It never stops does it? No. Not, when you’re on your way up or even ‘up there’.

It never stops does it? No. Not when you’re on your way up or even 'up there'.


When you're finished changing, you're finished. -Benjamin Franklin


Read and heed,

Some weeks ago I read a book “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield
and Seth Godin. (A must read for anyone who needs a lesson or ten in real life).


This excerpt from the book impressed me:

“I was living in a little town in northern California when I finally,  after seventeen years of trying, finished my first novel. I drove over  to my friend and mentor Paul Rink's house and told him what I had  done. "Good for you," he said. "Now start the next one." That's what I  say now to you. Take the rest of the day off. Take your wife or
husband out to dinner. Pop some champagne. Give yourself a standing  ovation. Then get back to work. Begin the next one tomorrow”. 


What do you make of that?


This is how I ‘see’ it.


IT -  LIFE, never stops, never stands still, unless you make it so by bein',  an idle, waste of space, or dead in the head.


Life is a process, it is and always will be 'a result in progress'. Sure, you may be getting dismal results in life so far.


Know what though?   That'll be your fault 'cause:


"Before you work on anything else in life work on yourself". Jim Rohn. (Google him).


Right this second I reckon you’re thinking, “Oh no not another old chestnut"?


I can understand that ‘cause, I struggle, just like you, always have, always expect to.  So does everyone, in some way or another.



Life’s a bleedin’ struggle, (I prefer challenge), for everyone, from the guy sleepin’ in a doorway to the one sleepin' in a million dollar mansion. Every day is a struggle for anyone who wants more from life than they’ve already got.



Everyone! Everyone! Everyone!


Donald Trump. Simon Cowell. Warren Buffet. Richard Branson, the 'Virgin Media' guy. They're all still strugglin' even if it's only to stay where they are.jim directuntitled


Well, because I'm super awesome, here’s a tip from someone who is also still struggling with life. (OR RATHER)   Still accepting and solving life's challenges.


It's this:

Make, ONE, SMALL, POSITIVE, change today and every day, that you can replicate and magnify  into something significant.


Things like:
#Getting up an hour earlier than usual and doin’ something worthwhile with the time.

#Cutting out crap food that you know makes you, sluggish, fat, tired, and unhealthy.

#Doing a few minutes exercise daily.

#Begin drinking more water every day.

#Stopping, whining and complaining about life.

#Starting that project you haven't started for the last six months/years?


Have  a ‘TO DO' list and actually complete just three items a day. INSTEAD of trying to get ten done  - and failing miserably, never finishing any of them. Make them 'TO DO' items all about growing you. (Mowin’ the lawn don’t count).


At worst choose just one small change and stick to  it for 30 days.


Just ONE.


Maybe getting up one hour earlier will give you the time to work on a project you  haven't yet 'had the time' to start.

Maybe cutting out junk food gives you more practice in self -control.

Maybe exercising gives you a clearer, more active, mind.


I can’t predict the outcomes. But one thing I do know, is THIS. Small changes are ‘the gateway’ to bigger changes.(Ya’ may already know of a change you can make right now)?


Just, reading even my, extremely helpful, posts won't change your life.


BUT........... BUT...........BUT


It may give you ONE or MORE insights that spark off something inside your 'head space', that you actually do. Something small that sets you off on a, new, better, life journey.  Somethin’ that you may have, never, ever, ever, ever, ever thought of doing.


Make the decision now to read more of my posts when you finish this one.

Regards and respect, 


Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Did I suggest reading more of my posts? Gonna' do it? You can't do what you don't know and you won't know 'til you find out.

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