Exterminate! Exterminate! Darlekise. Those self- destructive thoughts.

    Destructive Thoughts and How to Exterminate Them.



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Hello, and high five to ya'

A short lesson in bad thinking:

 Thoughts you choose that ensure you'll lose.

1. Life is shit.
2. Unsubstantiatedly conclusive.
3. It'll never happen to me.
4. The negative psychic.
5. I, should havehave would, could have.
6. Emotion based.
7. It’s all my fault.
8.They’re all wrong.



I used them myself, many moons ago.


I used to mix 3. ‘Never to me’ and 4. ‘Negative psychic’ thinking patterns about everything. Sorta' like this,  “3. She’ll never go out with me". 4."She probably thinks I'm an idiot.”

1. "My life is pathetic". 2.I blame the government, my teachers, and my parents"



During my, decades- long, deep-dive into, how I/we all work I realised that anything I thought was totally in my freekin' control.


No one can make me think, what I think. They can offer me stuff to think about but in the end it's my decision what to think and live by. 




Many years ago I made conscious thinking decision, to develop a new thinkin' approach. This changed what I believed about myself and about the world.


Over time I literally changed what I thought. This changed what I did. What I did changed the effects I created in my life.


All destructive thinking patterns are, learned, acquired and developed.



You  learned the habits of destructive thinkin' (ya weren't born with them),  sooooooo......you can un-develop the habits and replace them with new ones.


This is totally in your control. This is totally in your control. This is totally in your control. This is totally in your control. GOT IT????.

You better have, 'cause this is:

Self -Empowerment.

Personal Power.  

Taking life by the throat, stuff.


Most people just don't know that there is a problem. So they don't know that they need to change.


To change you must think that there is a need to change. Then realise that change is possible. Recognise what things need to change

That's a freakin' alien concept to most people.


Por ejemplo (Spanish for, For example):

Everybody’s view of and response to the world is different AND it all comes down to the habitual thinking patterns they use in their daily life.


If you habitually think life is good, or better,  you will notice the good things in life. If you habitually think "Life is &£%%_+(&%£!" you will find, &£%%_+(&%£!, things everywhere.


Recognizing when you use destructive thinking patterns then ditch 'em and replace them is the only effective way to overcome them.

Be aware of when you are using those destructive thinking patterns –then ditch that crap. 

Change your thoughts and you can  change your world. 



Because  I really, honestly, wann'a help you I can show you, in this post, the key, the secret, the magic button, the miraculous process, that can change your thinking patterns and your life within a week. 

 W. A. L. O. C. (What A Load Of  C---p).

The, 'smoke and mirrors', 'LOA',  'harness your subconscious mind', 'visualise 'yourself,rich, successful, life tamer,  peddlers want you to believe such claims. Then you'll grab yer Credit Card, buy their  wonderful, no effort needed system. Then blame you for being stooopid when it didn't work for you.


Truth is. The 'change me' process is not something that, you, me, anyone, can do in a week.


Just replacing , ‘I’ll never be able to do that”, thinking with, “Oh yes I can”, thinking and expect immediate change, won't,  don’t, can't, work.


You have to replace  the  'choose to lose thinking stuff ' by slowly introducing, new, improved 'in it to win it kinda thinking stuff'. 

 good bad bottlesimages

To change your thinking patterns/actions/life  you have to:

#1.Take note of  (Yeh! actually write down) all your destructive thinking patterns. (If ya' can't identify any go shoot yourself).

#2. Slooooooooooooooowly replace them with, new, better, sensible,  thoughts and thinking patterns over time.(C'mon it took you years to develop those life robbing thought habits).

#3.For each one choose a, more sensible, positive, realistic thought to replace it with. Your  choice.


Ordinary people can 'do' change, at any stage in their lives.  Simon Cowell wasn't always a multi millionaire entertainment god. So don’t keep thinking, (4.above)  "I’ll never be able to change".  You can and you will, if you really want to. I did


After a few months you'll experience differences/changes in your life. Then you'll want to use your new way of thinking to good effect, for the rest of your life. 

god bad jamesimages


Every day I take notice  of, what and how, I'm thinking. If any thought(s) undermine my optimistic outlook on life, I ditch em', slowly but surely. Have done this for years and, slowly but surely, change happened.  It works for me.

Life change is only possible through new ways of thinking and doing.

On your side,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. I’m not, paranoid or self - opinionated, just experienced and honest.

I  don't write to  offend, or not to offend.

I just tell it, like I know it is.

I'm not trying to become your best friend.

I never try to please everyone by diluting my message.

My posts contain truth and originality.



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