooooo.

On your side for the ride,


Thought Master and Mentor.

P.S.  Loads more mind and life mastery info' in any and all of my other posts.


Go read and learn.


I'm sure you'll be glad you did.


(I also got some really important books on the go. I'll post when they're ready).


You could  of course waste your time reading, 'War and Peace', 'The Daily Rag' or 'How to boil and egg correctly' on Face thingy.


Your life,  your choice.

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