You are and will continue to be, what you already do.

You are and will and continue to be, what you already do.


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Hi, hope you'll be glad you, came, read and learned,

 Sooooooooooooooooooooo:    Complacency.

"A feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements".

Ostriches and sand stuff!!!!!

Complacency is an avoidable disease that leads to most folk spending  most of their  day doing things that keep them stuck where they are in life.


It's an illness that stops you from pursuing better goals and aspirations. 

Because you never, have/make/find the time.

It’s a debilitating condition that causes people to trudge through a 'habitual'  daily grind as life passes you by, almost by accident.


I used to get in the morning, go to work, eat, sleep and wake up the  following  day to repeat the cycle. Day on freakin' day


I slowly but surely got sucked into the, days,  weeks and months and years of the same routine.


Complacency or what?


Can I be blunt for a moment? No, sorryyyyyyyy.

I’m gonna' be blunt for longer than  a moment.

Do you know, already, what I think about Facethingy and other such mind numbing, time sucking, self indulgent, pastimes/waste time times?


No?  Well it's this.

They're the places where you’ll find a lot of the, Law Of Attraction, touchy feely, ain't kittens cute, folk, hanging out with the rest of their, wishy-washy “running slow mo' through a meadow” hollow-headed friends, who all secretly hate themselves.


You know, the self-helpless crowd?


Those people who bring no value to a world other than their, clap-happy, pointless, self- indulgent, existence.


However  the world we’re living in DEMANDS a little bit more than, happy thoughts, pretty things and good deeds.


The universe doesn’t care that you’re, a lovely person with good intentions. It ain’t bending to suit your little needs either, no matter how positive your vibration.



These people, I expect, are the very same people who suffer from self-inflicted:

#Low self-esteem.



#Entrenched self- interest                  .

They’ll never admit it though. Not even to themselves.


They've complacently become a, "couch wearing, do nothing, no ambition, waste of space with no skills other than being 'an expert' with, a  ten point eight inch tablet, the latest IFone thingy, TV remote",  addict.


This is the realm of, and for, the needy.


You’ll frequently catch them seeking out validation and their thirty seconds of fame from, Facebook . Twitter LinkedIn. Pinterest. Yootoob etc.


They need to receive 'validation fix' every day so as to keep that self-delusion at bay.


How many , 140 word, self- indulgent, messages, pokes, pictures of your dog, your  kid's birthday party and what you did in the supermarket yesterday, do you need to write/display to validate your existence?


There are better ways y' know.

I suppose right now you may be thinkin' who's this idiot. But what I'm banging on about is, nonetheless, true for more and more people who become addicted to mainlining on trivia.

I call it, Come play cency.

Gotta' make the point here that I don’t think all people who 'believe in' silly things like, the LOA, FB,  etc are full blown narcissists who secretly hate themselves.


Not all of them!


What I thought long and hard about  and wrote about, here is, that the real world, demands, respects and rewards, real value,  but the sad fact is that most people have not acquired  such skills to earn and so be able to offer such value.


You'll only ever become a 'somebody' in this  action rewarding world by, getting out of that  come play cency, comfort zone, on the couch, in the park, on the bus, in your morning and lunch break etc.


If you're serious about your  life.You won't spend every spare minute, googlin', twittin', pokin', channel hoppin', textin',  pintrestin', etc and drownin' in a sea of trivia.You'll, do the/your thinking, talk the/your talk and walk the/your walk.



No offence intended,


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. I spend all of my spare time researching for and writing this blog. I know that what I write gives value to everyone who reads my posts. That makes me feel 'of  value'. It's what makes my life valuable to me. You can do the same.

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