Your thoughts shape your life so…. ya’ better, get better at, thinking better. Wanna’ bet? 3 of 5.

Your thoughts shape your life so....... ya' better, get better, at, thinking better. Wanna' bet?  You'll lose!

3 of 5.

As promised, proven help, below.


"Whether you think, you can or you think, you can't, you'll be right". Henry Ford.


" THINK (cause)  + DO (cause) = EFFECT". Me


Henry and lil' ol' me wish you well,

Ready to, go dump, your stinkin' thinkin'?




Everything in your life begins as a thought. So it's, think better, live better or............... well ..... you'll be sorry.



The next ten (#21 to #30) of the, fifty 'most effective', info, rules, 'gotta knows' about, (your) thinking and (your) life.



Y' don't have to learn and use all fifty. Go through them and choose the ones? that, make the most sense, to YOU.


(Ya' can't beat a bit, or even a 'huge amount'  of good ol' fashioned common- sense I reckon).



Too much,' expert- speak, mind -frying, don't- keep- it- simple -'cause -people- will - understand- it, stuff around these days. 



"While they don't  understand it we can keep  flogging them more of our, new, better, improved, stuff".                    A. N. Y. Manufacturer /A.N.Y. Marketer. /A.N.Y. Product Creator.



Even a bleedin' mobile  'phone these days is overloaded with  stuff. As far as the purveyors  of these 'wonders of modern communication' are concerned, new and better  means, more complicated.  As they all try to outdo each other  to sell us (not me though) 'THEIR' latest thingy. 



(OK rant over, back to the, simple, understandable, my preferred, real world.)


Ready, steady, go think, "I can ditch my................ stinkin' thinkin'.


#21. You can’t think about what you don’t know anything about.



#22. You can get to, know about/learn and think about, anything you choose. (Just make sure it's not trivial trash like How to make sure that your haircut is cut right so you can cut it on da street).



#23. To become a better/ improving and eventually (expert) thinker there are only a small number of skills you need to develop. (No pain no gain)



#24. You were born able to think. It's the most important ability you'll ever need to create the life you want. 



#25. You already have all the other skills you'll ever need to grow you thinking.



#26. None of these skills is difficult to improve.



#27. You can and must learn/train yourself to always be, 'thinking consciously', if you want to take charge of yourself and your life.       (It ain't that difficult to do. Many of my posts mention this. Read some).


#28. Learn and practice how to be ‘thought aware’. (This too).


#29. You have the choice to act, or not act, on any thought.


#30. Your status is defined by what you think about you not by what wealth or material possessions you have.


If you don’t learn and live by any of these 50, ‘thought facts’ (five posts in the series) then you thinking will always be c--p, sorry, way below what's possible.


Ten more next week, #31 to #40.


imagesvjv012p3"You can change, yourself and your life, one thought at a time." Me.


Still on your side, well............. always am, actually,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Loads of 'better thinker 'stuff available through any/all of my other posts. Go read, think better, have better, live better.


Just ditch, give up, deny yourself, two hours of TV a week to read a post or two and you'll begin understand what I'm on about.


Two hours of TV a day is all that I have ever watched for the last six years or more. Got better things to fill my mind with and use my mind for.


What about yer' good self?


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