If You’re Strugglin’ With Llfe I Bet You’re Not Doing This.

If You’re Strugglin' With Life I Bet You’re Not Doing This.




Hi and welcome,

As far as I can determine, after many decades of readin’ and thinkin’ and reading and thinking, discoverin’ and thinkin’ of doin’ and readin’ and not doin’ is:


There’s one, absolutely essential, important and common trait that ALL successful people have in common.

There  are actually a few common traits but one stands out above the rest.

The most important one, and the easiest to do??????



DOING rather than CONSUMING.



I know, now, that it makes sense. I bet you're not doing it though. Me neither, for many years.



Bet you're struggling right now to get consistent results in many areas of your life.


And hey, it’s not about takin’ just any ol’ action. It has to be focused and consistent action.


You should still be taking c... o ...n... s... i... s... t... e... n... t action. (Even if you're not totally sure about what you're doing, 'cause you'll learn something anyway.)


I believe that most people are struggling, at life, because they spend more time in 'knowledge accumulation', filling their mind with stuff that they read, watch and listen to, rather than what they experience through 'getting stuck in'.


Yeah you’ll make mistakes when you DO stuff BUT you’ll learn from it if you, do, DO. Guess what?  Everyone makes mistakes when they do stuff.


Yep, no one ever made any mistakes by not doing. They didn't achieve anything either. It’s entirely possible to overcome the problem using this approach. Always be thinking...READY - FIRE - AIM, not, READY - AIM - FIRE.


I'll tell you right now, it's the path that you actually walk that teaches you and changes you, most. But you MUST choose to get on the path and start walking.

The ratio of what you do, to what you learn, should be,  5 : 1. 

(5 to 1  in non- maths jargon).


     SO.    FOR EXAMPLE.              I.E.                          E.G.

For every 1 hour you spend learning you should spend 5 hours (at least) implementing, (that means doin’).


Otra cosa ('another thing' in Spanish) that always works well for me, is this. I read a chapter of a report, a book, watch a video, listen to a CD and put something valuable I’ve just learned, to use, as soon as possible. Why? Because, if I don't, that information gets pushed to the back of my mind. Then eventually it, disintegrates, gets over written, buried, as NEW information comes in.


Any piece of content that you think is of value to your objective, should recorded and put to use  ASAP. Whatever it is write it on a' Post It Note' type thing that you keep for just such information.

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Do, the noting down  bit and the ratio bit, and you’ll massively increase your chances of succeeding at whatever you tackle in your life.


This note 'made me' start this blog: “Thinking makes things possible only doing makes them happen”. This is dated 25 th September 2013.

I started this blog in December 2013

(Over the years I’ve collected around 18,000 pieces of useful info from stuff I’ve read, listened to or watched).



It's one thing to read what people, like me, write, about. What works and what doesn't, etc. It's a completely different thing to, get stuck in, do, experience,  what works and what don't. You’ll only, really, really, really, learn through, being in the trenches, out of your depth, walkin’ the walk.


Ya didn’t learn to, write, ride a bike, how to wire a three- pin plug, make a cup of tea and hundreds of other things without doin’. That's real, experiential education, that no, book, video, audio or training program can ever teach you.


Don’t get me wrong, education, knowledge, information is important. As long as you’re, learning and doing the right stuff and investing it in you.


In fact, I want you to invest some of your time in reading more of my posts. Read any of them you want and ‘get stuck in’ to writing  down and (consistently) applying the bits that you think will help you do better on/in your life journey.



EVERYTHING to do with growth has to be, STEP-BY-STEP. This is the approach that makes it much easier to take consistent action.


Keep 'going through' my posts, write down anything that, switches -on -your -light- bulb, then take action on it, ASAP, every day.  Do this and over time you'll be on your way to getting the results you hoped for when you first got into what we call life.


Be my guest, use what you learn to develop a system, and  to follow what you  do  C.... O.... N.... S.... I.... S.... T.... E.... N.... T.... L.... Y


This post is based on something I read from the most, inspirational, insightful, ethical, human being, I have ever had the pleasure to ‘meet’ online.

Have a good day.



Thought Master and Mentor

P.S. Not in this post.Well, not unless you count, "Read this post 'til you realise how outstandingly useful the information is".

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