Your habits are, chosen/self- inflicted, by YOU!!

Your habits are, chosen/self-inflicted, by YOU!!


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit". —Dr. Phil Mc Graw.


Hi, every habit starts out as a choice, 
Below are ten, scientifically supported, choices that you could turn into habits, which might, lengthen your life.


Choice is power.

Ready, steady, go, go, go.

1) Eat more Spicy food.
A study of 490,000 people from the China Kadoorie Biobank, found that people who ate spicy food two days per week had a 10% reduced risk of death over a given time period.



2) Wine beats beer.
A 2005 study in the journal Thrombosis and Haemostasis suggested that wine drinkers tend to live longer than beer drinkers.

Many scientists believe that resveratrol, a chemical found in wine, may have an effect on longevity.



3) Drink lots of the java stuff.
A new study suggests that heavy coffee drinkers who gulp between three and five cups a day could be cutting their risk of dangerous disease - and death.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that people who drank three to five cups per day (decaf or not) had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes, and suicide.



4) Join a, book, fishin,’ tennis, golf, any, club.
A new study has found that, book clubs and other social activities are just as good for extending your lifespan as sweating it out in the gym.
Researchers at the University of Queensland focused on 400 recently retired people in England.

The researchers found that losing touch with ‘social groups’ such as book clubs led to an increased risk of death.

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5) Go to church.???????
A study of 4,000 North Carolina residents found that people who went to church regularly were less likely to die in a given time period than those who didn’t.(Oh well, I missed out on that bit and will never catch up)



6) Think young. (If you already are, keep at it).
A recent University College, London study found that people who believed that they were young actually tended to live longer.



7) Get/be married. (It’s not all bad)
Large studies have shown that married people are less likely to die of heart disease and other age-related ailments, and a Harvard study suggests that married people are more likely to detect cancers in their early stages.



8) Be optimistic. (Opt in to optimism)
A large-scale study of 97,253 post-menopausal women in America, published in the journal, Circulation, found that optimistic people had reduced risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.



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9) Be(-come more)  intelligent. (Words in brackets mine).
A large-scale study has found that intelligent people live longer than stupid people. No one is quite sure why.

Researchers analysed data from Scottish Mental Surveys, in which almost all 11-year-old children in Scotland were given an IQ test on the same day in 1932.

The researchers found that people with high I.Q.s are far less likely to die before age 76. The finding holds true even when factors such as economic status and employment are accounted for the information.


10) Be (think) happy.                                                          Happy people actually live longer than miserable people - and the eff-ect is not due to, wealth, health or other factors. A large-scale study at the University of North Carolina questioned 30,000 adults over a thirty year period.

This study found that, within a given time period, people who thought of themselves as unhappy were 14% more likely to die


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“Being happy is a choice”. Dr. Phil McGraw


So there y 'are  then.

Seems like, good old, sensible, science has shown that some habits are worth the effort, yeh?


So which of the ten are you gonna’ choose and eventually turn into a habit(s) that prob'ly mean, that you’ll stand more chance of livin’ better and longer?


And it don’t really take that much effort. Just, choose to become a, spicy food eatin’, wine swillin’, java drinkin’, club joinin’, church goin’, young thinkin’, married (or thinkin’ of being), optimistic, intelligence improvin’, choosin’ -to -be -happy, person. Preferably Japanese or Spanish, see below. Then......enjoy a few better and extra years on Mother Earth.


Life expectancy by country.
(Position globally, country, age expectancy)
(1. Japan 84) (1. Spain 83) (20. United Kingdom 81) (34. USA 79 ) (119. Republic of Moldova 70) (194.(Bottom of list) Sierra Leone 46)

Now's the chance you get to choose, whether you win or whether you lose.

Got it? It's, habit and have it,


Thought Master and Mentor

P. S. I have always done, thinkin' right, eatin' right and exercisin' right.

People who don't know my age usually assume that I am between ten and fifteen years younger than I am. Honest.

Just sayin'.

This blog is all about me helping people to, think better and live better. It's worked and still is working for me.

So take a peek, or even a serious look, at some of my other posts. See what you think. If they help you then tell others then they'll be helped too.

That's why I love, bangin' away at this blog every week.

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