Nigerian and other scammers, and me, and you. Continued from last week

Nigerian and other scammers, and me, and you.  (Continued from last week).


Remember me?

Welcome back, I hope, from last week,

(Right away, for this and last weeks insights I  absolutely, totally, humbly and unreservedly apologise to the, possible 10,000, ethical online marketers out there. They, you, and me also know that there are those online who use, copywriters, web site creators, advertising experts, traffic programmes and other professional services to market their rip- off, crap- value -for -money, no use to anyone, stuff).


Remember what you read last week? Check if necessary.


Thing is .......(question to me)..... "Should I  be using the same kind of tactics myself "?


 In truth:


Somehow I have to deter the wrong people from my blog, email and products  and attract the right people.


I know that this is best for me, and all concerned.



You realize this too..... yes?



This whole bleedin' thing has been bothering me for ages.






Here's a typical example of a type of "filtering" process I  could be using.



I could offer only, low -priced, low-quality, info and products.


My own or from others.


Anywhere between, $7 and $27, right?


That's what the scammers do.




One thousand suckers @ $7.00 = $7,000.




One thousand suckers @ $27.00 = $27,000.


Then they.....


Rinse and repeat (with more, posts or websites or posts) and fill their boots/bank account. 


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Oh yeh?????                                                           Oh yeh????? 


Well, what kind of client base will that create for me?



One full of peasants, and complainers......... and that's how it's gotta' be, right?



Y' see I know that this is what happens when people offer, low- priced, useless, (but expertly marketed) anything.



They attract, bottom-of-the-barrel, customers. (Not entirely the customers fault though).



The big prob for me lil' ol' me though is:



Those  folk  expect  a high quality (anything), without the higher  price tag. And .......... since that doesn't exist, they end up bitching and moaning.



I realised some time ago, before I started this blog, (not sure whether it's supposed to be a capital B or not 'cause I've seen  both used) that in, life and business, the  biggest headaches,  come from the lowest paying, bargain hunting, customers and clients.


That's because the products they buy can never be anything other than poor quality and of very low 'use value'.


Hey, I don't make the rules. I just  know them.


Most people who seek out low priced products are, cheap skates who, expect, the earth, instant results, ease of use.... whatever. And of course they complain, when they don't get, quick, effortless, life and personal - change - promoting,  results.





*Higher priced, better quality products, on the other hand, attract *investment minded people who understand, that,  if you want, good quality, effective  and Value- For- Money products or advice  you have to  actually bleedin' well pay for it.


* The people who do understand this are much more inclined to respect, the product, the content, take action on it and actually get results, rarely ever, complain.That's whether you/they are * investing, money, effort  or time.


Worth thinking about that, a few times and then a few more.


I'm determined to select who I'm attracting as my, followers, supporters and clients though.


That's because.


I just can't see the point of:

# Building  a  client base around a bunch of, quick- life - fix, - little - effort - low- cost, personal change seekers.


# Tryin' to please those who will take more of my time. (Which they won't actually deserve).


# Me wasting time that I would prefer to invest in my products , my, posts, emails books.


# Me not having the time to properly support those who are savvy enough to get why my products are not low priced.


# Me  wasting, precious -to- me -time I need to attract and support and retain  a high quality customer base.



What I write, in my, posts, emails and books,(products yeh?) plays a massive role  in me  being  confident about  what kinds of people I'll  end up working with in the future.


I'm not about.......... offering, anything to anyone,  everything to everyone or  communicating a  message to appease everyone.


Me thinks, "That's not how it should be done".



I'm  convinced that doing it that way ONLY works against me and my worthy clients in the long run.



Me trying to be 'all things to all people' will end up with me having a, blog, emails and books that do..................nothing much of anything, for anyone.



And  I know from, particularly painful, personal experience, that there's more than enough cheap and (not so) cheerful garbage around for anyone to find and try to make use of.



I, plan, research and create my, posts, email and great literary products (I am spending loads of my time tryin' to finish the books referred to in other posts) to attract people who 'get' me and my message.


To the rest I say, "Goodbye, good luck, and I wish you well".


Polarising is, honest, no hype, tell- it -like- it -is, writing  and I love it).


Think about it, I do,   ........... all the time.


It's important to me. .




Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Don't get  all this  'bitter and twisted' though


Nothing wrong with selling a single, low-priced, meaningful, product.  


But if all I sell are low priced, virtually useless, actually crap products - all I'll  get are low-price fixated, constantly complaining customers.


Statistically, they are the worst kind.


Just mentioning that.


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