Who manages you? It better be you! Then you can manage everything else.


Who manages you? It better be you! Then you can manage everything else.


The great American motivator, and mentor, Jim Rohn summed it up like this: “Before you work on anything else in life, work on yourself". (The internal you stuff). Words in brackets mine.



Time Management!     OR  Self Management!


Time management? How important is it?


This, Thought Master and Mentor, don't think it’s the main one.


B.Time Management, for me, comes after, A. Self Management. A. comes before B in the alphabet too. Good eh?


Ever think about this self- management stuff? Ya should. And more than just once in a while.



How, well -groomed y’ are, if you have a six pack to die for and a tan that took lotsa’ dosh and hours in the Tanning Salon. O.K? You’ll look better but you won’t actually perform better at  life ‘cause of it.



You never will until you become a better performing you on the inside. Not, better smelling, or better dressed, or better anything that deals with you on the outside.




Learning to manage self on the inside will enable you to better manage everything, let's call it life, that you have to handle on the outside.


My bit about the time management bit.

We all have a speed that we naturally do things at. Know yours? Knowing it is Self -Management. Trying to go faster causes confusion, going slower gets boring.


A Chines proverb comes to mind here. “It’s better to be traveling at five miles an hour in the right direction than, 105 miles an hour in the wrong one”.  OK! Got it???


Limitations are created by, a mind filled with doubt, fear, constantly in a state of, stop, be careful, check just one more thing, what if it don’t work out, instead of,  “Just DO it, make a start ‘cause you've learned  how to manage yourself and also whatever life throws at you"’.


Time management according to a well self-managed me.
I realized many years ago that anytime I was doing something the doing always took longer than I thought it would. Soooo, while doing the doing I became, frustrated, impatient, began to hurry, lost concentration and made mistakes.



Stress or what?


Since then  I've self- managed my internal attitude to time like this.

1.) I think, “How long it is likely to take to do X”? Then I times it by 4. So, if I think that it will take me fifteen minutes to do X I re - assess and figure that I’ll take an hour. (One hour would become four and so on). Got it???


2.)  Now I never get stressed. if I finish the task within the allotted time I, jump for joy, have beer, feel totally empowered.  I’m in charge of the situation by learning  how to manage me. This approach has never let me down over the last four years, whatever I am DOing.

(My missus and the dog are relieved. She don’t have to listen to me swearing and the dog don’t get kicked).


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When you really know how to manage you, everything else will fall into place.


Learning, how-to- manage- you, is an, internal, inside self, 'thing' which makes you better at controlling external, outside - of- self ‘things’.



Learning to take full responsibility for you demands internal change. The, blaming your dog, your bad luck, there’s too much to learn is a, ‘don’t blame me guv’ game. These are excuses for people who are not, self -aware, not self-managed and not self - developing.


In desperation and ignorance they blame everything/body else for their failures.


To DO better you have to become a better -managed you. Like, “I accept responsibility for everything I do".


Which, of course, is true ‘cause no one else DID whatever it was you did, JUST YOU.


Time management is an issue. BUT there are far more ‘personal limitations’ for you to resolve.


A, poorly- developed, badly -managed, not -worked -on, you is a crnimal or even criminal waste of you. Always will be, unless you fix it. And you can! I did.


The key here, dear reader, is to become self -managed to the level where nothing outside yourself gets in your way. Until you’re wonderfully, worked on. Self- Managed to where you can, constantly and consistently get you closer to managing everything outside in the best way to achieve your goals.






Been doin’ it for years, I have. This means that I usually, no not always that's impossible,  get the results, I want, in my life


It’ll will work for you too and I can lead you along the road you need to take.


We are all born with the personal skills needed to create and get beyond where we currently are in life. Developing and managing them is Self -Management.

Ya don’t need a degree in anything to succeed in real life.

‘Cause you have the power to overcome.

Here to help,


Thought Master and Mentor


P.S. Go to any of my other posts if you're interested in learning to take charge of yourself. Why? Because, that’s where you’ll find much more really helpful, 'you changing' stuff. Stuff that will get you started on the road to a place where you can, take life by the throat and let it know who’s boss’.

I’m expecting to finish the third and most important of my books by the end of August. Once I do they will all be available as a set. You'll get the first one free, the others are worth your investment.

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