Eight Essential Thoughts And Actions, That Will, Motivate YA!

Eight(of sixteen) essential thoughts and actions that maintain motivation and get you to where you wanna' be.

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“A man is the product of his THOUGHTS. What he THINKS  he becomes”. Mahatma Gandhi. (I’m certain that he also intended this statement to apply to women).

"What you THINK and what you DO,  Determine what becomes of you." Me.

Hello and welcome,
Read all of this post, the time you spend will make you a, stronger, more capable, better informed, person and it'll work wonders in your life from now on.

Introducing,  I will ……….. POWER.

Not, yer ordinary, ‘wishy – washy’, uncertain, virtually non-effective, difficult to control, willpower, but “I will …………POWER.


(It's worked for me for years).


O. K. here they are, thoughts, #1 to  #8.

#1. "I will....... always think consciously".

Conscious thoughts are those that are, sensible, calm and controlled. Use them to squash all subconscious negative  influences on your thinking. (These thoughts will bring you down  if you don’t conquer them). Your conscious thoughts can, and should be, the ‘Masters of your life'.


Conscious Thinking explained, 291 words that'll help.

You could have problems with this bit but stick with me and I’ll cut through the expert- speak and you’ll be well on your way to you understanding C.T.


I have read hundreds of book and articles about, Conscious Thinking.


Conscious thinking, is the basis of all higher forms of human thought. It’s our ability to process the world around us and make sense of it all.


It’s the most, exciting, empowering gift we all possess but never learn to use effectively.


Deliberate, chosen, self- created, self-controlled, sensible, purpose -driven conscious thoughts are the very highest level of mental activity.




When you learned to ride a bike, conscious thoughts/thinking is what you used. You were totally aware of what you were thinking and why you were thinking it. That’s you deciding to choose thoughts, in the moment’.


That’s Conscious Thinking.


Try this:


Choose a thought right now think anything, (…. your thought….) You just had a conscious thought, you made a decision what to think, in the moment.


Next, this.


From now on think one conscious thought, every hour, every day. Write them down. Record them all in a notebook. Rinse and repeat on a daily basis. Regular practice will empower you to choose and control your thoughts and your life. (Start with those below)?????


One  'conscious, thought of the hour', for me, earlier today, was: "I’ll watch, ‘ The Shawshank Redemption,’ again this evening!


Just finished watching it. Thanks to my, earlier, deliberate, my choice, conscious, thought. (They work for everything else too).





Soooooo, make  thought #1 above the foundation of the examples below.


List continues.




 #2. (Conscious Thought). I will..... keep a daily journal of my goal and my thoughts about it.

Be consistent about keeping a journal, it can be a great motivator. Record what you did for the day, thoughts about how it went, how you felt, what mistakes you made, what you could do to improve. 


Did you know? Isaac Newton invented the cat flap!


Y' do now!

# 3.  I will..... think about  my goal every day for at least 5-10 minutes.
Also place a written note  of a goal in various places around your home. Each time you see and think it you will reinforce the thought that is motivating you. This will create a clear mental message of your goal in your mind. (Athletes use this method to achieve high levels of success).


#4. I will..... make it a rule to never to skip two days in a row.
This means days in which you intend to take action towards your goal. If you planned to diet on, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, don’t skip two of those diet days in a row, if you skip Monday, be sure to diet on Wednesday. The same applies to any other scheduled goal tasks. If you plan to write content for your book every day and miss out on today’s writing session, make sure that you do it tomorrow. Also refer to the next section.


#5. I will..... be aware of any thoughts 'of quitting'  and will prepare for and overcome them.
When I first took up regular exercise the urge to ‘not bother’ came along quite frequently, especially when it got nearer to my exercise time each day. I didn’t really think about it on a conscious level. I would find myself automatically start justifying the urge to ‘not bother today’, without realizing I was doing it. I knew that one of the most powerful things I could do was to start being, more conscious, more aware, pay more attention to those thoughts. As in thought 1, a good approach is to go through the day and record each time you get an urge to ‘not bother’ or make an excuse. This develops your ability of becoming  mentally aware of the non- conscious urges and you will soon develop the habit and ability to consciously overcome them.

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#6. I will......have personal reasons and write them down.
When I decided to get fitter and healthier I realized that I needed a better reason than just, “It’s good for my health” or “I want to prove that I can”. I thought about and discovered my real reasons. Such as, I wanted to do it for my wife. I wanted to live as long and as healthily as I could. I wanted to look forward to growing old but being able to still be active and not sitting in a chair all day watching TV.

Personal  reasons for doing things are the bedrock of getting things done.


#7. I will...... find inspiration every day.
Inspiration is one of the best motivators, and it can be found everywhere. Every day, seek inspiration. This will help you sustain motivation over the long term. Here are some of the sources of inspiration I have used over the years. I still read at least one of the following every day:
*Motivational books. (Reading the ‘Daily Blurb’ won’t motivate you.)

*Encouraging quotes. (There are thousands of these, do some research and choose one’s that inspire you). The one at the start of this blog, for example.

*Blogs by people achieving their goal. (Go online and search for these)

*Success stories by other people. (Search online again).

*Forums with other people ‘going through’ the same thing. (Good old Google)

*Encouraging magazine and website and articles. (Internet again)?

*Bio’s of high achievers. Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Frank Whittle. Neither was born a knight. They earned the right to become a knight!

*Books about your goal. ( For example books on the most effective forms of exercise).

*'Meet', inspirational people every day. (On ‘Youtube’,  or other sources).

*Find online photo’s, images, cartoons and graphics that make you think optimistically. (I have this one on my desktop):


#8. I will....... reward myself, frequently.
One of the most sensible and effective  approaches to, achieving, overcoming, progress, is to break large goals into smaller, mini- goals. Also each of those mini goals should have a reward attached to it. Make a list of your goals, with mini goals, and next to each, write down an appropriate reward. Appropriate means, 1) It’s proportionate to the size of the goal (Don’t reward going on a 1-mile run with a fortnight’s holiday in Spain) and 2) If you're trying to lose weight, don’t reward yourself for a day of healthy eating with, a 'chocoholic binge'. I’m sure that you realize why!


There ya' go then.


Use these sources of inspiration to become, and stay, motivated. Then set off towards your goals, energized and uplifted.


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(Eight more next week)!
My objective is: “Changing people one thought at a time, changing the world one person at a time”.


Always working to help others to think better and become ‘more than they currently are.

Phil Soffé

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