Sixteen Essential Thoughts and Actions that Maintain Motivation. PART 2.

Sixteen Essential Thoughts and Actions that Maintain Motivation.  (Part 2).


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“Men can live without air for a few minutes, without water for about two weeks, without food for about two months – and without a new thought for years on end”. ~Kent Ruth


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In the previous post I mentioned, as you should now know, "I will.......... power".


Not, ordinary, wishy-washy, uncertain, virtually non – effective, difficult- to-master and  control, willpower.


BUT,  “I WILL...........” POWER.


Think  “I WILL…. at the beginning of each of the statements below. Think the thought and commit to ACTING on it!!!!



#9. (Conscious thought).I will.....break my goals into smaller, achievable, mini goals.
Large or longer-term goals can be overwhelming. After a couple weeks, you'll probly' lose motivation. It's kinda' 'really hard' to maintain motivation for, several months, a year, or even longer, to accomplish 'the goal'.  Smaller goals along the way, is the answer. Nothing is totally impossible because thousands of people do achieve their goals, it’s just that we have to learn, ‘how to do it over time’. Don’t let impatience become an issue! It'll kill your plans.


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#10. I will ............give it time, be patient.
I know, I know, I know.  This is easier said than done.

Today  we expect quick results. Our quick-fix, immediate-gratification  culture has  conditioned  most of us  to expect  this.

But life ain’t, really, in reality, truthfully, honestly, like that.


Is it?


My rule of thumb is this, I  'think of the amount of time it might take you to achieve' something then quadruple it. Try it. You will then have a realistic, real, truthful and honest-way-forward, time scale, to work with. Want a diet that will give you results in two weeks? Make that eight at least. Want to work out and have a flat stomach in four weeks? Make that sixteen.  


Got the idea? Do this and I promise you will get to where you want to be.


This is much better than getting to the end of two weeks, being disappointed and giving up. You'll almost certainly 'get there' before the 'new' expected time. It always works for me. Never let's me down. It's great too when you reach your target, before time. 



#11. I will ........   treat myself, afterwards.
One reason we put off doing things  that will help us achieve our goal, is, because, 'it's too much effort, can't be bothered'.


True, but the key is to link to something pleasurable to the doing..


Exercise for example. I always exercise in the early evenings about an hour or so before I'm due to have my evening meal. By the time I've exercised and had a shower I'm really hungry and ready to eat. My reward for doing my exercise routine is to add a treat of some kind to my evening meal.  A little extra dessert for example.  Anything to motivate me to actually undertake the exercise.


I knew that I would benefit from my effort as long as I did the exercise. It’s no use to just think of doing, anything. Only 'taking action' gets results! Why? Because, “Do nothing and get nothing in return. ” 



#12. I will .........just get started.
There are some days when you don’t feel like heading out the door for a run, or figuring out your budget, or whatever it is you’re supposed to do that day to work towards your goal.


When you’re sitting on your butt, tired and  'thinking about,' exercising, writing that letter, mowing the lawn, whatever, it's hard to get going. 


Think about this! “Mile by mile life’s a trial, inch by inch, it’s a cinch.” (Can't remember where I read it)


Start, it's never as hard as your (negative) thoughts want you to believe. When you finish you'll be more glad that you did it, than if you didn't.


I just think, “I will just start to get ready to exercise" put on my training gear and before I know what’s happened, I'm on my exercise machine. From then on it all ‘just happens’.


Within forty minutes I‘ve finished and I’m enjoying my shower. This process always works for me.





#13: I will.... write down the thought of my goal.

Then stick it  somewhere visible, on your desk or on your refrigerator, for example.

This will remind you to regularly, think about,  thought- visualize’ your goal when you’ve achieved it. Whether it’s a goal to, getting out of debt, traveling to a new country, building a dream house, finishing a DIY task or getting a flat stomach this tactic  is a great reminder/motivator and one of the best ways of actually  remembering your goals.



#14. I will... join a group to help keep me focused and motivated.
Many years ago, I joined a Karate Club to support my ten year old son.

He stopped training after  two months. 


After four years training I gained a Black Belt.


Going to the, two, three hour, training sessions, every week day after work, and  on a Sunday morning, was not easy!


Each time I trained I met other people who were encouraging. They all knew  what I was going through because they had already been through it. They offered great advice, moral support and helped to keep me going.



Having my official, 'Grading Book', signed and stamped by the Sensei every three months was a perfect example of how keeping a record, really motivates.


#15. I will........hold myself back.

When you have all that pent up ‘energy, enthusiasm and let me at thoughts  at the beginning of a program, and want to 'go all out'. Do not. Don’t do that. Desist, from, trying  to do everything you want to do all in one desperate initial spurt.


Plan out a course of action where you slowly increase your effort, over time. 


Soooo   if you decide to start jogging, you might think, "I can manage three miles".


Start by only jogging, one mile. At the end of that mile, you  think, "I could go a further?" Don’t do it!  Once you've showered you'll  actually be looking forward to the next workout.  Then try, one and a quarter miles.


Rinse and repeat.


It’s like letting all the air out of a balloon slowly, instead of all at once.


 #16. I will.....chart my progress.
Record your progress every time you do something. Think , “I will  do my  .........." cause I want to, tick the 'done' box. A  small motivation? Yep, but it really helps, trust me.


Track your progress with each of your goals. I do! A chart is not just for information purposes, it allows you to look back and prove your progress. It motivates you to keep goin'.


However you do it, track your progress, be proud, pat yourself on the back each time you mark your continuing progress.


Don’t ever let a few missed 'ticks' stop you from continuing. Stick with this motivational tool, see a lot of ‘good marks’ as evidence of  progress. Your progress. This is one of the best feelings in the world.


Sooooooooooo nooooowww,  decide  which of  the  sixteen 'Motivation  Tools' you think could be of most help to you from today on.


Choose, one or two or three and 'stick with them' for at least a week.


Work through the list and end up with those, "I will.......thoughts that serve you best.


Once you know which of them is being of, most benefit, help or encouragement for you, stick with them.


That's it for now.

On your side,

Phil Soffé

Thought Master and Mentor

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The world of,  SELF -EMPOWERMENT.


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