A few words of worldly wisdom, free advice, from Simon Cowell.

A few words of, worldly wisdom, free advice,  from Simon Cowell.

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Hi to your good self,
On the basis that we can only ever learn anything of any use from people who have proved themselves to be better at life than us I offer some quotes/words of wisdom about the world from, "Mr. X Factor" himself.


 If you wanted to get financial advice would you ask, a doctor, a dustman, a plumber or a fisherman?


The stoopid answer is, any one of them.


The savvy answer is none of 'em. You know why .


I figure, well it's obvious really, yeah, cool, true, that Simon Cowell  is one of todays most successful and influential people. He started at the bottom, which is where most of us 'not yet a success' folk start. 


I respect S.C. for his insight and honesty. There's not very much of it around in the world. Too much political correctness me thinks.


S. C. has earned himself the place where he doesn't have to be politically correct or care what other people, think, or say, about him.


He's walked the walk. He's earned the right to,  talk the talk. And that must be an absolutely exquisite way of living. 


A quote about him, from Wikipedia I think:

"He's known as the *painfully? honest former judge on American Idol and creator of The X Factor, but he's also one of the wealthiest celebrities in the world. Cowell's net worth has ballooned to a whopping $550 million and his annual income has exceeded $95 million annually".


*Question mark mine after 'painfully'. Why does truth/honesty have to be so bad?


P'raps were becoming a wold of wimps?????


Anyhoooow, read and grow.


"I met someone the other night who's 28 years old, and he hasn't worked a day since he left college because he's pursuing a dream he'll never, ever, realize: He thinks he's a great singer. Actually, he's crap".


"I hated school, but I love work".


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"I was never given any hand-outs. I started at the bottom and was very good at finding people who knew more than me and learning from them".


"Sometimes when you have a record out, you think you're going to go in at No. 1 but you go in at No. 8. So your second record has to be better. That's how I treat it".


"There was nothing I could - and wanted to - learn in school. It was just a complete waste of my time".


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"I'm going to give all my money away, eventually. I don't believe in all this hand-down stuff. Even if I had kids, I don't think I'd want to give them everything".


"If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention".


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"I do a couple of hundred press-ups a day but I haven't been to a gym in years".



"When someone asks, 'Does success make you into a monster?' I always say, 'No, it enables you to be a monster".



"Every time I sat in a chemistry lesson, I thought, 'What am I doing this for? I don't ever want to be in a job that involves a Bunsen burner".


"Rules equal boredom, and I don't like that".


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I think of stress as the creator of cancer and heart attacks, like a tiny little ball you feed. I believe that one of the reasons I've never got ill is that I'm not stressed.


"I don't mind being cast as some kind of a pantomime baddie, but I am very fair in business. I always have been. I pride myself on being fair".



"What I am doing is kind by telling people who are useless, "Do something that you're good at". So I would only feel guilt if I misled somebody who was terrible".


There ya' go then. Some honest stuff for you to think about and do to grow your life.


Say thanks to Simon.


You could also say thanks to me too for puttin' in hundreds of hours of work to research and write this and all my other amazingly helpful posts.


I'll pretend that you did. Thanks!


And now...........


A few words of wisdom from lil' ol' me.

A. "Change always starts in your mind. How and what you think influences the way you act. Your actions determine your life".

B. "Most problems in life are because of two things: We act without thinking or  we keep thinking without acting".

Be strong,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. Just a sec!!!

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