Are you Aware or Ignorant of, your ‘ I ‘ (your true self), versus your ‘Me’ (your ego).

Are you Aware or Ignorant of, your ' I ' (your true self ), versus your 'Me' (your ego).












Greetings, here, you, me, we go then,

Awareness is:
Knowledge, recognition, understanding, grasp, realization or perception of, a situation or fact.
 Ignorance, is: 
Lack of knowledge, incomprehension, inexperience, being uninformed or unaware of, information.

Wanna become a better you with a better life?


Who doesn't?


But, if you don't. Then save yourself some time and go read the local Daily Rubbish 'thing'  instead of this super important post.



Hopefully you decided to stay here, ( good call), because you have serious aspirations to create a better life.



A, good, ethical, honest, highly - respected, online,  friend of mine recently suggested in an email that I should read the book "Awareness" by the late, Anthony De Mello.


It's on Amazon Kindle. (No I'm not an affiliate so I won't get any moolah, dosh or even money if you buy it.



Anyway, there's a great chapter inside the book on separating, the "I" from the "Me".


Separating (I) your true self  from the (Me) your  ego. 



You see, once established, the "I" is.


  • Untouchable.
  • Unwavering.
  • Never changes.
  • Ever.




The "Me" (ego) on the other hand, is always changing, it's unstable and unreliable.    


For instance:


You can change your name, your occupation, you can even get plastic surgery to change your appearance, but underneath, it's still YOU.


The, I/ YOU, the real I/YOU, never changes.


I'm telling y' this stuff because, you need to separate your ego from your daily life. If y' don't It'll always let you down.


Because your ego is:

# Delicate.

# Emotional.

# Weak.

# Unreliable.




But, and, sorry that, get the message that, your journey in life cannot afford these kinds of distractions.


That's why you should work to establish an I/ you that isn't affected by such things.


It's NOT about becoming a different person than who you are right now. IT IS about becoming a BETTER person than you are right now.




You must become a:

Stronger you.

Bolder you.

More detached/unemotional you.

Mostly, even always, in control, you.


Being attached and emotional are.......................... weaknesses.



So, stop being an egotistical wimp out there who is:

Scared to put your best (or worst) self forward.

Afraid of being criticized and judged.

Terrified that someone will 'diss' your efforts.

Willing to do anything to avoid negative comments.


Well, here's the (good)? news for you, sweetness. Negative comments, judgements, criticism, etc are all part of living. Especially if you're tryin' to get on in life.


In ALMOST  all cases, it's NOT about you in any way.


What you need to do, is detach from them completely.


Don't be afraid to put yourself 'out there'.


Move to............... Neverland.


Never, never, never, never, never, never, take things like that personally.


From, today, right this minute, now, detach yourself from being too emotionally (ego)  involved in your life.


Don't let anyone, and I mean anyone, and yes I do mean anyone, stop you from pursuing your dreams. In their past, their today most people have done this and almost certainly will continue do the same in their future. Poor deluded, or ignorant,  prats.!!!!




Your job in in life is to, improve, develop, evolve, grow, YOU.


Never forget that. (No excuse now eh? Because you're now aware of it. Sooooooo you ain't, or don't need to be, ignorant any longer.




Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. Most, so called, self - help products are created to, make  you poorer, more than help make you a life overcomer. 


What stops you making real progress? What keeps you stuck where you are in your life?


Go read this post again if you ain't sure yet.


This, and all my other posts, are written to help you with that.


Go read a few. If you do you'll, become more aware and less ignorant, about how to get on in life.


(I'm working on the books that will bring together all my wonderful guidance that'll help anyone to finally grab life by the b---s).



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