You’ll only succeed when y’ stop being a weed. Help on offer below.

You’ll only  succeed when y’  stop being a weed.




Hellooooooo, this'll help,

Right now, this second, how much of (your/any) success do you think is up to:


1) You—your choices, your actions, your behaviours?




2) Outside conditions?  (A-K-A life).



If you think  that you are  at least 85% responsible for your success—and that just 15% depends on the way the  life - cookie crumbles'—you're right and you’ll probleeee  win at life.


If ya’ think it’s the other way around, 85%, the way the wind blows your cookie crumbs  and 15% up to me/you - you’ll always be a loser at life.



The 85% part is totally your responsibility.





Take a peek, a very big PEEK, at  1 to 8 below and fill your mind with stuff that’s actually worth using your thought energy on.


1. Responsibility.
This ain't something you do—it’s a way of thinking, being and acting.  When you’re truly responsible, you believe that success or failure is up to you, you accept 100% responsibility for the outcomes. Not, a little. Not, somewhat. Not, 'pretty much'.  Own it 100%—good or bad—with no excuses or wriggle room. Things will go wrong but it’s your responsibility to find out how to overcome them.

Just realised that, response and responsible, fit in here too. Strange that, or not!!


2. Recognize your personal power.
You already have the ability and choice to be 100% responsible. Sooooo .......y’    betta’ finally realize and admit that we/people/you already own the power to create and manage your life in every area.



3. Deal with WHAT IS. When was the last time you were able to change anything that happened in your  past? I really mean change. Not think what, shoulda, coulda, woulda, happened. What matters most is WHAT IS. The only way to 'live honest' is to make a decision ‘now’ and deal with what happens.” (A la, 1.)



4. Self-Empowerment Inside, inborn, instilled, in all of us, is the stuff we all need to:

Take the necessary actions.

Figure out the risks.

Achieve a result.

Get what you want.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Make things happen.

Answer for the outcomes.

The ’successful livers’  (as in living life, not the body part) are those people who, identify, use and improve these inbuilt, self- contained, abilities.  I call it, DO -IT-YOURSELF, HELP. Good eh?



5. Manage expectations. Part of Self-Empowerment is being clear about expectations, as in, what you expect, and also what you expect of and from yourself.



6.  How- to - take - charge - of -  time. Now is the time, to take time to use (your) time, realistically.  Look, you know that it's true, so  y'  better face it, most tasks take longer to finish than we think they will.  To take back your power,  over time, do this.

Every time you plan to do something, figure out how long you think it'll take  then multiply that time by four. You’ll then, live time-real from now on. Try it. It’s great advice so, man, or woman, up. Usually you'll finish before the new, time sensible, do-able, non stress inducing deadline and will enjoy the feeling of  beating the clock.


Also make, saying  NO, a part of your life from now on. NO, is a self- empowering word. Stop being a YES wimp or wimpess.



7. Blow yer own trumpet. Take stock of your personal good talents and achievements. Ya’ should find that, y0u’ve got a few. Every one has.... even Al Capone loved  his family. 

If you can't think of any ......hmmm.....??????????????



8. Personal accountability. This is your willingness to answer for the outcomes of, your choices, your actions, and your behaviours. When you are ‘personally accountable’, you, stop passing the buck, stop  “you shoulda-ing” other people, and making excuses. Instead, you, take the fall, carry the can, get up and get on with IT when your choices cause problems.


tomatoeimagesrvfao9z2This is here just 'cause I really liked it when I saw it.


All of the above germs? sorry ...gems of 'living life on your terms' are eminently DO-able.



So, go spend an hour a day for the next few weeks,  readin', learnin' and doin' one or two or all of the above.



Unless of course you’re:  


an, idle, life- waster,  who spends  all your spare time  on, Flakebook, pokin’ other people, Youtoob surfin', twitterin', texting, playin’ that Pokémon thing or some mindless game on your IPhone, watching (or recording)  the X Factor, Coronation Street, well most stuff on popular TV, so ya' don't deprive yourself of  it - and ya' can't find that hour.


This post and all the others are what my &"^%^&^%&^£ blog is all about, Self - Empowerment.  So........go read more, self and life improving, posts and get more, really cool,  become a better me,  (meaning you)  info.


No charge.


Reeegards, go learn to become a better you,


Thought Master and Mentor
P.S. I occasionally have to, yes really have to, mention my, incredible, readable and helpful (but not yet finished) books ‘cause I know that they will help people to take stuff like what’s above and actually find the strength to use it. Good eh?

They, the books, are almost complete.


People will love 'em, or at least, find them helpful 'cause I am here to help.

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