Emails from Nigerian scam artists. Plus more crap, from  websites and blogs.

Emails from Nigerian scam artists. Plus more crap from, websites and blogs.




 Just a few of the ten million mentioned below.


Hi, glad you're here,

Earlier this week I was thinking about several emails I read in my IN and SPAM boxes over the last few months.


I thought, "How could hype and spam work better than, well, non- hyped -up, non-spam infested, tell -it -like- it- is,  emails  (or websites or blogs)?


It doesn't make sense, does it?


Enough people really  are sooooooo stoooopid as to fall for this stuff, see below.


There's always a reason.


This is it:


Spammy, scammy, hypey, emails , websites and posts work better for those who write 'em than the,  solid, sensible, honest ones.



They work  because only stupid people respond  and stick with the once -in- a - life ???? offers. (People who are easily tricked into responding to, buying worthless, hyped up,  junk, offerings that most  sensible people  would never fall for).



Yes, there are, many, many, MANY  folk who fall for that nonsense.



All  sensible people unsubscribe from the bloody list or stop visiting the blog or website  ASAP  after 'seeing' the scam.



Ever get one of those Nigerian spam emails, where you're told that a certain person has been left five or more million of some currency by a deceased relative, but, because of the laws in their country, they can't claim the money?



So, in order for them to claim the 5+ mil, they want  to deposit the dosh into YOUR bank account, then you can both split the money.


AND...... AND....... AND.......


To do this they need your banking details??????


Something like that anyway.


Ever think to yourself: "How the freakin' hell  could anyone fall for that nonsense?"



They'd have to be a complete moron, wouldn't they?



You might even think: "Why do these idiots write such spam crammed  emails?"


Here's why.


They write those, incredibly stupid, hyped- up and spammy emails (and other things mentioned here)  on purpose.



They know exactly what they're doing.



You see, the people who DO respond to those, over-the-top, massively hyped- up and spam- laden  emails and stuff  are EXACTLY the people that these, tricksters,  con men, scum bags, want to respond to their emails, websites and blogs.



They're are targeting these exact people.



People who are, easily fooled, naive, desperate, or brain dead.



The more outlandish the email - and other stuff - the less  response it will get. However in this case, the fewer people that respond, but more than enough will, the better it is for the SCAMMERS.



Because the last thing they want is:  A bunch of sensible folk answering the email or clicking on the 'Buy Now' links on websites and posts.


Because, as the process goes on, and the nearer to  'the trade', it gets the sensible people  'cotton on' and run for the hills.


These  people are NOT the fraudsters 'target' audience.


Idiots, however, are perfect targets for this process.




So, after all, these Nigerian scam artists -and others - are not as stupid as you might think.





Because,  they're designed to deter, sensible, intelligent, savvy  people. People who are, infinitely more likely to, moan, complain, spread words of warning  and create huge negative feedback on the web.



The, less -than - honest, NO, lyin', cheatin', totally unethical, wouldn't -want -them- living- next- door- to -me, online operators don't want that.



Those people who do get duped are mostly reluctant to admit and broadcast it, out of, .....................shame, being considered an idiot, admit they made a mistake, bein' seen as stoopid, several crumbs  short of the whole biscuit.


(No one likes admitting that they were wronged/ scammed).



There are  one billion, 1,000,000,000  (one thousand million) contributors of web content - websites of various kinds.




Just consider this  1% of  that 1,ooo,000,000 (one thousand million) is 10,000,000  (ten million). The figure I mentioned right at he beginning



So even at just 1% (could be more) the deviants are a small part of  the online arena. Still enough to be a major problem though eh?


Wish I could show you a way to avoid being taken in by them.


That's not 100 % possible. Just, take care 'out there'.


What I can tell you though is, I'm not one of them.


Picture_69 cropped

This is me, I got a face. Same as the one in the sidebar.


More on this next week. Gonna be here???


Stay  sensible,


Thought Master and Mentor

P. S. In earlier posts I have mentioned the books I am writing. When they are finally finished they won't be  cheap and valueless or expensive and useless.

They'll be chock - full of stuff that will teach people how to  take back control of their life.

Stuff that has a value way beyond their price.





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