Stinkin’ socks, thoughts, thought power, a gorilla , you and me.

 Stinkin' socks, thoughts, thought power, a gorilla , you and me.

on-second-thought                             This is not the gorilla.


Hello00000000. Hiiiiiiiiiiii. Welcommmmmm,

Remember the John Denver song, "Some days are diamonds, some days are stone".


Same goes for your thoughts.


Some thoughts are worth thinkin' some thoughts are not.


 So like ya' stinkin', socks, shirt, pants ..........change 'em.


Empowering Thoughts and Fearful (C--p) Thoughts.



What the ' F ' ..........thoughts.

If you're alive and kickin' and thinkin'  and you, constantly worry that, it, things, anything, everything, will go wrong, that kind of thinking will make it much more likely to happen.


A 'relationships' example.


Any person you fancy is much less likely to be interested in you, if you're almost poopin' yer pants that  they'll  reject you at any minute.




When you fear that you won't impress that person, you start doing things that make them see you as a loser.




This then leads to them wanting to give ya' the old heave -ho, pretty quickly.


E. G. 


You might start asking them stupid questions to see if they really are interested in you.




They will get the feeling/message  that you're, insecure, lack confidence, are a pushover.


AND....... BECAUSE........


Insecurity always indicates to others that people/you, have  personality weaknesses at some level, and people are not attracted to people with problems. Therefore you'll get knocked back straight off the bat  or  get dumped, sooner or later.

............I don't want that to happen to you or anyone..


think about itimagesTJDK893D


Bit extreme p'raps but I gotta' make the point or you'll waste your time reading this magnificently helpful post.


Any, dreams,  (don't really like that word),  plans, objectives, thoughts of the future,  are less likely to actually be achieved ........... if your thinking  is, riddled/infected with,  uncertainty, fear, doubts, that they may not happen.



Yeh, I know it' aint easy to overcome such habitual thoughts. I spent more than half of my life suffering untilsaw the light. (Even if it was only a candle flame at first).

guntitledI'm the gorilla. They call me C--p  Thought and I don't like it.


The longer you think dwell on, fear, uncertainty, doubt, I'm rubbish at........, no one respects me, etc thoughts, the stronger they get.   Until it reaches a point  where it's so bleedin'  potent that you have  little or no chance of ignoring it........that's a major  s--t thought problem.


The, answer, solution, way forward, 'personal power'  'develop me' (you) way, is.............


Ya gotta' ditch the wrong/stone thought and replace it with a right/diamond one ASAP. 


That's how-to give yourself and your life plans more clout.




You CAN just  as easily apply 'E ' power thoughts to your plans as the 'F' fear thoughts  you have about 'em.


Yeh, I know, I know, I know, you've, read this stuff  before. Prob'ly , almost certainly, in a much more, involved, complex, confusing, intellectual, expert- speak, how- do- they- expect- me- to -understand -and -do -this -stuff  format, though.


Me toooooooooo.


Problem is...........if yer can't understand it, y' can't use it, do it and become a better you 'cause of it.


Here, this blog, will always be R E A L 'cause that's what I believe people prefer and deserve.


I know I do.


REAL like this............


You can change yer mind/thoughts whenever you want, want, want, really want to.


We've all done it thousands  of times in the past over, small, stupid, big,  sensible, important, unimportant, unnecessary, things. So now you can 'choose to change' for a specific purpose.


Here's a few examples.

First, so that y'know 'what's what' below:

C. =  Life area/category. 

E. = Empowering thought.

F. = Fearful /c--p Thought.
C. Relationships.

F. "I could lose this person at any time".


E. You think, "I am an important part of this relationship."

(Got it? ...............OK, carry on).

C. Business.

F. "Many  businesses fail in the first year, so mine probably will".


E. "I can make this business a success over time".


C. Dreams, goals plans.

F . "The, idea, plan, objective is too bleedin' hard  for me, and I 'll probly stuff up".


E. "This, idea, plan, objective, is do-able, over  a reasonable period of time with, a bit/some/a lot of  ............     ".


C. Education.

F. "If I ask questions, take part in any discussion, I might then look, a bit dim, stupid, one carrot short of a bunch, to other learners in the class".


E.  "I’m just as relevant as any other learner, my questions and input is important and I may even be thiking  what others are thinking anyway".


C. Sports.

F. "I know I’m not as fit as I could be and they all look really on top of their game, will leave me standing make me  look like a wimp, so I'll take a powder".


E. "I'm reasonably fit and lookin'  at this lot I can keep up with or even beat  the  ............     out of some of them".


C. Sales.

F. "I won’t be able to close many sales  because I’m not pushy or persuasive enough".


E. "I can learn the knowledge and experience  necessary to sell these products".


(These at just examples. The process can be applied to any thought about any thing).


I, me, this, 'Thought Master and Mentor' replaces F's with E's all the time.


I made it  a  'thinking habit' several years ago.



So ................remember??????


You've changed your mind a thousand times before now so it ain't that bleedin' excruciatingly painful to do.



So ditch the 'cr--p   mind stuff 'and choose to, (think), replace, stick to, always be thinking, E, empowering thoughts. Decide to choose not to give house room to/think too long about,  any  F crap thoughts


The  E "empowering thought” will sound ridiculous when directly compared to the items  designated   “fearful thought”.  


BUT ....but........but.....


When the 'E's are thought of, on their own, as an alternative, a thinking choice, they don't appear so ridiculous or unrealistic to us.


That's 'cause they ain't


Aw c'mon you can change what you think any time y' like. You've done it hundreds of times. How difficult was/is it? Sorry I've already referred to this haven't I 


Sooooo then reader.


You,  can, gotta', need to, must, take the responsibility for your thinkin'   it ain't down to anyone else.


We all have  fearful thoughts about loads of life  stuff. 




If you, want, want to want, really want, to think  empowering thoughts you can.  



If you don't, really.....  want to, ya' won't.



When you have fearful thoughts, you are filling  a  box in yer head labelled, “FAILURE”.



When you choose to think empowering thoughts, you are filling a box  labelled, “SUCCESS”.



You, have to, need to, must, can, choose to, fill  the SUCCESS box.


I doooooooooo and so can yooooooooo.



When you have a thought, or  thoughts, think about, which box you're filling. Your decision, your responsibility, your choice, your life.


So........... it ain't, Rocket Science it's, Thought Box Science.


Enjoy the rest of your life, your choice,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S.  Read then think a few ????????times  about this post.




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